The First Casualty Of Omicron Is Truth

Alec Baldwin better find an organ donor fast if he wants to continue being a better killer than flu season.

Then again, he might have time to make a sandwich or finish that rusty movie. This is an unusually clear picture of the information war being waged against humanity.

Media report first man ‘to die of the Omicron variant’ — but public health officials can’t confirm he died from COVID

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By Chris Enloe, 22 December 2021

Just in time for Christmas, somebody dieeeeed of Chiiiiinaballs!!! Was this an X-mas gift to Covidians, a Christmas threat to Normal Americans (ill Deuce Biden made one already) or simple retaliation for the failure of Build Back Butthurt?

When Texas health officials reported Monday that a man died after testing positive for the Omicron variant of COVID-19, the media jumped all over the story and claimed he was the first in America “to die of the Omicron variant.”

Various headlines blared similar messages this week, claiming that a Texas man between the ages of 50 and 60 who was not vaccinated against COVID became the first American to fall victim to the Omicron variant.

Reuters: “Texas’ Harris County records its first death linked to Omicron variant”
Business Insider: “The first American to die of the Omicron variant was an unvaccinated Texas man who had previously caught COVID-19”
Newsweek: “First Omicron Death in U.S. Was Reinfection—A Warning to Those Who’ve Already Had COVID
KHOU-TV: “Unvaccinated man with health issues in Harris County becomes first known omicron death in US”
Washington Post: “Unvaccinated Houston man’s death may be first attributed to omicron in U.S.”
Axios: “First confirmed U.S. Omicron death recorded in Texas”
The Independent: “Unvaccinated Texas man first in US to die of Omicron variant”

Of seven media outlet headlines, five noted he was Unvaxx and only one that he’d already been sickly. I am tempted to cite CNN to make it six of eight without bothering to check.

But unlike professional journalists, I have standards. *checks*

First Omicron-related death in US was an unvaccinated person

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Six of eight. All is well with the world, or at least baseline, which means Alec Baldwin has STILL killed more people than Oni Crud.

Importantly, Harris County public health officials did not say the man died from the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Rather, the man died after testing positive for the Omicron variant, meaning he died with it.

In fact, Martha Marquez, a spokesperson for the Harris County Public Health Department, confirmed Tuesday that health officials are not saying the man died from the Omicron variant; simply, they reported the death of a man who was Omicron-positive when he passed away.

Confirmed: Legacy Media LIES! Also, water is WET!

“We can’t confirm that the patient from COVID, but we can say that he was Omicron-positive at the time of his death,” Marquez explained.

“This information comes from our epidemiologists, who are the ones who get the reports. They have to do a very meticulous investigation, because, you know, they do take this very much at heart,” she added. “They are telling me that they cannot say that COVID was the absolute cause of death.”

Segue to original press release

Harris County Reports First COVID-19 Omicron Variant-Related Death

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Harris County Public Health (HCPH) is reporting the first COVID-19 Omicron-variant associated death in the County.

“We get to be first! Okay, staff, you can go on vacation now.”

The death reported this afternoon was of a man between the ages of 50-60 years old who was unvaccinated and had been infected with COVID-19 previously. The individual was at higher risk of severe complications from COVID-19 due to his unvaccinated status…


…and had underlying health conditions.


“Our thoughts and prayers are with the patient’s family, and we extend our deepest sympathies,” said Barbie Robinson, HCPH Executive Director. “This is a reminder of the severity of COVID-19 and its variants. We urge all residents who qualify to get vaccinated and get their booster shot if they have not already.”

Barbie would have done better to say “we urge all elderly people to manage their diabetes well”. Heh, her name really is Barbie. I always wondered what she did for a living, besides sponging off Ken, because she was no stay-at-home mom now was she? It makes sense that she’d be a hosital… admi…

*GunnerQ suddenly vomits, goes into seizure, collapses on the ground and stops breathing*

Second Victim Of Omicron Is Confirmed To Be An Unvaccinated Blogger Who Spread Vaccine Disinformation

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Whew… unnh… sorry about that. Pro-tip, adding Nyquil to eggnog will not compensate for its being past expiry date. I had to save the whiskey for the weekend and didn’t have any other alcohol in the house.

Bachelor life, baby. It’s an underlying condition.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that the Omicron variant is widespread. There is still a lot of unknown information about the Omicron variant…

…though this case has been confirmed through additional testing that may not reflect the total number of cases in our community…. The Omicron variant was first identified in South Africa in November 2021 and currently is a concern for public health. 

End segue

Harris County public health officials have not said anything more about the death, nor have they revealed the “underlying conditions” the deceased man had. This is important because, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains, up to 95% — or perhaps even more — of all COVID deaths have happened among people with co-morbidities or other underlying diseases.

“There were co-morbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificate for as many as 95% of all COVID-19 deaths,” the agency explains. “The other 5% of death certificates in which COVID-19 was the only condition listed was likely related to a lack of detail listed about other conditions present at the time of death.”

“All of you unvaccinated are going to die of Omicron like him… just like you didn’t with Delta”.

Anagrams: Delta + Omicron = Media Control.

Or, Omicron = Moronic.

Why not both?

8 thoughts on “The First Casualty Of Omicron Is Truth

  1. Went for a walk in Los Angeles yesterday. Saw several people wearing masks outdoors. Mainly seniors and young women. I can understand the seniors, but young women?

    I even saw a young Asian woman wearing a mask. I thought Asians were smart. At least I didn’t see any young men in masks.

    A sign on a bus said that masks are required to ride in buses.

    I entered a grocery and the post office — masks required. I saw a sign in Starbucks saying masks are required regardless of vaccination status.

    It’s been two years now that this city has turned into an insane asylum. People terrified of a virus that finally, maybe, killed one person. Or maybe they’re just virtue signaling with the masks?

    This is clearly the new normal. I don’t see it changing any time soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Asians have been dong masks for a long time so that’s no surprise. But you’re right, California is screwed. I am prepping a departure this coming year myself, although it ain’t set in stone. There is nothing left to defend, no ally to support, no brake on government power and no popular will to resist it.

    I fell like we Californians are just waiting for the border checkpoints to go up. Like our taxes.


  3. I fell like we Californians are just waiting for the border checkpoints to go up.

    Maybe not checkpoints set up by the government of California, but I can definitely see neighboring states setting them up to keep Californians out.


  4. It would be cheaper and more effective to send in your National Guard for a little o’ that Regime Change that’s such a good idea when we do it.

    Please? You won’t even have to stay. I’ll take over!


  5. If there’s anything good that can come from the latest “variant”, it’s that people have hopefully realized how easily we’ve been taken for a ride and will push back against the nationwide mandates.


  6. ‘“Our thoughts and prayers are with the patient’s family, and we extend our deepest sympathies,” said Barbie Robinson, HCPH Executive Director.’

    Gee we’ve just been discussing Barbie here the past few weeks. And behold she manifests, hard at-task on her empowered career as a professional liar. Who ever could have predicted?

    Here’s to you, Ms. Robinson. Jesus loves you more than you will know. Whoa whoa whoa. But he will still chuck you into hell if you continue to get paid for lying.

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  7. “I fell like we Californians are just waiting for the border checkpoints to go up.”

    They’ve been up for a long time. Take US 395 north from Reno, heading toward Honey Lake, and you will see a checkpoint as soon as you cross the Cali border. I’m guessing it’s for inspecting produce trucks to see if they have Med fruit flies, since they always just wave me through without a stop.

    But it would be easy to repurpose it.


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