Why Paul Harvey Was Anticommunist

Sigma Frame made an interesting post on the late, popular American commentator Paul Harvey. I didn't have anything to offer directly but this linked account of Paul Harvey's father piqued my fascination with true crime: https://sigmaframe.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/paul-harvey-if-i-were-the-devil/ http://www.odmp.org/officer/1347-officer-harry-h-aurandt HARRY H. AURANDT Officer Harry Aurandt died of wounds he sustained when he was shot while off duty … Continue reading Why Paul Harvey Was Anticommunist

Computer Game Professors Can’t Code

The ride never stops for GamerGaters. They've succeeded so well that only Trump Derangement Syndrome has a stronger hold upon the seared, tender amygdalas of Social Justice Warriors. Jeremy from the Quartering on YouTube turned me on to an astonishingly fiskable article from the Verge. Alrightie, let's do it! GAMERGATE COMES TO THE CLASSROOM https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/21/20812153/youtube-gamergate-education-classroom-teachers-misinformation-reddit-twitter-online-harassmentContinue reading Computer Game Professors Can’t Code

Police Lt. Jeff Niiya Faces the Portland Pozz, Text PDF Archived

My 500th post! For something special, there's a police lieutenant in Portland who is not only doing his thankless job of policing protests, he's sicced the police union on the mayor and his castrati Narrative chorus for slandering him for doing his job well. Give 'em Hell, Jeff! Here's an archive of the texts for … Continue reading Police Lt. Jeff Niiya Faces the Portland Pozz, Text PDF Archived

Baptist SJWs Freak Out Over Upcoming SBC Convergence Documentary

"I hope my brothers will reconsider their strategy for communicating our deeply held Southern Baptist conviction that the Bible is our sole foundation and authority for all of life and faith" says Danny Akin, president of the [Converged] Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina. Start by watching the trailer. Sorry I can't embed it … Continue reading Baptist SJWs Freak Out Over Upcoming SBC Convergence Documentary

Epstein’s Cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione

I'm waiting until the autopsy and a couple other things to discuss Jeffrey Epstein's not-a-suicide. But enough facts have gathered to describe the first attempt to murder Epstein while in prison... what got him put on "suicide watch" in the first place. htt ps://heavy.com/news/2016/12/nicholas-tartaglione-chester-new-york-police-officer-cop-murders-kills-four-men-drugs-photos/ A retired police officer turned drug dealer is accused of killing … Continue reading Epstein’s Cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione