The Link Between Social Distancing And Climate Change Is Cascade Theory

You’ve already noticed that Covid lockdowns are morphing into Climate Change lockdowns. Here’s the backstory on that. The Cascade Institute of Canada is loosely allied with John Podesta and John Kerry, and is dedicated to studying and advocating for social engineering by way of managed crises. Its logo is falling dominos… not hard to understand that symbology.

The Social Distancing Norm Cascade

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By Scott Janzwood, 27 April 2020

Pale squishy soyboy low-testosterone type. AKA urban Canadian. We already know that Janzwood is an academic fraud because he went to press with his “research” barely one month into the lockdown. Consequently, this document has not aged well. But it remains a valuable insight into how & why the globalists has chosen now to force Climate Change up our furnaces.

The widespread adoption of social distancing practices in liberal democracies without the threat of harsh sanctions for non-compliance illustrates the power of ideas and moral persuasion, as well as the capacity of seemingly intractable beliefs systems to rapidly shift during a crisis.

There is more wishful thinking in that paragraph than a child’s Christmas list. The liar lies first to himself.

The primary focus of this Technical Paper is the underlying changes in belief systems behind the rapid adoption of new norms concerning social distancing amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Incentive systems (such social pressure or sanctions) and network dynamics (such as homophily and preferential attachment) provide valuable insights into how and why norms around social distancing have spread so rapidly and widely. However, in contrast to other treatments of rapid normative change, the focus of this paper is on the content of belief systems at the individual and collective level, a factor that is equally important for explaining the speed and extent of the social distancing norm cascade. The belief system perspective provides a valuable link between people’s most cherished ideas and values, individual behavioural change, and the collective changes necessary to effectively contain a pandemic on a global scale.

Many of the behaviours that we associate with voluntary social distancing practices – such as people working from home, maintaining a 2 metre distance from others, and choosing to only leave their homes to buy groceries – went from fringe to mainstream within a matter of two to three weeks…

No. We were promised that it would only be for two weeks. While it was an outrageous lie that many of us recognized at the time, fact is, Janzwood shouldn’t brag that people chose to make a permanent change when it was forced upon them deceitfully.

The State blew all of its credibility on the Plandemic. Alas, the gamble paid off.

[This paper] therefore pays special attention to voluntary or encouraged social distancing behaviours rather than those enforced by government decree. While the Chinese government has had success containing the outbreak by confining travelers returning to China into state-run quarantine centres, implementing curfews, limiting freedom of movement, and sealing off entire apartment buildings (Wu 2020), countries such as Canada and the US… have relied on strongly worded public health messaging and persuasion tactics to encourage social distancing practices. The remarkable behavioural change around social distancing in liberal democratic countries that lack the threat of harsh sanctions for non-compliance may reveal generalizations for how seemingly intractable beliefs systems can rapidly shift during a crisis.

A recurring issue in totalitarian societies is that they cannot have literally everybody spying on everybody, or Beloved Dear Leader Of the People would run short on palaces and prostitutes. Janzwood objects to the Chinese system only to the extent that he thinks he has a more cost-effective form of social engineering.

He goes into four archetypes.

The Good Social Distancer (GSD)

GSD makes connections between the spread of C19 and its three main negative outcomes: deaths of the elderly and vulnerable, health system overload, and economic insecurity. By thinking about any one concept, connected concepts are simultaneously activated. Example “Spread of C19” = “Grandma died”.

A little editing for brevity there.

The key concept that reflects the dominant values of the GSD belief system is the sense of “community responsibility” that reinforces the link between personal social distancing behavior on the one hand and the deaths of the elderly and health system overload on the other. The GSD is driven by an empathetic or altruistic duty to other members of their community (local, national or global) that emphasizes the costs or harm inflicted upon others.

The Good Boy, the class snitch, the neighborhood gossip. Threading the needle of “dumb enough to believe and smart enough to breathe”.

The Christians


The Misinformed

The Misinformed resistance profile describes the belief systems that were most common at the beginning of the social distancing movement, characterized by an incomplete or flawed understanding of…


Go to Hell and take your computer models with you. Unlike the latter, I was correct from the beginning of the Scamdemic. Exact words: “This is bullshit!”

We are “misinformed” because we don’t believe your lies. And we never will. And I’m not digitizing four huge paragraphs of sneering condescension.

The Consequentialist-individualist

Unlike the Misinformed, the C-I belief system reflects a more complete understanding of the links between social distancing, flattening the curve, etc.

Think “actually vaccine-hesitant”. That’s two pages of reading I just saved you. Why don’t I get a tenured paycheck, too? I’m better than Janzwood at communicating complex topics, making content interesting and learnable, illustrating the necessity of truth against falsehoods…


The Consequentialist-Collectivist

Donald Trump. “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself!” Another page of reading saved and you’re the smarter for it.

Needless to say, these categories didn’t catch on. They do, however, illustrate the primal importance of the Lie in globalist ideology. The Good Boy believes what he’s told and put the needs of the many, as defined by the few, above the self. The Individualist believes the Lie but wants to solve the problem his own way. This defeats the purpose of Lying to him: controlling his behavior. The Collectivist is more concerned with whether the needs of the many are actually being met by obeying the few, which puts him in grave danger of becoming Misinformed.

Who do not believe the Lie at all.

The C-I requires some form of moral persuasion that highlights the linkages between collective and personal well-being and inspires a sense of community responsibility.

Shifting the C-C towards the GSD belief system requires an informational correction on the relative costs and benefits…


Government communication strategies should be tailored to their target audience. If policy makers and public health authorities believe that most people failing to comply with social distancing guidelines resemble the Misinformed profile, their strategy should focus predominately on informational messaging.

In other words, lie at the Misinformed. Tell us one lie after another lie after another lie after another lie until something sticks. Under no circumstances accept that we just ain’t gonna listen.

I must confess, I’ve begun using “thought-ending clichés” in my own speech patterns as a result of this. Even people who normally aren’t like this, will compulsively tell one lie after another to me, trying to find the magic bullet that will make me believe. So much easier to throw out a “nothing you say will change my mind”.

But they have other tools.

The term homophily describes how within social networks, people tend to have connections with people that are similar to them in “socially significant” ways like ethnicity…

Commie Canuck accidentally makes a case for legalizing racism.

Therefore, if people are socially distant from public health experts and other people taking social distancing seriously, [they are less likely to want to obey] and more likely to face steep social costs for complying with those guidelines.

This is why Fauci is omnipresent in the media. The Elites want him to be a household name, placed in every single social network, daily visible to and discussed by every single American, because you’re more likely to obey an authority figure when he appears socially close. So they think. Fish and guests after three days….

The other useful concept from network theory is preferential attachment. Most social networks have a handful of members that possess a disproportionately large number of social connections…

The old “Influencer” tactic. Find a trusted person, kill him, gut him and wear him as a skinsuit while demanding respect.

Public health is not the only area where rapid and profound shifts in attitudes and behaviours on a global scale are desperately needed. Climate change is another pressing global challenge that not only requires largescale systemic changes orchestrated by governments, corporations, and international organizations, but also a cumulative shift in the voting patterns, consumer habits and transportation decisions of billions of people around the world. For example, many groups have called for an abandonment of outdated norms around private car ownership…

It took less than a month for globalist tools to get the idea that if Fraudci could change the world overnight by unchallenged dictat one time, then he could do it a second time for the REAL agenda… UN Agenda 2030.

Janzwood, you fool! YOU are the carbon they want to reduce! But nooo, you gotta be a GSD.

The experience with C19 outbreak and response may have helped laid the groundwork for pro-climate norms to take root.

Janzwood, you fool! You should have not rushed to publish… here’s why…

First, the social distancing norm cascade shows just how malleable our belief systems can be, challenging the conventional wisdom that attitudes and behaviors can only be shifted incrementally over years or decades.

Two years of curve-flattening later, no. The wheels are coming off the lies. Governments have given up with the Influencers and Omnipresent Authorities in favor of deploying riot police to shore up their palace walls. Concentration camps have been built. The initial rush to obey has since been infected with a powerful urge to return to a normality that the world’s Janzwoods thought had decreed into oblivion.

Contra the Communist Manifesto, humans are NOT infinitely malleable.

Second, trust in expertise appears to have increased in many parts of the world where it had been waning in recent years. While effectively containing the outbreak and avoiding the worst projections ironically serves to bolster the claims of those denying the severity of the crisis, the status of scientists and other experts in the public discourse has generally improved, which may create a more receptive audience for climate science.


And lastly, many people’s previously unwavering belief in the upward trajectory of human well-bring has been deeply shaken. For years, the message of catastrophic risks – particularly those that can only be addressed by proactive, scientifically informed, globally coordinated action – may be lurking just beyond the horizon has been largely ignored. However, today these realities may enjoy a more receptive (and captive) audience than ever before.

The gloves always come off in the end. “I’m here to help you, Sweetie… you don’t want to hurt Grandma… now stop struggling and take your next clot shot if you ever want to see your friends again!”

Receptive, no way. Hospitals are now known to be killing their patients for Federal bribe money. Children having strokes is being retconned into history. City-sized protests have hit the streets. But captive, yes. We allowed the Elites to turn our societies into open-air prisons.

Hell yeah, the climate is changing. Because the Masters Of the Universe don’t actually want a global empire. They want to steal, kill and destroy, like their spiritual father of lies, and now that the Plandemic entrenched them in the halls of power, we ain’t voting our way out of this.


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  1. And just to be clear “Mr (?)” Janzwood, There were plenty of “sanctions” here against people who didn’t comply with the “lockdowns”.


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