Solomon Says ‘Cuck!’

I don’t believe that that Long Game is an option when our opposition is a death cult holding the nuclear football and already releasing bioweapons. A cuck pastor with the words of Solomon disagrees!

Solomon on how to deal with oppressive elites

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By Mark Horne, 17 November 2021

Mark Horne has served as a pastor and worked as a writer. He is the author of The Victory According To Mark: An Exposition of the Second Gospel, Why Baptize Babies?,J. R. R. Tolkien, and Solomon Says: Directives for Young Men. He is the Executive Director of Logo Sapiens Communications and the writer for

Yeah? Let’s see if he’s worthy to be the author of a “Solomon Says”.

The Bible has several stories about ending evil, oppressive regimes. Pharaoh in the Exodus is the most well-known tale of God liberating slaves and judging a tyrant. But it is not the only one. After Solomon became unfaithful to the Lord, God allowed a tax revolt to remove most of Israel from the authority of Solomon’s heir, Rehoboam. Judges is all about God raising up leaders from the Israelite population to overthrow foreign rulers. Saul was chosen to be king because the people wanted a leader to fight against foreign powers ruling over the country.

Three misses in the opening paragraph. The Exodus was not about slavery and judging a tyrant, otherwise God would have started with the Patriarch Joseph who taught slavery and tyranny to Egypt in the first place.

God appointed Jeroboam in 1 Kings 11; it was not a permission thing. No divine mandate has ever prevented humans from rebelling against God.

The people demanded a king because they wanted to be like the nations around them… ruled by Not-God. God had already been very good about providing leaders; as He complained to Samuel, “they rejected Me, not you.” An example of Moses’ veil, in my opinion… an unwillingness to have direct access to God even when offered.

But there was virtually always a reckoning after these revolutions. The liberated Hebrew slaves were constantly complaining against Moses (keep in mind that “complaining” sometimes got to the point of threatening his life). Rehoboam, the popularly chosen king who led the majority of Israel to be independent of Solomon’s dynasty, was not a faithful king. And subsequent rulers of Israel were much worse. After the judges delivered them, the people returned to the behavior that led them to be conquered in the first place. Sometimes, the judges themselves were the source of the trouble (Gideon was a champion for the Israelites but he had a son who ended up causing mayhem; see Judges 8:22-9:57).

Where is this going?

While oppressive rulers are bad, overthrowing them doesn’t always lead anywhere good.

We are going… for maximum Cuckage today! As the New World Order takes shape and flexes its illegitimate powers, a heroic Churchian pastor stands in the breach between the people and their escape from capital-e Evil!

David, though anointed by God to replace Saul as king, refused to kill him or even try to overthrow him by force. He realized that ruling by regicide would set a precedent that would not be forgotten and would not bode well for a stable regime.

Mark’s hypothesis is ridiculous. As he himself stated, David was God’s choice to succeed Saul. This was never going to be a case of illegitimate authority usurping power. It would have been a very legitimate case of self-defense and a smooth, planned succession.

Also, David’s was not a ‘stable regime’. His own sons rebelled against him. Even God had issues with him. The final time was the incident that got Solomon, David’s bastard, on the throne ahead of all the legitimate sons… to use the human standard of royal inheritances.

So, then… what IS legitimate authority? That has become a very serious question due to modern events. The question will not have a single answer, avoiding cop-outs like ‘whatever God says’. Some peoples prefer tribal leadership, others formal royalty, others parliamentary, others so independent that the question is nearly moot.

The answers change with time, too. We do not live in the Old Covenant of God designating replacement leaders. Thankfully so, because Scripture is a record of how that didn’t work out for anybody. What we have today is, to use the image in Revelation, notable figures emerging from an anonymous sea of humanity. No pedigrees or credentialism, just… I want to say merit but it really isn’t. It’s like we’re back in Judges but without the anointing and official notifications.

For all the faults of the Judges, they appear to have been God’s preferred form of human leadership. Interesting that He found a way back to it for the New Covenant, with the Holy Spirit enabling direct access to individuals. No more priesthood bottleneck.

But we do need an answer to the question, which authority is legitimate? I can only give the American answer: legitimate authority is a servant of the people, not a master, and its powers are limited to the bare minimum needed to manage infrastructure and criminal justice.

By that answer, the Bidenreich is not just evil. It’s 180 degrees from good. It rules us to the point of demanding ownership of our very bodies and sabotages our infrastructure and police in order to empower foreigners over America’s legitimate sons.

Perhaps we can all agree that a legitimate government’s first duty is to protect the people from foreign threats.

Perhaps reflecting on David’s life, Proverbs 24:21 states, “My son, fear the LORD and the king, and do not join with those who do otherwise” (ESV). There are some translation debates about the latter part of the verse. The NASB says, “Do not associate with those who are given to change” and the NIV reads, “and do not join with rebellious officials.” Whatever the exact nuance of the second part of the proverb, the basic message is clear. It is even closely paraphrased by the Apostle Peter in his first letter: “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.” (2:17).

So if God does sometime approve of overturning those in power, yet it so often ends badly, what should we do?

I dunno… grow a spine and a couple balls? The Second Amendment is wasted on these fools. The reason for that privately-owned AR-15, and the nation behind it, is that tyrants are a wonderful thing to waste. Why stop now just because things might turn out differently than planned?

As if THIS is any kind of acceptable compromise:

Now that I think of it, if David had been swift to kill Saul in self-defense, Saul would not have later butchered the town of Nob for protecting him. Tolerating a tyrant can only result in tyranny.

Cucks wanna believe that it’s okay to not make a difference… and they sense the time coming, when fence-sitting will no longer *clot shot* be allowed. They need a new theology for accepting blatant evil for when that time comes!

As a matter of historical record, the Apostles and other evangelists founded churches that functioned as a new culture. And as that culture matured and spread, the entire political and social situation in the Mediterranean world was transformed. New people provided new leadership by replacing, converting, or otherwise influencing rulers.

“If we keep our heads down and love Jeebus then over the centuries, we can become the new rulers!” Please note that God said the meek would inherit the Earth, not the cowards. Patience and longsuffering are good; giving the boot to the wicked in the name of God is better; hiding behind your pulpit until others get the job done, not so much.

Which is what you would expect a religion to do that regards Proverbs as part of divine revelation.

“A servant who deals wisely will rule over a son who acts shamefully and will share the inheritance as one of the brothers” (Proverbs 17:2 ESV).

Irrelevant to questions of legitimate authority or defiance against wicked men.

“Whoever troubles his own household will inherit the wind, and the fool will be servant to the wise of heart” (Proverbs 11:29 ESV).


“A rich man is wise in his own eyes, but a poor man who has understanding will find him out” (Proverbs 28:11 ESV)


Christians ended up inheriting Western civilization by learning and living (however imperfectly) God’s wisdom. Within three centuries they ended up in charge.

This is baldfaced cowardice in the modern context. We are resisting a death cult, not a Caesar. Humanity will not survive submission to our current authorities. The people protesting the vaxx lockouts are not demanding regime change. They’re demanding their rulers allow them to live normal lives as healthy people. That is not comparable to the situation of early Christians in the Roman Empire. 

Whether this be the End Times or no, if our generation does not defeat Globohomo then there won’t be a ‘centuries later’. They openly call for the reduction of humanity to a mere 500 million people, and their father the Devil will push that 90% death rate to 100%.

I don’t know that we can defeat Globohomo. I don’t know that God even wants us to… He might have something special planned. But I do know that I ain’t going quietly into the grave that my illegitimate, death cult overlords dig for me, and I’m proud to watch my family in Christ around the world defy Globohomo, and God will be proud of our defiance against wickedness no matter the script He wrote.

Where’s YOUR defiance, Pastor Mark? Is is this:

So when dealing with oppressive elites, it might be better to think of God as searching for reliable replacements, rather than merely wanting to end the evil regime. If God is thinking “long term,” He is not going to overthrow a government just to see it replaced with a worse one. He wants a better government to take the place of the one he wants to overthrow.

What that means is that God is going to look for an available group of people who can reliably govern.

What kind of people will God look for?

Spine. Balls. Men, because God forbade women to rule over men.

Will he choose people who think that the world needs them to be in control because they alone are right?
Will he choose people who can’t tolerate opposition?
Will he choose people who respond to adversaries by lashing out?
Will he choose people who long to destroy all their enemies?

Yes, we devout Christians must be in control of any new government because we alone are right: God is real. Our non-Christian allies are coming around to the concept of real Evil but that still isn’t acceptance of God as the real Good.

Yes, we need leaders who will not tolerate the children of the devil.


Yes. The righteous have always hated the wicked and vice-versa. I’m not talking about the Normies. God wants us to live in peace with Normies as much as we can. But the wicked, the depraved, the treasonous… there is never peace between Christ and Satan.

Look at it this way: Either the world is changed by God in his providence or he has left us alone to save ourselves. If the latter is true, then the qualities of a good ruler will be whatever are best suited to take power by any means necessary. Otherwise, he cannot ever gain power. But that’s not the Christian view.

False dilemma. God uses this world to manufacture saints. Questions of government stability are secondary. Our job is to fight against what God pits against us, whether human, animal, environmental or even ourselves. That is what’s needed today. Oppose the lies and dangers however you can… but oppose them you must!

If God gives authority to those he wants to have it, then other considerations should be important. If one wants to be put in power by God, one must develop the will and skill to use power in a way that God commends….

In that case, gaining more power is not your primary responsibility. Overthrowing oppressive rulers is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is learning to do well with what little power you already have.

Success in purging the wicked is not our responsibility. Trying is. You don’t get it, Mark. We’re facing a DEATH CULT. They’re already sterilizing and killing people, specifically our children. They’re already releasing bioengineered plagues. And they’ve already mind-jobbed the majority of humanity into docile compliance with the baldest lies they can tell. Never mind the cratering birth rates. There will be no humans after this generation to save.

By all means, man up and do a thing with whatever power you have. Not counseling the long game against a death cult so you can pass unnoticed by the devil, would be a great start.

Most people, when they have little power or wealth of responsibility of significance, tell themselves that their habits and speech don’t matter that much. But the Bible says differently.

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”

Won’t God prefer people who are cheerful in adversity, humble about themselves, with a zeal for justice and an ability to extend mercy, be tolerant, and show prudence?

Speaking of cults, hello, Cult Of Nice. Try to remember that in Christ, if there is no repentance then there is no forgiveness. Our rulers are unrepentant. Stick that in your mercy and tolerance.

Be the government you want to see in the world, by how you govern yourself and your own affairs.

h/t Western Rifle Shooters

I admit to not having a clean solution to the problems we face today… but God grant that I be no coward about it! Appeasement, playing Nice, “what if you try and it doesn’t work out?”, those are the word games of a Wormtongue. Not a Solomon.

2 thoughts on “Solomon Says ‘Cuck!’

  1. I was praying a couple of days ago, asking God what we should do. But I need guidance, I said. The early church grew in leaps and bounds because of its martyrs, but later, Christendom protected Europe from Islamic invasion at the Battle of Lepanto. Those are 2 very different approaches.

    And not long after, Roosh posted this article:

    And then you posted this. I really appreciate reading your perspective

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  2. Yes, we need leaders who will not tolerate the children of the devil.

    True. Also a problem, as one man alone is easily defeated. Partly due to the plandemic, and partly before that due to the weak nature of most men in the church, it is difficult/impossible to find a man who will stand with you. Even finding a person who will stand up to the possibly-hurt feelings of a woman in the congregation is a big request.

    What to do? Maybe try to mentor young men. But realize you are a finger in a dike; you may not get the results you hope for.

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