Choose the Form of the Destructor: Greta Thunberg Edition

A famous artist was hired to paint a Chicomm leader-sized portrait of the infamous eco-midget in San Fransicko... and is hated for using paint and electricity to do so. Greta Thunberg mural in San Francisco stirs controversy over use of spray paints By Robert Gearty, 11 November 2019 A massive mural of the face … Continue reading Choose the Form of the Destructor: Greta Thunberg Edition

Shutterstock CEO Jon Oringer: I’m Not Censoring Dissidents For the Money

I can respect an honest mercenary. Yes, they'll do you wrong for a dollar, but they'll also tell you who they're doing it for, won't seek sadistic pleasure by forcing you to violate your conscience and are kindred spirits: we both appreciate the freedom to live as we individually choose. Tyrants hate that. Shutterstock's CEO … Continue reading Shutterstock CEO Jon Oringer: I’m Not Censoring Dissidents For the Money

Citizenship Via False Accusations

You get more of what you subsidize. If you promise citizenship to illegals who are "victimized by a crime" then guess what's going to happen. Yep. And it happened. The most valuable commodity in the United States today is victimhood. Sheriff: Ten People Faked Restaurant Robbery with Likely Motive to Get Green Cards By … Continue reading Citizenship Via False Accusations

The Incompetence of the Lambs

It never fails to amaze, when professional and/or tenured Seminary professors are publicly, easily wrong about the basics of Christianity. Today's example is Patrick Schreiner, Assistant Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Western University, Portland campus, who says we shouldn't be suspicious about celebrity conversions. I'm starting to think those Franciscan monks had … Continue reading The Incompetence of the Lambs

Meet Some Climate Change Factors

On this lazy Sunday, I want to embarrass some eco-Nazis. Begin! By Stephen Pyne As a historian of fire, I know that no single factor drives it. Flames synthesize their surroundings. Fire is a driverless car that barrels down the road integrating whatever is around it. We begin our search for embarrass-able people in … Continue reading Meet Some Climate Change Factors

Physiognomy: Deadspin Tailspin

The NFL Convergence scandals made a disappointing story. This one is better because the senior manager who told the SJW creeps "No" was, according to his face, HOPING they would point & shriek at him. And they did, to our amusement! Deadspin Writers Continue Quitting in Protest of Stick to Sports Mandate By Dylan … Continue reading Physiognomy: Deadspin Tailspin