Happy Thanksgiving 2021

May you find yourselves among friends and family this Thanksgiving weekend!

This is the other reason why California sometimes has electrical fires in rural locations.

Sometimes when I travel, I take an off-ramp in the middle of nowhere. These are typical results.

Addendum: It occurred to me, thinking about the holidays last night, that there are many voices claiming that our society has lost its way because life has become too comfortable. If this was true then Thanksgiving should properly be called Resentment, a time to curse family, food and wealth from holding us back from our true potential. Put that way, the fault is obvious: the reward for merit is surely not anti-merit. It is Islam that argues the reward for doing good should be evil, a teaching that dates back to Mohammed declaring himself free of all the morality he taught because he’d been such a good boy.

We SHOULD have happy families. We SHOULD have wealth and abundant food. These are not crimes against achievement! Poverty is not a virtue and wealth is not a crime. It is worse to beat people into the mud, arguing that they’ll be virtuous if they’re too busy growing food to do evil, than to permit freedom and see what they do with it.

Thanksgiving is a prequel of the end of our life’s journey, when we take seat with our Savior and enjoy what the hardships of life have brought us. We are not celebrating the hardships! We are celebrating that the hardships are over. Today temporarily, in heaven forever.

Which brings up the one point on which the wags are right: if there is a fault to comfortable living, it is forgetfulness of death. Winter comes for all and woe betide the man unprepared! Which is why this Thanksgiving is a hard one for many of us. We see death coming swiftly while our rulers think themselves gods and behave like devils. How death can take anybody by surprise is a mystery… I would ask Potato Joe if he wasn’t quietly shitting himself in between repeating what the microchip in his ear says. But death comes for all, thus we need a Savior, thus we celebrate Thanksgiving as a form of the True Thanksgiving when we are finally Saved.

Jesus, You conquered death for yourself then swore to save us from our own deaths. It is only because of You that we have any Thanks to Give. Thank You, Savior!

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2021

  1. It was an astonishing run in a land blessed by God beyond any other. My heart is full of gratitude to Father year-round.
    He poured out His riches upon me, and upon my land. The King’s arrival was announced although the people could not hear it, and that can’t be undone by this world.

    That the worm devours all good things is little to me. It’s satan’s world and I expect no other result. Even the power of the holy people will be broken before the end.

    By Heavenly Clock only two days have passed since the life of the King, and to those of heaven it is as if only a weekend has passed, and this is Monday morning. Time to go to work.

    Only two days since Gethsemane, and the ‘trial’, torture, and murder of the only blameless and good man this butcher-shop world will ever produce. It is a fresh, very fresh event in the eyes of the Host. Just as they can move you, you can move them. The Blood of Christ is a weapon that always remains sharp, and ready for our hand.

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  2. There appear over a hundred birds or each of the three wires between those front two poles. If they weren’t so light that could be a problem. Quite the sight.


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