Tattooing After Vaxxing

I'm bored. Let's get inked! The pandemic tattoo craze is here h ttps:// By Terry Nguyen, 11 June 2021 Tiffany Garcia has tattooed thousands of people over her two-decade career, but she remains intrigued by the first-timers. Since the spring, more clients without any history of tattoos have arrived at Garcia’s studio in Torrance, California. … Continue reading Tattooing After Vaxxing

Vaccine Apartheid Begins In Pakistan

Several people I've talked to online are facing ostracism or layoffs in retaliation for refusing the vaxx. A few governments, including California in a few days, will be implementing two-tier systems of rights and privileges to coerce voluntary compliance. You read that right. "Coerce voluntary compliance" and I mean exactly that. Just as capital-E Evil … Continue reading Vaccine Apartheid Begins In Pakistan

Never. Apologzie. Especially when offered a reward.

Always stand your ground when you know you're innocent. Never apologize, not even for hurting feelings. Even if things don't go your way, you'll still be vastly better off. Jury imposes $500K verdict on pastor accused of rape after he refused to apologize to victim h ttps:// By Leonardo Blair, 10 June 2021 Pastor Lewis … Continue reading Never. Apologzie. Especially when offered a reward.

All Ur Fundz R Belong To US

A woman was accidentally sent $1.2M and chose to keep it instead of returning. A situational ethics problem, presented by somebody too educated to understand the concept. What are the ethics of giving back money that doesn’t belong to you? h ttps:// By Kate Padgett Walsh, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Iowa State University2 June 2021 … Continue reading All Ur Fundz R Belong To US

WorkingWell Instead Of Humanely

I have some thoughts coming on transhumanism and the Great Reset. For now, here's the future envisioned by Amazon for its bipedal cattle. From Body Mechanics to Mindfulness, Amazon Launches Employee-Designed Health and Safety Program called WorkingWell Across U.S. Operations h ttps:// Press Release, 17 May 2021 Part of the company’s mission to be Earth’s … Continue reading WorkingWell Instead Of Humanely