The Fuhlendorf Exercise-Loss Plan

To celebrate this Friday, let's do some fat shaming! (Read: eye bleach warning.) ‘FOCUS ON DOING WHAT FEELS GOOD’: TIKTOKER SHARES HER JOURNEY TOWARD FINDING JOY IN MOVEMENT AMID EXERCISING DISORDER RECOVERY h ttps:// By Alex Lasker Had to fix the title for her. She'd accidentally called this an "eating disorder recovery" and as you … Continue reading The Fuhlendorf Exercise-Loss Plan

Only Guidelines Can Make Biolabs Safe

It's been a longrunning debate whether Chinaballs was intentionally or accidentally released from the Wuhan lab. This astonishingly tone-deaf article by a credentialed expert suggests... BOTH! We work with dangerous pathogens in a downtown Boston biocontainment lab – here’s why you can feel safe about our research h ttps:// By Ronald Corley, Director of the … Continue reading Only Guidelines Can Make Biolabs Safe

Mission Accomplished: Feminist Indoctrination

Here's another horror story, excuse me, success story of how education EMPOWERS women. AITA for telling my sister not to bring her kids over so much? h ttps:// By Anonymous Bay Area feminist, 30 June 2021 I (25F) recently graduated. The city I live in has a shortage of apartments--I could technically afford an available … Continue reading Mission Accomplished: Feminist Indoctrination

Schrodinger’s Pastor

The Christian Post is reaching Christianity Today-levels of apostasy and subversion. A couple recent articles underscore the total corruption of the organized Church, then I'll demonstrate the consequences with a guest villainy from President Mark Tooley of the Institute on Religion and Democracy and a... spineless slug-ainy from megachurch pastor Bruce Wesley. Why consumer church … Continue reading Schrodinger’s Pastor

NASA Encourages Women To Become Astronauts By Lowering Radiation Safety Standards

This would not work for a smarter sex, if that smarter sex would just ignore its little head. New NASA radiation standards for astronauts seen as leveling field for women h ttps:// By Anil OzaJun, 29 June 2021 A blue-ribbon panel has endorsed NASA’s plans to revise its standard for exposing astronauts to radiation in … Continue reading NASA Encourages Women To Become Astronauts By Lowering Radiation Safety Standards

School’s Out For COVID

Let me set the mood with an Alice Cooper music video: Ah, you kids today deserve a childhood like that. SO YOU TOOK THE INITIATIVE! I love you guys! Children use lemon juice to get positive Covid test and get school bubble sent home h ttps:// By James Hockaday, 1 July 2021 Teenagers have … Continue reading School’s Out For COVID