So, What’s Up In Khazakstan?

This time, I admit I don’t know. On one hand, I can easily believe it’s a Globohomo-sponsored destabilization. I found this picture:

Left side is Parmesan Hunter, middle is Potato Joe and on the right is Khaz’s head of security & intelligence… freshly arrested for treason, according to one account. I didn’t even know that treason was still a crime. Khaz flipping to NATO would surely put more pressure on Russia. No doubt that Putin will back down as soon as he’s convinced that Bidenreich intends to destroy his country generally and him personally. /sarc So, Cui Bono and the Bidenreich agree that this is almost certainly a proxy war over Ukraine.

On the other hand, Khaz’s president just locked the unvaxxed out of society on Jan. 5. The locals thus have every legit reason to butcher the guts out of their government, and now that they’ve started I don’t see them stopping if Globohomo moves into the presidental palace because it has the same agenda. Maybe with some conscription on the side if/when Ukraine goes hot.

Maybe it’s both. NATO special forces tapping into fresh, righteous anger to throw a few literal firebombs.

That’s my takeaway thus far. The world’s Elites are vying for a global Throne that would see all of us normal people enslaved, poisoned and/or shot dead. None of them are good guys. Some of them are nationalists but all of them are centralizing State power via Scamdemic.

One thought on “So, What’s Up In Khazakstan?

  1. The January 5th explanation is probably the more accurate one. Here’s to hoping that we follow suit if the Court rules in favor of the mandate.


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