Florida Woman: Listen and Believe!

Florida woman repeatedly stabs her husband, smiles for mugshot. After applying for a domestic violence restraining order against him. https://heavy.com/news/2019/06/kristy-linton-williams/ Police said Shawn Williams identified his wife as the person who stabbed him when officers responded to the scene Monday morning. The incident happened about 3:30 a.m., police said. Williams’ husband told police he and … Continue reading Florida Woman: Listen and Believe!

The NRA’s Dirty Fantasy: Dick Tracy?

Second Amendment deniers are reaching some truly silly extremes to make armed citizenry seem a recent, unhealthy phenomenon. This latest effort provides a summer reading list for you in addition to entertainment. How the ‘good guy with a gun’ became a deadly American fantasy https://theconversation.com/how-the-good-guy-with-a-gun-became-a-deadly-american-fantasy-117367 By Beth Daley, 7 June 2019 At the end of … Continue reading The NRA’s Dirty Fantasy: Dick Tracy?

Sophie Turner’s Wokeness Is Funny

Grab your popcorn, my fellow Libertarians, Gun nuts and Bible-Thumpers! Our LGBT community is being discriminated against by people who don't believe in discrimination! Hat tip to Computing Forever. https://boundingintocomics.com/2019/05/30/x-men-dark-phoenix-actress-sophie-turner-i-cant-work-in-these-states-with-pro-life-laws/ Game of Thrones and X-Men: Dark Phoenix actress Sophie Turner declared she will not work in states with pro-life laws like those recently passed in … Continue reading Sophie Turner’s Wokeness Is Funny

British Bingo

None of us heritage nationalists have been able to come up with a good name for our movement/ideology/philosophy/hobby. The British Pozz have trouble, too. XRW is the best they can do, which doesn't roll off the tongue unless you pronounce it "Nissan XRW", like a car. Weird how that works. I'll give you a moment … Continue reading British Bingo