A Kind Word For West Virginia’s Derrick Evans

The suddenness and depth of the Trump Purge has been incredible to behold. To do what little good I can, freshman WVa Representative Derrick Evans is getting railroaded and I want to give him a shout-out of support. h ttps://www.evansforwv.com/ I wouldn't have been impressed at first blush. That looks like a nu-male facial expression … Continue reading A Kind Word For West Virginia’s Derrick Evans

Gandhi Opposes San Francisco Lockdown

Not Mahatma but she is even more Progressive! University of California infectious disease specialist denounces unscientific lockdown extension h ttps://www.thecollegefix.com/university-of-california-infectious-disease-specialist-denounces-unscientific-lockdown-extension/ By Greg Piper 6 january 2021 Few university medical researchers have been willing to challenge lockdown orders from their mayors and governors. But San Francisco‚Äôs indefinite extension of its stay-at-home and 10-day quarantine orders prompted … Continue reading Gandhi Opposes San Francisco Lockdown

Travelogue: A Churchy Church

Seen during my holiday ramblings in "Lost Angels". This could be peak Churchianity! Saying it with a rainbow flag was a nice touch. I assume they meant the rainbow the way Christians do, as a promise that God won't exterminate us wholesale again... which also should have put the Chinaball Chorus into some perspective.