The Vaxx Virgins Shall Be Fed To the Volcano

Science must have proven the existence of God because humanity is returning to witchcraft at an astonishing rate. We begin with the eruption of a Caribbean volcano... nothing too unusual. Explosive eruption rocks volcano on Caribbean's St. Vincent h ttps:// By The Associated Press and Wilson Wong, 9 April 2021 Better than the murder hornets … Continue reading The Vaxx Virgins Shall Be Fed To the Volcano

Rayciss Games In the Big Apple

If a Dindu falls on a New Yorker and you're ten feet away, does she make a sound? Serious question. Doormen fired for failing to intervene in anti-Asian attack h ttps:// By AP, 6 April 2021 Used to be (in the Eighties), police would tell you to not get involved in violent fights. Call the … Continue reading Rayciss Games In the Big Apple

The Day the Thinking Stopped

Bruce Charlton asks an important, deep, philosophical question: "Why did so many people take stupid pills last year?" He phrased it more kindly: h ttps:// Modern totalitarianism is, therefore, so effective because modern people have outsourced their thinking to The System. If modern people were to think, really to think; then the current totalitarianism would … Continue reading The Day the Thinking Stopped

Archegos, the Prince Of Hedge Funds

Again, I'm not any kind of economist. I understand that an international racketeering cartel, often abbreviated "hedge fund", is imploding because of reality intruding into the private banks of our foreign rulers. Analysts are predicting the end of civilization. One of the first groups predicted to be ruined are Christian missionary outreach organizations. Wall Street … Continue reading Archegos, the Prince Of Hedge Funds