Churchian Grifter Os Hillman

The founder of "Marketplace Leaders" Ministry advises Christians facing increasing persecution in the workplace to... make yourselves a more visible target. Christians should 'reveal character of Christ' in workplace despite societal hostility, author says h ttps:// By Ryan Foley, 21 March 2021 Although there is more opposition to Christian beliefs in today's mainstream society, one … Continue reading Churchian Grifter Os Hillman

Feminist Monopoly

Now Monopoly has been targeted for destruction... by a battleaxe of a cat-lady attorney! Goodbye Second Place in A Beauty Contest, Hello Shopping Local! Monopoly Is (Finally) Updating the Community Chest Cards – and You Get to Decide How h ttps:// By Jen DeAngelis, 18 March 2021 Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) announced today that for … Continue reading Feminist Monopoly

Learn To Code, Trump Edition

I could find it in my heart to pity the Trump Administration ex-staffers except for what the success stories look like. Trump aides seeking jobs 'blocked everywhere' h ttps:// By Paul Bedard, 19 March 2021 You can count on two hands the number of top aides to former President Donald Trump who have landed new … Continue reading Learn To Code, Trump Edition