Interview With a Full-Retard Under-Secretary

I'm done covering the political angles. This one is purely for the lulz. Finland says it could fend off Russian aggression with or without NATO h ttps:// By Pamela Falk, 18 May 2022 Buckle up, baby! We're going FULL RETARD!!! United Nations — Finland, along with Nordic neighbor Sweden, formally applied this week to join … Continue reading Interview With a Full-Retard Under-Secretary

Reviewing Payton Gendron’s Manifesto

Part of my true-crime interest is collecting manifestos. Contra conventional wisdom, they don't encourage copycat killings. That wisdom comes from the Socialist's hive instincts, which compel him to actively avoid dissenting beliefs. (Recall the recent Twitter debacle in which its members were upset that Musk might stop the censorship.) Most often, they simply confirm the … Continue reading Reviewing Payton Gendron’s Manifesto

Social Justice Is Like the Ghetto Lottery: Free To Play!

This article comes with a caveat that I'm missing a lot of the details. Mostly that's the automatic anonymity granted to underage sex victims (and sex "victims"). Partly it's that I don't follow leads involving hardcore porn. That caveat being said, their lawyer did a derp egregious enough that I feel comfortable proceeding on the … Continue reading Social Justice Is Like the Ghetto Lottery: Free To Play!