Christian Post Editor Goes Chickenhawk For Biden

Politics makes strange bedfellows. The Christian Post’s executive editor, Richard Land, has an academic background. No connection to the military-industrial complex or Deep State other than a stint at Oxford. That didn’t stop Land from calling for America-sponsored war in Ukraine so hard that he forgot to explain how international arms dealing is what Jesus would do.

The Ukraine: A litmus test for Western civilization

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Opinion by Richard D. Land, CP Executive Editor, 10 December 2021

If there’s a case to be made that Potato Joe is acting morally by involving USA in WW3 for the exclusive benefit of his foreign-born cronies on the far side of the planet from anything that might be considered “American national security” then I’d love to hear it.

Once again, the specter of armed conflict and military aggression is casting its deadly and ominous shadow over Europe. Vladimir Putin, the Russian oligarch and old KGB colonel who has said that the “greatest geopolitical tragedy of the century” was the collapse of the “evil empire” of the old Soviet Union, is threatening to invade the sovereign country of Ukraine.

With no evidence but a single quote and the guy’s resume, Dick accuses Putin of being the real villain. Granted that a KGB background means Putin doesn’t run a puppy-rescue charity in his spare time, it’s no proof that he starts wars for fun.

Everyone needs to understand that Putin cannot fulfill his life’s ambition to rebuild the old Soviet Union under the banner of Russia without putting Ukraine once again under Russian control and rule.

Multiple citations needed, as wikipedia would put it.

For example, the old Soviet Union had a population of just over 293 million people when it ceased to exist as a political entity in 1991. Today, Russia has a population of 146 million people. Ukraine has a population of 41.5 million people. If you combine the two countries’ populations, you have 187 million people or approximately 65% of the population of the former Soviet Union.

Gaining population is the dumbest possible reason to risk a global war. What, no mention of Ukrainian oil industry as a possible Putin motive? What a curious omission.

Putin has already forcibly put Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine back under Russian control and now he is casting a covetous eye on the rest of Ukraine and all its tremendous natural resources.

They tell you what their enemies did… but they never tell you why their enemies did it. And again, Land refuses to mention oil. Just a vague reference to “natural resources”.

Why would Putin’s Russia threaten to invade Ukraine now and amass troops along the border? Quite simply, the profound weakness and odd obtuseness of the Biden administration is more temptation than the Putins of the world can withstand.

HAHAHA! One accusation that NOBODY has made of the Bidenreich is their reluctance to break American eggs for an omelet. The first thing Biden did in office was a strong-armed sabotage of the American energy infrastructure.

Hey, isn’t the Ukraine strategically important for its energy infrastructure?

When the bad actors in the world are confronted with the opportunity to further long-held territorial ambitions and their national “interests” and the only thing standing in their way is the bluster and empty talk of the Biden foreign policy team, they are almost certain to act.

Dick is projecting more fantasy that Netflix. It’s Biden that is desperate for war. No, scratch that. Biden’s handlers want to expend the American Empire that they’re losing control of such that 1. they get a final use out of it and 2. America is reduced to such rubble that whoever’s next in control won’t get a turn. Biden himself wants rice pudding instead of chocolate because his diaper feels extra-chunky today.

And Richie Land is playing along! That’s NOT what Jesus would do… risk His people’s survival for a third party’s gain in a distant war.

The Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, and the Iranians, among other bad actors, are taking notes and preparing aggressions of their own. The greatest danger to world peace for the vast majority of the world’s population is American weakness or lack of resolve to resist aggression by the bad actors and bullies of the world.

Fuck. You. Dick.

Humanity’s only hope for world peace is the American military’s continued, aggressive and unchallenged domination of every single country on the planet? Because bullies are bad? America is today’s worst offender of national sovereignty!

No more White Savior. We should have listened to George Washington and stayed forever out of Europe, then listened to Ben Franklin and forever banned the little hats from North America.

As Putin amassed troops on the Ukraine border, President Biden ruled out the use of military force and said that NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine “is not on the table.” Instead, Biden told Putin that Russia would face “economic consequences like none he’s ever seen” if he invaded Ukraine.

I am not advocating that American military personnel be involved in combat with Russians in Ukraine, but how foolish (and may I say, “stupid!”) to announce that in advance and remove any hesitancy on Putin’s part.

“We should have told Russia that we’re willing to fight a total war to get Ukraine into NATO with no intention of making good on that bluff.” May I say, “STUPID!”

But good news, Dick, Potato Joe is a shameless liar. When Diaper Deuce says “deploying NATO troops is not on the table”, it means we already have Special Forces downrange and building landing zones. Even a casual perusal of today’s military headlines indicates that war is in the air.

The situation is complicated by the fact that in 2008, NATO entered into an arrangement with Ukraine as a “partner,” but not a member of NATO (Ukraine has sent soldiers to fight on several NATO missions such as Iraq and Afghanistan.)

Mr. Putin views Ukraine as “an inalienable part of Russia,” an opinion not shared by a majority of Ukrainians themselves. NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was founded in 1949 to resist Soviet aggression in Europe or, as was infamously explained by a British general, “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down!”).

That was NATO Secretary-General Lord Ismay explaining that one of NATO’s duties was to prevent America from returning to an isolationist political worldview post-WW2. Land quoted an imperialist refusing to allow USA to NOT be imperialist, in the middle of a call for war against imperialists because imperialism is naughty.

Christ doesn’t do hypocrisy.

Another important factor to consider in the Ukrainian situation is the nuclear equation. In 1991, when the Soviet Union ceased to exist, the newly independent Ukraine (inheriting part of Moscow’s nuclear arsenal) was for one brief moment the world’s third-leading nuclear power. Ukraine had control of over 1,800 nuclear weapons, more than any nation except the U.S. and Russia.

The Clinton administration, rightly concerned about nuclear proliferation and about these weapons falling into the hands of terrorists, made it a high priority to urge Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons for economic and security guarantees. Ukraine did so in return for the “Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances” in which Ukraine gave up its nukes and signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Russia, Britain and the U.S. pledged to protect Ukraine’s “territorial integrity.”

This pledge has proven to be the emptiest of promises as the Russian aggression in Crimea and its threat to seize further Ukrainian territory illustrates vividly.

This is not at all the situation in Ukraine. Mr. Land never mentions Biden bribes, oil pipelines or anything that makes the Ukraine situation existential to the Globalists, then he rants “Russia wants to invade in order to gain 40 million new citizens that would rather die than be Russian!” If Land is not actively deceiving people into supporting World War Ukraine then he’s a special brand of willfully ignorant. I will link to a better description of Russia’s interest in the region below.

What should America and her fellow Western European allies (Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, etc.) do? They should commence immediately to arm the frontline states from the Baltic to the Black Sea to make it very painful and costly for the Russians to use military force.

We should not send American or Western European troops, but sophisticated weaponry (stinger missiles, the most advanced anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons) beginning first with the Ukrainians and then the other frontline states.

We should do our best to make Ukraine the military equivalent of an angry porcupine, making the cost in Russian lives too expensive for Putin to justify it to his people.

That’s how banksters and chickenhawks make war, not statesmen. “We’ll just buy the victory. No need for skin in the game. They wouldn’t dare do with bullets what we do with gold. And afterwards, we can extract usury from the winner!”

Such thinking… “we won’t have to involve our own troops”… is dangerously, cowardly, ignorantly stupid. Harmless arms shipments on the passenger liner Lusitania, remember? That got us into WW1. WW2? The Lend-Lease Act, and when Toothbrush was too savvy for that to work, Japan was provoked into Pearl Harbor. Today? It’ll just be harmless, massive-scale arms dealing to the Ukrainians and anybody else anti-Russia. Because Muh Freedumb! Hugs and kisses from the people undermining the Second Amendment.

No more brother wars!

Land never even mentions Christ Jesus or Scripture in this warticle. Is this what Jesus would do, play favorites whenever one nation opposes another? Would Jesus gift enough ordnance to one side of a conflict that it easily obliterates the other side, then smirk and say there’s no blood on His hands?

After all, the Ukrainians are not asking us to spill our blood for their freedom. They are asking us to give them the weapons to defend themselves against Russian aggression.

Are we talking about nukes specifically? Because they kept the rest of their military weapons.

Those noble Ukrainian government officials! Wishing only to live in peace and freedom and Dumbocracy! Who paid huge bribes to now-Resident Joseph Biden for none-of-our-business!

We owe a debt of honor to the Ukrainians. We as a nation promised them that if they gave up their nuclear weapons, we and our allies would protect them from Russian invasion. Will we fulfill our promise, give them weapons to make invasion a heavier price than the Russians are willing to pay, or will we go back on our word?

On that “debt of honor to the Ukrainians” note, I found this blog post that offers a different and more accurate perspective.

The Truth About the Ukraine

h ttps://

By JD, 9 December 2021

I included an active link because the article and comments are worth reading. Here is the relevant excerpt.

As the media and international leaders point their fingers at Vladimir Putin for the current situation in the Ukraine, I thought I would take us on a trip down Memory Lane. I’m no fan of Putin or Russia, but the truth needs to be told.

First, let’s remember that Barack Obama famously said he’d like a third term where he hid in the shadows and controlled the actual President. First, that should have sent a shudder down our collective spines as the very thought of a Shadow President is anathema to the “Democracy” that they keep saying is “under attack”. It sure is.

Look at the current Administration and see how many Obama staffers are in it…

Even John Kerry is back!

Many years ago, NATO, the EU, and Russia all signed a treaty that guaranteed that all parties would not influence the Ukraine, and that the Ukraine would remain politically independent. The MSM and UN would have you believe that the annexation of Crimea was Russia violating that agreement.

Russia doesn’t want NATO for a neighbor because NATO’s original purpose was waging war against Russia. Thus, it would agree to such an arrangement… to have Ukraine be a buffer state. NATO refused to respect that previous agreement…

BUT: The Ukraine had already been given a Membership Action Plan to join NATO, along with Georgia, which violated that prior agreement. Russia no longer felt bound. Russia invaded Georgia over their NATO ascension plans in 2008.

Leaked audio has revealed that none other than Victoria Nuland was involved in the revolution that toppled democratically elected President Yanukovych. She is heard discussing replacing him with Yatsenyuk, whom she refers to as “YATS”, implying a close relationship. Who was President in 2014? Who is likely the ACTUAL President today?

I really, really like the theory that Obama is Biden’s puppetmaster. After all, he was Biden’s puppetmaster the first time around.

We already knew that the Ukrainian Revolution was a Barack Obama-led “color revolution” that they bragged about, but the question is, “Why did Yanukovych have to go?”. Despite the media singing the nebulous term “corruption” and “ties to Russia”, the TRUTH is that he refused to sign an EU membership treaty, but he had a legal basis. The Ukrainian Parliament, in compliance with previous treaty about Ukraine remaining politically independent, needed to pass new legislation authorizing the President to sign such a treaty. When they didn’t, he refused to sign it and the revolution began.

Make no mistake, it was a violent coup, planned, funded, and directed by the United States. No big deal, we do it all the time. The side we wanted won, right? Yanukovych was out, right? WRONG.

When Russian forces extracted Yanukovych for his safety as Right Sektor was taking over the Capitol, The Parliament held a vote on removing Yanukovych from office, since he could no longer fulfill his duties. They needed a 75% vote but DID NOT get it. The US & UN still recognized Yatsenyuk as the new Interim President, despite the fact that Yanukovych had not been properly removed from office.

We call that a coup when other countries do it. When we do it, we call it the “will of the people”.

Well said.

Mr. Land, if there’s a NATO-Russia war in Ukraine then we’ll be the bad actors. We’ll be the side that God holds guilty. And when I say “we”, I mean YOU, Mr. Land, you and the other fools, traitors and/or war profiteers lusting for this conflict and thinking it won’t blow back in a horrible way.

I don’t know why Land chose to support the Bidenreich. Maybe it’s a generational inability to think of America as the bad guys. Maybe it’s child-sized skeletons in the closet. Maybe Hunter Biden visited with a suitcase full of ‘reasons’. But I do know that he didn’t even try to communicate a Christian justification for a proxy war against Russia, in an article posted on a Christian-interest website.

2 thoughts on “Christian Post Editor Goes Chickenhawk For Biden

  1. People demonstrated against Yanukovych because he was massively corrupt and bringing Ukraine under the authority of Russian. He made a deal with Putin for 8 billion (dollars? I can’t remember the currency). Of which most mysteriously could not be found after he left.

    And calling it a coup is disingenuous. The protesters were protesting. None had arms, other than tires that they burned as smoke screens. Oh, they also started carrying shields to protect themselves after the police started shooting and killing them.

    I agree that the Western nations have no need to act as the world police, apart from the command to do others as we would have them do to us. But the Western nations turned aside from God and his commands a long time ago, so the Golden Rule has no effect (unfortunately).
    But it is dishonest to claim that it is moral or acceptable for Russia to invade and kill Ukrainians, on the basis that Ukraine wanted to be protected by having NATO status or on the basis that the Ukrainians refuse to lay down and cheerfully take it up the ass when Russian tanks cross the border.

    Since NATO has not attacked Russia in the 70 years that it has existed, it is dishonest to claim NATO’s purpose is to attack Russia. To act as a deterrent? Sure. If their purpose is to attack, then their history of not doing so shows them to be a massive failure.

    Although Russia claims they have the right to influence/control Ukraine, that does not mean Ukraine was forbidden to join NATO or any other group. Russia’s border is on Russia’s border; not on Ukraine’s border or Georgia’s border.

    There is an easy solution to USA’s moral problem of having removed Ukraine’s nuclear weapons in exchange for protecting them and their current refusal to protect them. Just return the 1800 nuclear weapons.
    Personally, I would rather see US soldiers removing Russian soldiers from Crimea and eastern Ukraine in fulfillment of their promise, as that is far less likely to end up in a nuclear or world war.
    Or we can continue to be cowards, and do nothing while Russia invades a country that was promised territorial protection. My money is on the latter.

    Oh, and sending money or weapons to Ukraine, to be under the authority of the Ukraine army, is not necessarily a smart option. Ukraine is known for corruption. There will be commanders in the Ukraine army who will be happy to sell out their country for 30 pieces of silver, selling that weaponry to others. Sad, but likely true.

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