Leave the Jab, Take the Cannoli

No masks needed but folks, put your face shields on. Cat puke INCOMING!!! Southern California Restaurant Claims It Will Only Serve Unvaccinated People When the catch of the day is COVID-19 h ttps://www.thewrap.com/southern-california-restaurant-claims-it-will-only-serve-unvaccinated-people/ By Ross A. Lincoln, 26 July 2021 Careful there, Mr. Lincoln. You wouldn't want to mock yourself. A restaurant in Huntington Beach, … Continue reading Leave the Jab, Take the Cannoli

NPC Witch Hunt!

This may be the first time ever, that computer avatars have been targeted by self-described victims of sexual harassment. California sued gaming giant Activision Blizzard, alleging widespread harassment of female staff. A male supervisor delegated his work to a female employee so he could play Call of Duty, the suit said. h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/california-sued-gaming-giant-activision-144939482.html By, Anna … Continue reading NPC Witch Hunt!

The Problem With Modern College Is It’s Too Much Work To Get A Degree

A female postdoctorate at the University of Spoiled Children makes the case that instead of coursework, universities should simply cash those checks and tell her what to think. College can still be rigorous without a lot of homework h ttps://theconversation.com/college-can-still-be-rigorous-without-a-lot-of-homework-162225 By KC Culver, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Southern California, 28 June 2021 How hard … Continue reading The Problem With Modern College Is It’s Too Much Work To Get A Degree

The Final Cash Grab

I don't generally dump on the Boomer generation but this article is a worthy exception. The concept of reverse-mortgages instead of gifting the family home to one's children is abominable... but this... 5 ways to cash in on your life insurance policy while you're alive h ttps://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/use-life-insurance-cash-value-while-alive By Erika Giovanetti, 20 July 2021 Sponsored by … Continue reading The Final Cash Grab

The Fuhlendorf Exercise-Loss Plan

To celebrate this Friday, let's do some fat shaming! (Read: eye bleach warning.) ‘FOCUS ON DOING WHAT FEELS GOOD’: TIKTOKER SHARES HER JOURNEY TOWARD FINDING JOY IN MOVEMENT AMID EXERCISING DISORDER RECOVERY h ttps://www.intheknow.com/post/hannah-fuhlendorf-separating-exercise-from-diet-culture/ By Alex Lasker Had to fix the title for her. She'd accidentally called this an "eating disorder recovery" and as you … Continue reading The Fuhlendorf Exercise-Loss Plan

Only Guidelines Can Make Biolabs Safe

It's been a longrunning debate whether Chinaballs was intentionally or accidentally released from the Wuhan lab. This astonishingly tone-deaf article by a credentialed expert suggests... BOTH! We work with dangerous pathogens in a downtown Boston biocontainment lab – here’s why you can feel safe about our research h ttps://theconversation.com/we-work-with-dangerous-pathogens-in-a-downtown-boston-biocontainment-lab-heres-why-you-can-feel-safe-about-our-research-163197 By Ronald Corley, Director of the … Continue reading Only Guidelines Can Make Biolabs Safe

Mission Accomplished: Feminist Indoctrination

Here's another horror story, excuse me, success story of how education EMPOWERS women. AITA for telling my sister not to bring her kids over so much? h ttps://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/oawwkw/aita_for_telling_my_sister_not_to_bring_her_kids/ By Anonymous Bay Area feminist, 30 June 2021 I (25F) recently graduated. The city I live in has a shortage of apartments--I could technically afford an available … Continue reading Mission Accomplished: Feminist Indoctrination