Kristine Stolakis’ Jihad Against Christ

For years now, the sworn enemies of Christ have been banning Christian efforts to help homosexuals. The low-information voting public went along with the banning, when the Elites bothered to give them the opportunity, because if  there's anything worse than condemning homosexuals to a life of disease, degeneracy and child molestation, it must surely be … Continue reading Kristine Stolakis’ Jihad Against Christ

Health Clubs Threaten New World Order

As if being gaslighted over birdemic pecks and bizarre accusations of racism were not enough, now the Narrative is telling us how much better life is now that we don't exercise. Will gyms go the way of arcades and movie rental stores? h ttps:// By AP, 9 August 2021 Literally speaking, no. Arcades and rental … Continue reading Health Clubs Threaten New World Order

“Pull My Trigger” To A Liberal

He barely survived the meteor impact! Shots Fired: A Reporter Visits Vermont’s First Indoor Gun Range h ttps:// By Kevin McCallum, 4 August 2021 I'm not a gun guy. I haven't handled a firearm since I squeezed off a few rounds from an old .22 rifle at summer camp more than 35 years ago. You … Continue reading “Pull My Trigger” To A Liberal

When Arson Is Not A Crime: MGTOW David Lidstone

No, this isn't the latest Blacks Looting Minneapolis rally. It's a Scrooge in need of karma. After decades in woods, New Hampshire man forced from cabin h ttps:// By AP, 4 August 2021 CANTERBURY, N.H. – For almost three decades, 81-year-old David Lidstone has lived in the woods of New Hampshire along the Merrimack River … Continue reading When Arson Is Not A Crime: MGTOW David Lidstone

Don’t Cut Your Hair, Male Christian Edition???

Behold yet another crybully of a fraud, but one who was too clever for his own good. Army approves Christian soldier’s request to wear long hair for religious reasons “I just felt utterly compelled that this is what I was being called to do.” h ttps:// By Haley Britzky, 30 July 2021 Um... that's exactly … Continue reading Don’t Cut Your Hair, Male Christian Edition???

Financial Smackdown! Sexual Equality Vs Equity

First she wanted equality. Now she wants equity. Because what Bridezilla truly wanted... is the wallet without the hairy wrapper and his expectations for a lifetime together. Mr. Blue Pill, your margin is calling! My girlfriend has $20 million. I’m worth $1 million. Should she pay for big-ticket items like her engagement ring and our … Continue reading Financial Smackdown! Sexual Equality Vs Equity