A Salute To Boise’s Scott Yenor

Oh look, it’s yet another political science professor running his mouth at some media conference. Pass.

“Women today are more medicated, meddlesome and quarrelsome than they need to be.”

*double take* What the…

“Universities are indoctrination camps and the citadels of our gyneocracy.”

Boise State professor: Don’t recruit women into engineering, medical school, law

h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/boise-state-professor-don-t-011859439.html

By Becca Savransky, 29 November 2021

A Boise State professor’s comments calling independent women “medicated, meddlesome and quarrelsome” have spurred backlash in the Treasure Valley.

Scott Yenor, a political science professor at Boise State University, made the comments on Oct. 31 during the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando, Florida. But the comments went viral when a Boise nurse posted a Nov. 25 video with excerpts of his speech on TikTok.

“Our culture is steeped with feminism,” Yenor said during the conference. “It teaches young boys and girls that they are motivated by much the same things and want much the same things.”

“Thus girls are told to become as independent as boys are said to be. … They are more medicated, meddlesome and quarrelsome than women need to be.”

He went on to condemn feminism and said its teaching of individualism is a fundamental threat to strong families.

He also said the country needs to “de-emphasize” its colleges and universities, and called universities “indoctrination camps” and “the citadels of our gynecocracy.”

“Young men must be respectable and responsible to inspire young women to be secure with feminine goals of homemaking and having children,” he said, adding that male achievement in the country is not “celebrated.” “Every effort must be made not to recruit women into engineering, but rather to recruit and demand more of men who become engineers. Ditto for med school, and the law, and every trade.”

Well, well! A pleasant surprise. We’ll see if he walks the talk when the opportunity comes along, but he’s already said enough to run a considerable personal risk.

Mike Sharp, a Boise State spokesperson, said that Yenor has a right to free speech and that the university supports academic freedom and the expression of ideas. People who want to file a complaint over an alleged violation of law or policy can contact the university’s Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics, he said.

“We have a Commissariat for this. Leave me alone!”

Yenor’s comments have been shared widely on social media over the past few days after a TikTok was posted analyzing parts of the speech from the account socialistlyawkward. The video had more than 42,000 “likes” as of Monday afternoon. Former students, public officials and community activists have since spoken out on social media about their experiences with Yenor as a professor.

Yenor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Good, he’s not talking to the press.

Yenor earlier this year served on Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin’s task force that investigated so-called indoctrination in Idaho schools. The task force held four meetings over the summer, where the members heard primarily from people who supported their views and presented a set of vague recommendations at their final meeting.

Globalists complain that we’re a cloistered, self-referencing hive mind? Now projecting in IMAX 4D 5G!

I have no idea what it’s like to live in a single-minded community like that. Never in my life have I been surrounded by people who agree lockstep with me. It must be nice because it’s certainly popular. While the Tradcons seem able to surround themselves with Buckleyites, one notices that they’re now taking a lot of ship cruises in order to maintain that ideological bubble.

Face it, Lefties: living in a bubble is something you have made impossible for anybody except you.

He’s also spurred controversy for his comments before. Yenor was known for a controversial article he wrote in 2017 that claimed transgender activists were “seeking to undermine parental rights.”

Now that heterosexual Christians are banned from adoption services in many places, while SecTrans Buttplug bought an infant with his pervert-lover…possibly to claim maternity leave in order to duck his job addressing the seaport backlog situation…it seems that Yenor had a point.

Emily Walton, a current Boise State MBA student and former trustee at the College of Western Idaho…

Odd that she managed to be a college official before being a student.


h ttps://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/nov/9/education-of-emily-walton-new-cwi-board-member/

NAMPA, Idaho (AP) – The newest member of the College of Western Idaho board doesn’t have a high school diploma.

Emily Walton didn’t get her GED certificate or decide to go to college until her late 20s. But when she graduated from Boise State University with honors in 2012, she was commencement speaker.

“From a GED to this magnificent speech you just heard,” BSU President Bob Kustra said that day, “is an incredible journey.”

In her first run for elective office, the 35-year-old Walton won 58 percent of the vote, beating the incumbent CWI board member, as well as a seven-term legislator in Tuesday’s election. She’ll take office next month.

“Higher education is something I care about,” Walton said. “It seemed like a natural fit.”

Deep State family ties sounds like a natural fit here, too.

Here’s that commencement speech:

h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szgb479aWkI

And here’s the highlights from the transcript. As a student, Walton was the university representative to all three branches of the Idaho state government… assisted a local politician in getting elected… founded and presided over the Boise State Linguistics Association for two years… bragged about visiting DC for a student conference… she ‘never saw herself as smart enough to go to college’ then spent part of 2004 teaching English in Poland… “I hesitantly enrolled here at Boise State… because I wasn’t sure I could do it” then spent her entire time there as a high-level politician-in-training.

Either she’s politically connected by family or she slept her way to the top as fast as she could. I didn’t find enough background to decide.

End segue

…said the most offensive and salient part of his comments were when he said women shouldn’t be recruited into law, engineering and medicine. That admission, she said, leaves him and the university open to a potential Title IX complaint.

“He has power. He has power to issue a grade,” Walton, co-founder of the Idaho 97 Project, told the Statesman. “It’s disgusting. He needs to come into the current century, but it doesn’t sound like he will.”

Him: I propose that we’re respecting women too much and men not enough.

Her: say hello to a career-ending lawsuit for your beliefs that are a mirror image of my own.

Him: Q.E.D.

Idaho 97 Project appears to be the small-time Political Action Committee for a left-wing lawyer type named Michael Satz.

Walton is looking to hear from students who have been in Yenor’s classes or had negative experiences with him, to potentially connect women with lawyers and ensure accountability, she said. Yenor should also expect to face protests over this, Walton added.

“(Women) fought for a place in society and we’re not giving that up,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what Scott Yenor says. We’re not going anywhere. We’re not going away. … Let that be a warning to him. We’re not going to put up with this. It’s not OK.”

As always, Conservatives offer ideas and Liberals offer threats.

State Sen. Melissa Wintrow, a Boise Democrat and former director of the Boise State Women’s Center, said the comments Yenor made were dehumanizing.

They were not dehumanizing. They were de-Wintrow’s-career-izing.

A sloppily executed Karen haircut and I’d rate that chin a “Robin Williams”. Except she’s not funny, she’s a queen bee of feminism in Idaho.

She also brought up his connections with the Idaho Freedom Foundation and said he’s become a spokesperson for a group that doesn’t support public education.

“You start to wonder, what is the goal here?” Wintrow said in a phone interview with the Statesman. “If it’s to set us back in time and disenfranchise women from as far as we’ve come, that’s a problem.”

One could wish, but taking the vote away from women is not what Yenor has said to date. She’s throwing false accusations at him while a disposable intern searches for former female students of his to make a false rape accusation.

Do these people even want friends?

Update: Yenor doubles down on anti-feminism in Twitter video as community questions his credibility

h ttps://arbiteronline.com/2021/12/01/update-yenor-doubles-down-on-anti-feminism-in-twitter-video-as-community-questions-his-credibility/

By Andrea Teres-Martinez, news editor, and Alaina Uhlenhoff, news reporter, 1 December 2021

Boise State political science professor Scott Yenor posted a video to his Twitter account in response to criticism following a speech he gave at the National Conservatism Conference in November, in which he lectured on the “evils that flow from feminism.”

The response video, posted on Nov. 29, referenced the viral Tiktok video that brought more widespread attention to Yenor’s conference speech. The video focused on addressing the dangers behind supporting the “empowered woman.”

The witches couldn’t prove his point fast enough!

In his Twitter video, Yenor again espoused many anti-feminist and misogynistic beliefs, including that feminism has led to the “weakening of the family;” a fault which he claims comes from the medication of women.

“Things must change if this country is to rebuild the family,” Yenor said in the Nov. 29 video. “While [women] medicate themselves and their loneliness, we should rebuild a country where men act with responsibility and purpose.”

Following Yenor’s original conference speech, the hashtag #FireYenor gained traction on Twitter. The Idaho 97 Project, an anti-extremist political group, responded by encouraging both past and present students to speak up about their experiences with the professor.

Several Twitter users have tweeted statements calling for Yenor’s removal from the university, claiming his comments do not reflect Boise State’s values.

Boise State released an official statement about the importance of the First Amendment and academic freedom at the university.

As limp-wristed as spokesman Sharp’s defense of Yenor was, it was proof that Yenor is NOT violating Boise State’s values. We see here the common Socialist behavior of pretending to be the representative of a nonparticipant third party. Such behavior is a false claim to legitimacy.

A recent example of this was the “Land O’ Lakes Butter” mascot, an Amerind woman who was a longstanding brand icon. Socialists demanded she be taken off the brand on behalf of the Indian tribe whose ‘culture was being appropriated’. The Indian tribe in question insisted that they wanted her to stay on the brand. It was good publicity for them to be associated with a quality household product.

Well, she’s gone now. Because Socialists were offended on her behalf.

Several students and community members have called for Boise State to conduct a grade and curriculum audit, some claiming that Yenor’s misogynistic beliefs could have a negative impact on his non-male students.

“Non-male” students? These days, how can he even tell which gender they are?

Additionally, fellow faculty members have also come forward with their own concerns about Yenor’s impact on themselves and their department, calling into question his ability to avoid discriminating against women in his work environment..

“How am I supposed to go back to work knowing that someone who is directly responsible for evaluating my tenure profile thinks women shouldn’t be working and thinks working women are meddlesome and quarrelsome?” Boise State assistant professor Julie VanDusky-Allen wrote in a Tweet on Nov. 29.

More projection. “I must destroy his career now because he might decide to destroy my career in the future, although he hasn’t yet!”

Stephen Utych, a professor in Boise State’s political science department, spoke out against Yenor, his colleague, calling for the university to investigate his behavior towards women in his classes.

A fishing expedition. “We must investigate Yenor in order to find out if he did anything worth investigating! There is no time for due process!”

“Might this harm me professionally? I don’t know, maybe, but at a certain point I need to do what I think is right,” Utych wrote. “I should have spoken up about this sooner. I regret not doing so. But it is beyond time for Boise State to investigate Scott Yenor’s behavior.”

A tone-deaf claim to victimhood. This behavior from Yenor’s peers was easily predictable… it’s only the  freakin’ Political Science Department… so Yenor gets a salute from me before he puts any of his beliefs into action. He’s already running considerable risks to ACTUALLY speak truth to power… what all of his peers claim to do when they aren’t throwing bricks in Power’s name.

My guess is that Yenor got tired of academics (and/or is not going to take the vaxx) and is positioning himself for politics. Idaho is definitely under Socialist assault, a threat attributed to California newcomers… but as we see here, more accurately attributed to Idaho’s own public education system.

Utych also mentioned in the Tweet that he would “support Boise State removing Scott from the classroom, and from all service positions where he can impact the careers of junior faculty members,” like VanDusky-Allen.

Due to Yenor’s tenured status at the university, the question of whether he can be held accountable for his statements through administrative action still remains. In the meantime, some Idaho leaders are taking action in support of women in the workforce.

That would be a lovely precedent for ending the very concept of tenure. As is typical for Socialists, Utych can’t see the precedents he’s putting down against himself because he doesn’t believe in rule of law. “It’s okay when I do it.”

On the morning of Dec. 1, Boise State sent an email to students and faculty under the subject line “Boise State in Support of Women,” which was signed by members of the university’s executive team.

“Boise State University has a long tradition of supporting women,” the email read. “We defend their right to seek an education, to pursue a range of academic aspirations and dreams, and to make their mark in whatever ways they choose.”

Sounds like that Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics mentioned above. O.I.C.E…. the regional version of N.I.C.E, for you C.S. Lewis fans.

“It was pretty upsetting to read that a professor at Boise State University basically has disregarded half of the student population,” said Grace Brock, a junior political science major.

Brock said she had heard from other students that Yenor was opinionated, but had not yet experienced the extent of his opinions firsthand.

After learning of Yenor’s comments about feminism, Brock said she would avoid taking a class from him.

“It just seems in general like he’s not supportive of women entering the workforce and that’s what I’m in university to do,” Brock said. “I believe in the equal opportunities for male and female students on our campus, no matter how they identify.”

She talked a little too much there. We dissidents already know that our college system across North America is a factory for feminized Marxists but there’s still a lot of credulous Normies to be woken up.

Boise Representative Brooke Green is calling for women to gather at “The B” in front of Boise State’s Administration Building on Saturday morning for a rally and photo opportunity in support of women in science, law and medicine.

“This isn’t some sort of political stunt. This is about us gathering in unity together to be visible, to be present and to showcase that we have a role in our community,” Green said.

The hell it ain’t a political stunt.

All the guns are coming out! Interns digging through Yenor’s entire academic history for dirt… self-described martyrs calling for his Canceling By Any Means Necessary… political science students crying in front of the cameras just as they’ve been taught to… even government officials seizing the chance for an ‘I’m with Her’ photo op.

This stinging wasp nest of Original Sin has been well and truly kicked. Well done, Professor Yenor! You are one of the few credits to your office.

And if you survive this anklebiting swarm of Socialists then you’ll have the best resume of any Poli Sci professor in America. “I triggered a Socialist witch hunt and lived to tell my students about it” will look good on a C.V.

Since posting the Tweet, some men have also come forward offering to attend the rally in the place of their wives, who will be busy working important jobs.

Unholy Mangina Meatsacks, Batman! It’s a Million Mister Mom Rally!

The rally will take place on Saturday, Dec. 4 at 11:30 a.m. at ‘The B’ on the Boise State campus.

Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “A Salute To Boise’s Scott Yenor

  1. ‘This stinging wasp nest of Original Sin has been well and truly kicked.’

    Indeed. In all of U.S. academia, ONE man calls out the Amerikan Gynarchy for what it is, and the entire FemBorg — male and female alike — swarm to destroy the messenger of truth. An entire apparatus, already in-place, was waiting to crush anybody who dared to point out the truth about themselves and their tyrannical religion. They were able to do this because feminism also is the religion of the general populace, and certainly of the elite and occult entities.

    Yesterday I watched a vid with Anthony Johnson and Suzanne Venker. Johnson pointed out that every single aspect of life in the Anglosphere is dominated by women and feminism. There is nothing left that is masculine. He’s an atheist, I think — he can’t see the tsah-rah — but he can see that women and their religion rule over men.


  2. [S]ome men have also come forward offering to attend the rally in the place of their wives, who will be busy working important jobs.

    A.k.a. the “We’ve Outted Ourselves As Dickless Kitchen Bitch Losers” rally.

    Is there a way to contact Professor Yenor to offer moral (and eventually maybe even financial) support? One wonders if this is his way of ejecting from academia, which for any normal, morally based human being must by now be an intolerable cesspool. Maybe he’s also black knighting the system into revealing its true colors in a way that not even the most brain-dead of normies can miss or ignore.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. This taking place in Idaho, I wonder if Dougie Wilson will weigh in in support of Scott Yenor. I would imagine that most of feminized churchianity will recoil in horror and join in with the Estrogen offensive.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. “Is there a way to contact Professor Yenor to offer moral support”

    No doubt his college contact info is publicly available but he might be screening his calls at the moment. I used his name in the title of this article so it would show up if he Googles himself, if he looks a few pages into the search results.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Based on Scott’s comments, I expect he knew well what the reaction would be, from academia and the other institutions. Like many of us, he’s worked inside the hive walls, where the queens reign supreme.

    If you want to see the face of New Amerika, look at Melissa Wintrow. BTW Melissa derives from the Greek for ‘bee’. The priestesses serving the goddess-cult of Demeter were called Mellisae, personified by Artemis or Kore. Quite literally, servants of the ‘Pure Mother Bee’, i.e., the tsah-rah spirit behind all goddess cults and occult societies. Mellisae are associated with occult rites, sex magick, and mother-goddess cults across the ancient world. And in modern America, core of the hivemind.

    As for Yenor, I’ll take him on my team any day.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. ‘This stinging wasp nest of Original Sin has been well and truly kicked.’

    Indeed. In all of U.S. academia, ONE man calls out the Amerikan Gynarchy for what it is, and the entire FemBorg — male and female alike — swarm to destroy the messenger of truth. An entire apparatus, already in-place, was waiting to crush anybody who dared to point out the truth about themselves and their tyrannical religion.”
    & ”As for Yenor, I’ll take him on my team any day.”
    RAY as usual knows his stuff!
    THIS YENOR guy does sound like a old-school redpiller I.E.Before ’16 or so
    When the big split between MGTOW mostly, officialy happened with most of them splitting into black&red separate entities for the most part.


  7. In all of U.S. academia, ONE man calls out the Amerikan Gynarchy for what it is, and the entire FemBorg — male and female alike — swarm to destroy the messenger of truth.

    In modern terminology, he wasn’t stating an opinion. He was “spewing hate.”

    And “spreading misinformation” and “fake news” and engaging in “emotional violence” and inflicting “psychological harm” upon listeners’ “mental health”

    That’s how the Left avoids the issue of free speech. Speech is what they agree with. Facts and opinions they dislike are fake news, misinformation, hate speech, and even violence.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. “Idaho is definitely under Socialist assault, a threat attributed to California newcomers… but as we see here, more accurately attributed to Idaho’s own public education system.”

    Well said, Gunner! Well said.


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