Win! UN Removes Statue Of the Beast

Not only did Christians successfully shame the UN into removing that perverted statue, but the UN went full-on, passive-aggressive Gamma about it!

Sculpture Christians likened to ‘End Times beast’ no longer on display at UN

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By Leonardo Blair, 5 January 2022

NEW YORK — Weeks after it was first displayed on the Visitors Plaza outside the United Nations headquarters in November, the controversial “Guardian for International Peace and Security” sculpture many Christians likened to a biblical “End Times beast” is now gone.

Initial reports to The Christian Post suggested that the sculpture was removed from the Visitor’s Plaza in late December due to complaints from the public. Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for the secretary-general, explained, however, that the display was temporary and was removed as scheduled.

“The statue you refer to was a temporary exhibit organized by the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations. It was taken down, as scheduled and anticipated, on 20 December,” Dujarric said in a statement to CP on Monday.

“We just forgot to say it was temporary. Anyway, this is not a win for you! Even if it looks like one!”

Conservative Christian frenzy over the artwork began brewing after the U.N. tweeted an image of the exhibit on Nov. 9, prompting references to certain scriptures in the Bible, including Daniel 7:2–4 which highlights a vision of beasts, representing governments; one of which is depicted with a body like a lion and wings like an eagle.

Christians also cited Revelation 13:2 which symbolically refers to a beast given power and authority by Satan. Further reference was also made to I Thessalonians 5:3 which speaks of the End Times when people will say, “There is peace and security,” only to experience unexpected ruin.

UNPASEC, the United Nation Peace And Security Coalition, has formally protested the unflattering depictions of it in Biblical prophecy for the 77th year in a row. (not a real agency. AFAIK.)

The sculpture, donated by the government of Oaxaca, Mexico, and created by artists Jacobo and Maria Angeles, is likely not the harbinger of the apocalypse some Christians presume.

The fantastical fusion of features in the controversial sculpture from both the jaguar and eagle is known as an Alebrije — a representation of a mythical spirit guide found in Oaxacan folk art. Along with vibrant color markings, Alejibres usually have a combination of features such as horns, antlers, wings and fins.

Ohhhh, its display was never meant to be anti-Christ. It was meant to be anti-Christianity. It depicts a mythical spirit guide, not a mythical spirit guiding humanity into corruption.

Prior to the display of the Guardian for International Peace and Security at the U.N…

“Peace and safety!” UNPASEC might not be real but its Guardian is.

Mocking globalists is hard!

it was on display along with an 11-foot dragon sculpture at the Rockefeller Center from Oct. 22 to Nov. 2 as part of the Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead celebrations, Hyperallergic reported.

Was it taken down to make room for a Nativity scene… a ‘faith tradition’ much more popular than the Oxacan patron spirit of Rockefeller-sponsored migrant trains? *checks* no.

The Angeles’ son, Ricardo Angeles, who was identified as the principal designer of the Alebrijes, referred to them as “guardians” for the nation’s immigrants.

The coyote would have been more appropriate.

“I love New York and its architecture, especially the Art Nouveau styles and the gargoyles of some buildings,” Angeles said. “I decided to create fantastical beings that also symbolized empathy and solidarity from us, the artisans who didn’t immigrate, toward our family members who are here in the United States.

“I love New York City for its gargoyles”? He came to the right place. But heads up, the gargoyles prefer to be called feminists.

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  1. “”Alebrijes, referred to them as “guardians” for the nation’s immigrants.”

    The coyote would have been more appropriate.”


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