Nachos, Rifles, Alcohol!

Homer Simpson's spoof on the National Rifle Association's acronym just became real per Breitbart. Gun Sales Surging as Citizens React to Possibility of Civil Unrest over Coronavirus The Los Angeles Times reports that gun stores are one aspect of the economy seeing a surge in business as Californians react to coronavirus news. I'm shocked... … Continue reading Nachos, Rifles, Alcohol!

The Endgame of Christian Convergence

The Upper Class wants expensive land and cheap labor. The Middle Class wants expensive labor and cheap land. Nobody cares what the Lower Class wants. Reason Magazine reports on an effort by California's most hardline atheists to transform churches into low-income housing. That's probably how the organized Church in California is going to end... toxic … Continue reading The Endgame of Christian Convergence

The Christian Problem with Christian Women in STEM

In the wake of its departing editor's screed against Trump supporters, the magazine continues going down the Convergence path. This is an old question but now that it's being asked in a specifically Christian context, we can take the gloves off. Why Do Fewer Christian Women Work in Science? By Elaine Howard Ecklund and … Continue reading The Christian Problem with Christian Women in STEM

The Left Can’t Game

The Left can't meme and I missed it when they also tried to game. Turns out, the Pozzed journalist that lit off GamerGate, Leigh Alexander, consulted on a no-gamer game called Sunset (2015). The result was... well, you probably never heard of it, either. Gaming without Gamers Doesn’t Work By Ian Miles Cheong, 10 … Continue reading The Left Can’t Game

New York Continues To Burn After Bail Ends

As if my last post on the topic wasn't damning enough! 5 members of Chilean theft crew charged in North Shore burglaries, DA says By Robert Brodsky, 6 March 2020 Five members of a Chilean theft crew, sent to Long Island by an organized crime syndicate, have been charged with burglarizing four homes on … Continue reading New York Continues To Burn After Bail Ends

Physiognomy: Prosecutor Save-A-Ho

Why did Placer County prosecutor Timothy Delgado commit suicide after murdering his wife of four months? Answer: *pic* Ouch. OUCH! Duuude, she got da crazy eyes! You know the frivorce court is out of control when even a Federal prosecutor chooses murder/suicide over wife-buyer's remorse. Some facts per Timothy Delgado, age 43; wife Tamara … Continue reading Physiognomy: Prosecutor Save-A-Ho

State Of the Church 2020: Five Trends

The Barna polling group recently released a "State of the Church 2020" report on Christian trends in worship. Ideal blog material! Let's get fisky. Five Trends Defining Americans' Relationship to Churches Churchgoing is a dynamic part of U.S. society. New research from Barna Group shows the ways in which Americans are maintaining—and renegotiating—their connections … Continue reading State Of the Church 2020: Five Trends

Imam Helps J.D. Greear Converge the Church

Making good on my predictions of Social Justice and Convergence, Greear has recently hosted a dialogue with an unrepentant Muslim to find common ground and encourage Christians to become comfortable accommodating the wishes of unbelievers. Since I didn't have the transcript, I fisked two articles instead of one. Infiltration and convergence often takes the form … Continue reading Imam Helps J.D. Greear Converge the Church