A Salute To Boise’s Scott Yenor

Oh look, it's yet another political science professor running his mouth at some media conference. Pass. "Women today are more medicated, meddlesome and quarrelsome than they need to be.” *double take* What the... "Universities are indoctrination camps and the citadels of our gyneocracy.” Boise State professor: Don’t recruit women into engineering, medical school, law h … Continue reading A Salute To Boise’s Scott Yenor

Solomon Says ‘Cuck!’

I don't believe that that Long Game is an option when our opposition is a death cult holding the nuclear football and already releasing bioweapons. A cuck pastor with the words of Solomon disagrees! Solomon on how to deal with oppressive elites h ttps://www.christianpost.com/business/solomon-on-how-to-deal-with-oppressive-elites.html By Mark Horne, 17 November 2021 Mark Horne has served as … Continue reading Solomon Says ‘Cuck!’

Happy Headlines

Why be a downer over the holidays? Let's hear some happy headlines about men acting like men and idiots acting like idiots! L.A. firefighter accused of vulgar act in protest over vaccine mandate h ttps://news.yahoo.com/l-firefighter-accused-despicable-act-010920215.html By Dakota Smith, 24 November 2021 The Los Angeles Fire Department is investigating an incident in which a firefighter “responded … Continue reading Happy Headlines

Embrace the Zuck: Dating In Singletown

It's hard to see Farcebook rebranding itself as MetaZuck as anything other than a way to capitalize on imminent Forever Lockdowns being pioneered in (where else) Austria, Germany, Sudentenland and... didn't we already fight that war twice? I love my ancestors but please, stop with the death camps already. This coming article suggests that "Meta" … Continue reading Embrace the Zuck: Dating In Singletown