Stop The Nag-A-Virus!

Now THIS is a quarantine that I can support! Malaysian Government Advises Women Not to Nag Husbands During Lockdown By Nate Church, 1 April 2020 Uh-oh. This was published on April Fool's Day. But NPR confirms! A government advisory in Malaysia is facing widespread backlash after instructing women to dress up, wear makeup, and … Continue reading Stop The Nag-A-Virus!

Thank You, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie

I read with discouragement that Trump signed the $2,200,000,000,000 "Your Politician CARES About You Reelecting Him In Six Months" Act. It's loaded with so much pork that Trump and Pelosi cooperated on it! But then I saw a little side comment... about a no-name Representative from Kentucky who nearly derailed the bill single-handedly, and possibly … Continue reading Thank You, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie

The Nuclear Family’s Replacement

While I doubt the Chinavirus will fully convince Normals of globalism's evil, the sight of families spending time together has triggered at least one globalist pundit into honesty. The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake By David Brooks, March 2020 issue The scene is one many of us have somewhere in our family history: Dozens … Continue reading The Nuclear Family’s Replacement

No-Bail Release for Medical Supplies Grand Theft

Forcing medical personnel to go without safety masks during a national crisis is a non-violent crime! Meet Vladislav Drozdek. That's not frizzy hair, that's untrimmed hair. He lacks social skills & awareness. He's not antisocial nor a loner, necessarily, but a guy who simply doesn't care about others' perception of him. That's commonly associated with … Continue reading No-Bail Release for Medical Supplies Grand Theft

Blasphemy: the Darius Tarver Shooting

Clergy have a real hard time being loyal to Truth over Lies. Sometimes, that's important. And sometimes, that's VERY important. This story begins very man-bites-dog. RIP Darius Tarver: Bodycam Of Police Shooting ‘Sharply Contradicts’ Cops’ Account htt ps:// By Adrian Moore, 11 February 2020 According to CBSDFW.COM, Tarver was shot and killed by Denton, Texas, … Continue reading Blasphemy: the Darius Tarver Shooting