Americans Have Forgotten How To Be Human

Ye who demand others wear masks to protect the health of the vulnerable, be ashamed of yourselves: Greeley nursing home residents protest pandemic lockdown: “I’d rather die of COVID than loneliness” htt ps:// 8 October 2020 GREELEY — Waving signs that read such things as “I’d rather die of COVID than loneliness,” and “We are … Continue reading Americans Have Forgotten How To Be Human

Change Afoot

I was set to blog on all kinds of interesting stuff when my friends finally agreed to get together in-person for a game night on Friday! At last, after six months! I got there, wore my mask until I was inside so the cops & Karens wouldn't trigger, then we started tossing our masks aside … Continue reading Change Afoot

Deep State Adm. Collin Green Neuters the Navy SEALS

The Eddie Gallagher saga reignites! Admiral Collin Green, who conspired against Eddie alongside now-disgraced SECNAV Richard Spencer, has salved the butthurt of his defeat by literally neutering the Navy SEALS. This new chapter begins in February. Top Navy SEAL admiral who clashed with president over Gallagher case will reportedly retire early htt ps:// By David … Continue reading Deep State Adm. Collin Green Neuters the Navy SEALS

Forgiveness Is Overrated

Probably nothing illustrates the moral, theological and reading-comprehension bankruptcy of Churchianity more than forgiveness. Memo to the slow class: forgiveness comes ONLY AFTER REPENTANCE! IT IS NOT FREE! ‘Christ Has Forgiven Me For So Much More’: Man Forgives Attacker After Brutal Stabbing htt ps:// By FaithPot, 16 September 2020 Forgiveness is key to the Christian … Continue reading Forgiveness Is Overrated