MGTOW Life: Revisiting Sigma

My readers are aware of Vox Day's iconic Alpha-Omega sociosexual hierarchy. Solitary Wolf has an interesting post up about the traits of the Sigma ranking: I noticed he didn't mention maintaining harems or being popular. Sigma is a variant of Alpha, after all, not a "successful not-Alpha". A very common mistake. The thing to … Continue reading MGTOW Life: Revisiting Sigma

Choose the Form of the Destructor 4!

It must be getting tough for colleges to out-diversify each other these days. ‘Plastic bags filled with urine’ plague dorm at preppy California college An elite private college in Southern California is facing a unique health and hygiene problem — “plastic bags filled with urine” are being thrown away in hallway dorm trashcans. What’s … Continue reading Choose the Form of the Destructor 4!

Pastor Jeff Sanders of Canton, Ohio: Armed Tradcon Churchian

Pastor Jeff Sanders is the Pastor of Grace Family Fellowship in Canton, Ohio and pundit author of a recent "How To Defend Your Church" article on PJ Media. I'll start with a fisking of his amazingly disproportionate article, then expose the factors of Cuck Churchianity in his background (there is some hope for him) and finish … Continue reading Pastor Jeff Sanders of Canton, Ohio: Armed Tradcon Churchian

Rise Above Movement Arrested: An FBI Amateur Hour

Barely four posts ago, I covered liberals claiming Trump was a pathological liar because they didn't see any literal riots happening in California cities. Simultaneous with that claim is the arrest of a purported white supremacist cell in Los Angeles that specializes in orchestrating politically motivated riots. Charlottesville makes the news again! And perfectly timed … Continue reading Rise Above Movement Arrested: An FBI Amateur Hour

UWE James Knight, Fake MRA

Many Manospherians, particularly Mens' Rights Activists, want to fix social problems from the inside. That's a bad idea and the U of West England is the latest example. University students set to elect first officer to represent men By Eleanor Busby 23 October 2018 A students' union in Bristol is introducing a men's officer for … Continue reading UWE James Knight, Fake MRA

Burning the Snowflake Test

Hat tip to Earl on A CEO named Kyle Reyes decided to assemble a hiring test to screen out time-wasting, emo snowflakes without asking any legally prohibited questions. It's been making the rounds for over a year, apparently. By Kyle S. Reyes, 27 March 2017 Wow.  Apparently this Snowflake Test was quite the talk of … Continue reading Burning the Snowflake Test

Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal Cucks Out On America

Yet another of America's leaders chooses to erase the South's legacy because dem Evil Southerners were black-hearted slavers! McChrystal's physiognomy is what one would expect of a military commander. Aggression and concentration lines all over the forehead, small upper eyelids combined with flat lower eyelids for a very rational/impersonal perspective, expressionless low eyebrows that follow … Continue reading Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal Cucks Out On America

My Blog Is A Riot

Liberals can't meme. They're so busy trying to twist their enemies into attackable strawmen that they can't understand idioms or metaphors. A case in point has come up in a tight campaign for Nevada's governor. Twitter Agog At Trump Whopper That Californians Are 'Rioting' Over Sanctuary Cities President Donald Trump insisted Saturday at a … Continue reading My Blog Is A Riot