Judge Claims Nothing Wrong with HIV in Military Personnel

We all knew it would come to this... "We" being the Red Pill-aware plus all registered Democrats. Federal judge temporarily blocks military from forcing out HIV-positive airmen https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/federal-judge-temporarily-blocks-military-from-forcing-out-hiv-positive-airmen/2019/02/15/5e40b1a2-313c-11e9-813a-0ab2f17e305b_story.html A federal judge on Friday blocked the military from forcing out a pair of HIV-positive airmen, saying she had seen no evidence that the disease should prevent … Continue reading Judge Claims Nothing Wrong with HIV in Military Personnel

Gavin Newsom’s SOS

I fisked New California Governor Gavin Newsom's recent State of the State speech. It's full of toxic Leftism as one would expect but there are points of interest. Allies, enemies and best of all, Newsom repeatedly confessing his incompetence to govern. Boldface are mine for reference. https://www.gov.ca.gov/2019/02/12/state-of-the-state-address/ 12 February 2019 Mr. Speaker, thank you for … Continue reading Gavin Newsom’s SOS

Choose the Form of the Destructor 9!

Three Yale girls want to stop fraternities from harassing women... by joining them! "He groped me! Let me live in his frat house as punishment!" Women claiming sexual harassment at Yale fraternities take unexpected legal action https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/yale-fraternities-lawsuit-women-claim-sexual-harassment-at-fraternity-events-ask-to-integrate-women/ By CBS News, 12 February 2019 Three female students are suing Yale University and nine of its fraternities, … Continue reading Choose the Form of the Destructor 9!

Hybristophilia: Amy Murray

Death Row Fan Club is real. A murder in backwoods Missouri illustrates the danger of allowing women to guard dangerous felons. Wife allegedly used antifreeze to poison husband: Woman planned to marry inmate https://www.abc17news.com/news/crime/wife-allegedly-used-antifreeze-to-poison-husband/1005973384 By Deborah Kendrick, 8 February 2019 IBERIA, Mo. - Miller County authorities are investigating after a woman is accused of poisoning … Continue reading Hybristophilia: Amy Murray

Los Angeles City Hall Overrun By Vermin!

Not just the politicians! Actual vermin, from rats the size of possums scurrying around on desks to flea-infested carpets that have already caused at least one case of typhus in a government official. Just when you think God doesn't care, you discover that your worst enemies have been voluntarily living in Third-World squalor because the … Continue reading Los Angeles City Hall Overrun By Vermin!

Trump Pardons Alice Marie Johnson: Baby Momma, Drug Lord, False Priest

Trump sold out in his State Of The Union address, currying the approval of enemies that have no approval to give. (He listened to Kim Kardashian, seriously?) It's fitting that he backed out of his Building the Wall gov't shutdown in order to give the speech in the first place. A specific case highlighting Trump's … Continue reading Trump Pardons Alice Marie Johnson: Baby Momma, Drug Lord, False Priest