MGTOW Life: Homecoming

I have found a picture that perfectly captures the modern sexual marketplace. Behold the homecoming king & queen for a small high school in Texas: Homecoming queen gives crown to friend with Down syndrome By Caitlin O'Kane, 30 September 2019 When the S&S High School homecoming queen winner was announced, Trinity Arrington was shocked … Continue reading MGTOW Life: Homecoming

Livin’ That Irrelevant Life!

A couple priests of the Cult of Nice tried very hard to find out why the laity act as though God is irrelevant, and embarrass themselves in a most spectacular fashion! Practical Atheists: Living as if God Is Irrelevant John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris John Stonestreet. More guarded on the left side than … Continue reading Livin’ That Irrelevant Life!

Turning Point: the Iowa Hog Farm Murder

A comment on Dalrock's by Warthog turned me on to the in-progress Iowa Hog Farm Murder Trial. Men are finally beginning to respond rationally, if not morally, to the atrocities of the frivorce-industrial complex. An Affair, Then Murder on an Iowa Hog Farm By Kate Seamons, 19 September 2019 On Nov. 10 of … Continue reading Turning Point: the Iowa Hog Farm Murder

The 1619 Project Says Yo Mama To Phillip Magness

A historian raising questions about the New York Times' 1619 Project got his answers in the form of a Yo Mama joke from a lead researcher. How Twitter is Corrupting the History Profession By Phillip W. Magness, 29 August 2019 He blamed Twitter instead of the researcher, NY Times or other guilty party, so … Continue reading The 1619 Project Says Yo Mama To Phillip Magness