Cuckoldavirus Hits Open Texas

The following is not a meme: Except it was a bar. The hair salon was in Dallas. Texas cops in tense standoff with six heavily armed men who were protecting a bar owner as she reopened her business in defiance of the state's stay-at-home orders htt ps:// By Andrew Court, 5 May 2020 Texas police … Continue reading Cuckoldavirus Hits Open Texas

When the Cult Of Nice Breaks

Sharkly decided to go public with his perfectly reasonable frustrations at being sold down the River Chilamony by the local clergy that he should have been able to trust. Let's dig in to what happens when the Cult of Nice is forced to take a side. Whitewater Cunt-Immunity Church 30 April 2020 Whitewater Community … Continue reading When the Cult Of Nice Breaks

Physiognomy: Professor Lockdown

What a coincidence that the alarmist advisor to the UK government, whose work justified the subsequent Wu Flu Lockdown, is not only a male feminist but a hypocrite, too. Professor Lockdown Resigns After Breaking Own Lockdown Rules to Meet Lover: Report By Oliver JJ Lane, 5 May 2020 The UK scientist whose doomsday predictions … Continue reading Physiognomy: Professor Lockdown

The Future Is Certain. The Past Is Unknown!

On my quarantine-breaking ramblings across north Los Angeles... insofar as I can break quarantine by myself... I came across a "public service" billboard that perfectly illustrates the Socialist thought process. That is one arrogant attitude on display. Two or three, possibly. "Don't vape because soon, science will know what a bad idea it is!" A … Continue reading The Future Is Certain. The Past Is Unknown!

Skydiving Florida Man Dies of Coronavirus

Genesius Times, welcome to my blogroll! The world premier source of news you can TRUST! BREAKING: Skydiver who forgot parachute dies from coronavirus By Exavier Saskagoochie, 9 April 2020 Evidence is beginning to mount that young and healthy people can contract COVID-19 and die from the horrifying disease. Florida health officials reported that a … Continue reading Skydiving Florida Man Dies of Coronavirus