How To Become A Pastor

...According to a full-time seminarian interviewed by Christianity Today magazine. While the results are predictable, it's a question that needs asking as the remnant of Christianity watches all the official denominations weld together into the Apostate Orthodox Church 501c3 Nonprofit Organization. ‘What Should I Do to Become a Pastor?’ By Derek Hiebert, 12 Sept. … Continue reading How To Become A Pastor

The APA Tries to Discover Important Male Issues

Honeycomb on Boxer's blog tuned me in to the Holy Grail of Cuckoldry: Psychology of Men & Masculinity® is a quarterly publication and registered trademark of the American Psychological Association. Seems that the people who were convinced by peer pressure that humans aren't sexually dimorphic if they feel strongly about it later decided to improve … Continue reading The APA Tries to Discover Important Male Issues

Environmentalists Unify the Church

Two articles today, both illustrating how the world's religions, and Christianity in particular, have been reduced to intercompatible, UN-recognized, faith-based NGOs. While these articles are from a Catholic perspective, the Protestant Church is also wholly invested in environmental activism. I remember driving past a local Lutheran church a couple years after giving up on it. … Continue reading Environmentalists Unify the Church

The Sales Justice Fairy Visits Dick

Breitbart reports that "get woke, go broke" is true. Dick's Sporting Goods went full SJW retard on gun sales after Broward County's Parkland school shooting. Progress has been swift and sure ever since! For recaps: And now the fall quarterly sales report is in! Corporate Gun Control Fail: Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Slip … Continue reading The Sales Justice Fairy Visits Dick

The Sound Of A Feminist Passing Gas

"I will gut you!" ...seriously! And I couldn't resist the headline wordplay. What do they put in the water in Broward County, Florida, anyway? Florida woman accused of pulling knife on customer she offended when she passed gas Usually, when you pass gas in public, it results in blushing and embarrassment, but one Florida … Continue reading The Sound Of A Feminist Passing Gas