Doug Wilson Multi-Cucks

Hat tip to Jack for noticing a Douglas Wilson comment about Dalrock, posted at Even better, Wilson answers some other letters that give insight into why the organized Protestant Church is dying on his watch. What is “the Dalrock route?” Keith Keith, from what I have seen, I would describe the Dalrock route … Continue reading Doug Wilson Multi-Cucks

Deck the Halls With Daddy Issues

Feminism is ugly. Normal, natural, healthy human behaviors are corrupted into the maw of the all-consuming Convergence. Here's example #(Finite). I’m Not Seeing My Trump-Loving Family On Christmas And I Couldn’t Be Happier About It By Ashley Scoby writing for the Huffington Post, 20 December 2018 This Christmas will be the third one I … Continue reading Deck the Halls With Daddy Issues

Women Are Going Off the Pill

But anti-natalism is still going full speed. We don't need no stinkin' babies! More women now rely on female sterilization than the pill — experts unpack why By Korin Miller, 19 December 2018 My guess upfront will be that the cost/risk of female sterilization has dropped thanks to improved surgical techniques. In discussing female … Continue reading Women Are Going Off the Pill

Pastor John Gray, the Finished Product of Matriarchy

A minor church scandal opens up a canker crater of all that is wrong with the modern Church. Physiognomy is swift to clear the smoke screens. Pastor John Gray Used Bible Verses to Explain Why He Bought His Wife a $200,000 Lamborghini By Kate Prengel, 14 December 2018 Pastor John Gray is an associate … Continue reading Pastor John Gray, the Finished Product of Matriarchy

Senator White Boy Arrested for Spanking?

Tell me if I'm being oversensitive here. While scrolling through the daily headlines, I saw a headline for a California State Assemblyman who was arrested for spanking his 7-year old daughter. Photograph taken from the Fresno Bee's original article on... Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula? A recent photo of Mr. Arambula per Yahoo! News. Mexican, as expected … Continue reading Senator White Boy Arrested for Spanking?

The Repentant Pedo

Nobody is more cruel and dishonest than the bleeding-heart liberal. Death row inmate seeks execution; judge to decide competency By Associated Press, Jeff Amy, 13 December 2018 JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi judge will decide whether a death row inmate who says he wants to be executed is mentally competent to waive all … Continue reading The Repentant Pedo

Professional Surfing Cucks Up

Move over, ban-happy YouTube & Twitter. Social Justice Warriors have been deplatforming organizations and people in meatspace, too, using the power of the State. The World Surfing League based in California was ready to stand its ground on pay "inequality" until entryists opened the door. Background Mavericks Challenge California Surf Contest: What You Need to … Continue reading Professional Surfing Cucks Up