Gandhi Opposes San Francisco Lockdown

Not Mahatma but she is even more Progressive! University of California infectious disease specialist denounces unscientific lockdown extension h ttps:// By Greg Piper 6 january 2021 Few university medical researchers have been willing to challenge lockdown orders from their mayors and governors. But San Francisco’s indefinite extension of its stay-at-home and 10-day quarantine orders prompted … Continue reading Gandhi Opposes San Francisco Lockdown

Travelogue: A Churchy Church

Seen during my holiday ramblings in "Lost Angels". This could be peak Churchianity! Saying it with a rainbow flag was a nice touch. I assume they meant the rainbow the way Christians do, as a promise that God won't exterminate us wholesale again... which also should have put the Chinaball Chorus into some perspective.

COVID Beats Deputy With Her Own Baton

St. Louis' Finest got locked down on Christmas Day! Taking a break from my series on Totalism--one post left--let's watch an Entitled Black Female Cop perform admirably in a gas station catfight! WATCH: Missouri Woman Hit Sheriff’s Deputy With a Baton in Mask Dispute h ttps:// By Erin Laviola, 29 December 2020 A sheriff’s deputy … Continue reading COVID Beats Deputy With Her Own Baton

It’s Now Mandatory To Put A Bag Over Her Head

(SFW) Modern hooking-up is easier than ever now that kissing is outlawed in order to better accommodate face masks. It's the law: don't waste time on acting romantic! College says to 'avoid kissing' during sex to help stop COVID-19 h ttps:// By Mckenna Dallmeyer, 17 December 2020 The St. Olaf College Wellness Center posted a … Continue reading It’s Now Mandatory To Put A Bag Over Her Head