The Rent-Seeking Church

Rent-seeking, in economic and public-choice theory, refers to attempting to increase one’s share of current wealth without producing or creating any additional wealth according to They also helpfully provided this excerpt: Rent-seeking comes in many forms, including barriers to entry like onerous licenses, having to belong to a particular trade union in order to … Continue reading The Rent-Seeking Church

Los Angeles’ Imminent Doom

The Fourth of July Earthquake was 6.4 located in probably the closest still-remote spot to Los Angeles possible. There's an entire fault zone at that location and even in this pic, you can see the main fault line running southwest-to-east across the geography below the red dot. It's not the San Andreas, however.  

Methodist Bonnie Sue Is the Last Of A Dying Breed

This incident covered by Heavy shouldn't be noteworthy, except it's probably the last time my generation will ever see it happen. A Methodist church matron shames a skanky teen for being a foul-mouthed fat slob in church! Film at the bottom. Of course, she was swiftly thrown to the wolves by Pastor Save-A-Ho. htt ps:// … Continue reading Methodist Bonnie Sue Is the Last Of A Dying Breed

Churchianity In Uganda

Renee Bach was raised in a quiet American church on the modern virtues of missions and church-plantings instead of the traditional virtues of motherhood and keeping home. Her hideous fate illustrates the consequences of Churchianity. She's not a doctor... but she reportedly killed dozens of children while pretending to be. htt p:// At an age … Continue reading Churchianity In Uganda

Roosh V Eats Mushrooms, Finds Jesus, Punks Clergy

Roosh V has reportedly accepted Christ, or at least, rekindled his youth's Orthodox faith. I was hoping he would. Needless to say for anybody familiar with Roosh, the details are scandalous. Infamous Pickup Artist RooshV Says He’s a Christian Now 23 May 2019 He says he's banning any discussions of premarital sex on his … Continue reading Roosh V Eats Mushrooms, Finds Jesus, Punks Clergy

Tara O’Sullivan: Police Convergence & Cowardice

The fatal shooting of a carefully credentialed, not-white male police officer in Sacramento is very illustrative of what happens when Convergence and feminism are put ahead of competence and the masculine virtues. The following spliced from these sources: htt ps:// htt ps:// Tara O’Sullivan, a former child development major who was part of a groundbreaking … Continue reading Tara O’Sullivan: Police Convergence & Cowardice