THIS Is How You Handle A Disaster

In addition to being a fun-sounding story, this is excellent logistics for emergency services. Australian Navy Delivers 800 Gallons of Emergency Beer to Bushfire-Hit Town By Simon Kent, 10 January 2020 The Royal Australian Navy was applauded Friday after one of its ships completed an emergency beer run to help resupply a pub besieged … Continue reading THIS Is How You Handle A Disaster

Hanoi Jane Is Still…Sexy???

I thought the treasonous bitch was dead, or at least senile. But no, she's now the high priestess of Original Sin! I Got Arrested With Jane Fonda While Protesting Climate Change. Here’s What It Taught Me. By Sohil Malik, 8 January 2020 Sohil, if getting arrested taught you anything other than 'hanging out with … Continue reading Hanoi Jane Is Still…Sexy???

Paul Krugman’s Turn Comes

This is my shocked face, that child pornography was found on a computer belonging to a high-ranking Democrat celebrity. New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman Says Hacker Used His IP Address to Download Child Porn By John Carney, 8 January 2020 Paul Krugman said Wednesday that his IP address had been “compromised” and used … Continue reading Paul Krugman’s Turn Comes

The Purity Movement In Review

One benefit to being a Christian in Current Year is easy access to what your enemies think of you. Here, a couple survivors of the Purity Movement weigh in. Female survivors, of course. Living in NYC. How the ‘extreme abstinence’ of the purity movement created a sense of shame in evangelical women 10 December … Continue reading The Purity Movement In Review

Epstein Files: Maren Costa, The Amazonian Climate Changer

Climate change is a globalist Trojan Horse. You knew that, but you didn't know it's being pushed by a second Epstein: Greg, Harvard's chaplain of humanism. Amazon employees who spoke out about climate change could be fired By Justine Calma, 3 January 2020 At least two Amazon employees pushing for the company to take … Continue reading Epstein Files: Maren Costa, The Amazonian Climate Changer

Why Jews Are Being Attacked in New York

A thought I had while commenting at Soviet Men deserves expanding upon. I don't have my usual hard proof of what I'm about to propose but it fits perfectly. This story made the rounds last month: Trump touts poll that shows him with massive Orthodox Jewish support By Ron Kampeas, 12 December 2019 WASHINGTON … Continue reading Why Jews Are Being Attacked in New York