They Finally Noticed That We Don’t Care If We Suffer For Our Beliefs

The solipsistic navel-gazing of Social Justice during the Plandemic has been breathtaking. A common manifestation of this has been their gleeful pointing out of when Christians refuse the vaxx then die of Covid complications. (We will charitably assume that those complications were not hospitals withholding treatment in order to maximize Federal payouts.)

Memo to Covidians: we don’t care if we die of Coof. For the Christian, death is a rite of passage, a rest from our sufferings, the moment we finally pass beyond the devil’s grasp and influence forever. We never refuse the vaxx because we think we’re immortal… that’s why YOU TAKE the vaxx, because you’re convinced (by political loyalties) that it’s a literal Fountain Of Youth. Even as you get booster shots, spread the new variant and die of old age anyway.

At last, here’s a liberal who dared to do the serious investigative journalism of noticing that we don’t care.

Don’t dance on the graves of anti-vaxxers who die. It won’t help get shots in arms.

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By Steven Petrow for USA Today Opinion, 17 December 2021

Original title “Vaccine deniers dying of COVID is tragic, not justice. Be kind, grieve”. Not sure why Yahoo saw fit to change that for the repost; it’s a bad habit to rewrite a repost; but this is how I get around the USA paywall so I work with what I have.

In late November, Marcus Lamb, a prominent Christian broadcaster who had publicly scorned COVID-19 vaccinations, died of complications from the coronavirus.

As the president and founder of Daystar Television Network, his programming, reaching upwards of 2 billion people worldwide, frequently broadcast anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, notably that the vaccines were being used to steal freedoms away from Christians. Instead, Lamb urged viewers to use unapproved, untested or ineffective remedies, including prayer and ivermectin.

Then, a couple of weeks after the announcement that he had tested positive for COVID-19, he died from complications, leaving behind his wife and their three children.

Sad but not a tragedy. He had a stable family, a successful career and lived to age 64. Three grown children. Now he’s safe with Christ. Didn’t even linger at the end. We should all be so lucky.

Awful, enough – but there’s more. Piers Morgan, the controversial British broadcaster, tweeted, “Another needless tragedy. How many anti-vaxxers have to die from Covid before they realise they’re wrong?”

To which I respond, “how much longer must I go maskless until you drop dead? It’s been two years already.”

That was among the kinder responses. Elsewhere, the thugs and trolls of the internet had a field day after Lamb’s illness and death became public, excoriating him for his anti-vaccine views.

So much for the adage, “Do not speak ill of the dead.”

I wish I could say the ugly public response to Lamb’s death was an exception, or partisan. Hardly. A few years ago, after the death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, an online commenter referred to him as “scum of the Supreme Court.” When Margaret Thatcher died in 2013, a digital marketing campaign promoting the song “Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead” pushed it up high on the British singles chart.

We appreciate you noticing how much we’re hated.

Not that conservatives have been any kinder. About the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, preacher Dave Daubenmire said, “If it wasn’t a tragedy that Hitler died, why is it a tragedy that she died? She was wicked and destructive.”

That’s different. Seriously. While we Christians have no hatred for nonbelievers, we have a very great hatred for the wicked, those who do true evil and gloat in it. Ginsburg hated America generally and the American people specifically, and used her power to destroy us as much as she possibly could. She clung so bitterly to power that people (including me) joked that her corpse had been robotized as a Muppet so she could continue harming America postmortem until the next Marxist in D.C. government could appoint a clone. It was funny because it could actually have been true, such was her desperation to hold onto power for the Feminist cause.

The death of the wicked is a legit cause for celebration.

I wouldn’t celebrate Bill Clinton’s death. The guy did evil but he’s out of power now, so I don’t have any wrath against him. (Also, he was married to Hillary. No mortal punishment can top that.) Similarly, politicians who do what I despise, yet on a limited or self-conscious scale because they’re human beings first and agents of Evil second, all we Christians really care about is that the damage stops. God will handle their final disposition.

But Ginsburg? She was a spiteful little witch whose evil lasted to the literal day she died, even to her own misery. Her dying wish was to see more babies murdered by their own mothers. Fuck her corpse.

Even by today’s low standards, though, the tide of vitriol against those who oppose vaccination is astounding. The pandemic has unleashed Reddit forums and websites devoted to exhorting the ignorance of the unvaccinated, with members ready to pile on once an anti-vaxxer dies from COVID-19. A common refrain is “you only have yourself to blame,” often expressed online as, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Their delight seems more than mere schadenfreude. Colin Wayne Leach, a Barnard College psychology professor, told The New York Times that this is “not just taking a little pleasure in somebody’s misfortune. In many ways, it’s seeing your enemies suffer because of what they believe. That is the sweetest justice.”

Or what some might call sweet revenge.

It IS more than schadenfreude. It’s politics. It’s a show of loyalty to the Narrative that “none are safe until all are safe”. See, It’s not enough to be innocent in the context of Social Justice. You must scream the Party line from the rooftops lest the Gestapo come for you, too.

Thus, in keeping with what I just said about Ginsberg, I don’t take the gloating personally. The people crowing over the Coof-deaths of anti-vaxxers are terrorized little rabbits trying to earn their daily approval. They’re no threat to me. They got problems that I can’t help with. Leave in peace, thank you.

Yes, it’s true that unvaccinated people make up the majority of deaths now during the pandemic…

Petrow can’t handle the truth.

…but what kind of people dance on the graves of the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, who have died from this plague? And if the goal is to get more Americans vaccinated, what do we accomplish when we pillory Marcus Lamb and others like him? Or when we create bogus accolades like the Herman Cain award, named after the conservative politician and businessman who eschewed masks only to die from COVID-19.

Liberals, did you know that the human face is the primary method to communicate emotionally with your species? I ask because you’re surprised that online communications are so toxic. Let me clue you in to something I’ve learned as a blogger: when the only way you can communicate emotion is the written word, you need to overcompensate. “Fuck her corpse” is not a phrase I would use in daily conversation… because I don’t need to. The expression you’d see on my face accompanying the word “Ginsberg” would get the point across perfectly well.

You don’t see any drawback to masking-up 24/7 while around other people. Neither can you make the connection between “online-only relationships” and the coarsening of human language. The fewer ways you have to express emotion, the more that the ways you DO have will need to work overtime.

Please stop tearing down our statues and overwriting our culture, or I’ll talk smack about Yo’ Mama.

“Gloating over a COVID death is unethical,” Arthur Caplan, a professor of bioethics at New York University, told me in an interview. “It is cruel to survivors and does not in my view encourage vaccination by others.”

Agreed. Convincing us to get vaxxed is not the point. Being publicly seen hating the designated enemies of the State is.

We seem to have accepted the polarization that stains daily life in our country, exacerbated by the pandemic. Are we going to hold on to this ugliness for eternity?

The Times reported that Hal Bledsoe, whose son died from COVID-19 (after adding a frame to his social media page that read, “I don’t care if you’ve had your vaccine” and whose final post was an anti-vaccination video) was bombarded with messages “that (his son) should have died, that he deserved to die.”

Bledsoe spoke of the hurt these comments caused on top of his grief over the loss of his son.

I can’t imagine. Actually, I can.

It is good for Lefties to have these moments of introspection. They will become even rarer in the near future as our Totalitarian rulers cement their grasp.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to voluntarily live in a world in which your worth as a human being is measured exclusively by your momentary political utility. But I’ve been with Christ since childhood. Christ Jesus has no need to constantly remind people that He’s a legitimate authority.

The devil, though, he’s a bit insecure about being perceived as a legitimate authority. Usurpers be like that. Hence the constant loyalty tests.

I remember early on in the AIDS epidemic when gay men were dying like flies on the streets of San Francisco and New York, that Pat Buchanan, a conservative opinion columnist, wrote completely devoid of empathy, “The poor homosexuals … have declared war upon nature, and now nature is exacting an awful retribution.” I lost many friends during the worst of those years, too many of them abandoned by family, considered pariahs, and then gone.

Aaaand we’re back to wickedness. The homosexual DOES declare war upon human nature and GRIDS is a logical consequence of that denial of normality. Christ made us male and female; those who live in open rejection of this will receive in their bodies the due penalty for their perversions.

Notice that’s Christ talking, not his followers. I would prefer to see homosexuals cured rather than killed. But curing is illegal now.

Despite our differences, we – relatives, friends, colleagues, even strangers – I steadfastly continue to believe we are a family, the human family. Families fight; we disagree; we say awful things. But we must look after one another – and not only when it’s easy.

To take joy in others’ suffering and loss certainly doesn’t hurt the deceased: It diminishes and damages those who would inflict pain and mock deaths; it makes us into the kind of people we say we abhor. Let us grieve for every death, and let us work to get every one of us vaccinated.

The Cult of Nice cannot understand why the wolves and sheepdogs won’t put their differences aside. Are they not both canines? But one side is loyal to the Son of Man and the other is not.

Good news for Petrow, that means he isn’t wicked. He sees the results of the devil’s work and allows his conscience to prick him. But instead of searching out the Truth, he’s rather see everybody share… on the Winning Team’s side, which at the moment, is Satan Prince of Lies.

I’d rather die of Chinky Pox.

The wicked hate the righteous. The righteous hate the wicked. Because truth cannot coexist with lies.

4 thoughts on “They Finally Noticed That We Don’t Care If We Suffer For Our Beliefs

  1. Petrow wrote “Even by today’s low standards, though, the tide of vitriol against those who oppose vaccination is astounding…. Their delight seems more than mere schadenfreude.”

    GQ wrote “It IS more than schadenfreude. It’s politics.”

    More and more, I am convinced it is way beyond politics; it is demonic influence. Demons absolutely HATE humanity. And everyone living in mortal sin (probably ALL non-christians in this world) is under demonic influence, if not outright possession.


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  3. How much longer must I go maskless until you drop dead? It’s been two years already

    Gold mine! Quote of the year. I’m totally stealing it.

    Akshully, I have few mask confrontations in Va., although I’d say it was easier when there was a blanket Executive Order instead of a million little private orders for every business. It’s amazing to me, though, how many mask police back down in the face of courteous, steadfast, and informed refusal. I don’t get into constitutional arguments or logic. A simple, “I don’t do that, thanks.” or “In accordance with the Executive Order I respectfully decline to wear a mask,” etc. etc.

    You could still come East; I’d be glad to see you again.


  4. “You could still come East; I’d be glad to see you again.”

    I’d be glad to see you again, too, but it was good I turned down that Virginia job. Escaping Commiefornia just to have a front-row seat to the Marxist shenanigans in Richmond would have broken me.

    I keep trying to escape and my plans keep getting thwarted. Not giving up yet but God needs to open a door.


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