Info And Links On the New Smallpox Threat

Nothing makes a man nervous like Kill Gates talking about ANOTHER global pandemic threat that doesn’t exist yet, one that he’s already helpfully funded the ‘solution’ to. I sat down for some serious research. 

Let’s start with a timeline. I encourage you to read the full article.

Smallpox: Threat or False Flag? A Telling Timeline

Timeline of Key Events Pertaining to Smallpox


In 2014, Bill Gates funded Durham-based Chimerix’s drug brincidofovir to allegedly treat Ebola. The trial was funded by the Wellcome Trust and led by Oxford University, and the FDA authorized the study. Brincidofovir was later branded as Tembexa, as the first antiviral drug used to treat smallpox, approved by the FDA in June 2021 (see below).

MARCH 11, 2021

JUNE 4, 2021

I will cover that headline in a moment.

OCTOBER 31, 2021

Biden wrote himself out of the loop on what gets released from the National Stockpile. I doubt that includes live smallpox samples but it certainly does include the stockpiled smallpox vaccines. This would be useful if somebody wanted to engineer a smallpox variant immune to the existing treatment so that a new treatment would need to be purchased.

Such as the Tembexa approved four months previous.

NOVEMBER 9, 2021

NOVEMBER 16, 2021

Smallpox is not supposed to exist ANYWHERE in the private sector. Like an armed nuclear warhead, mere possession of smallpox is a war crime. But we haven’t seen yet if it’s confirmed; not that a confirmation or denial means much at this point.

FDA approves drug to treat smallpox

h ttps://

4 June 2021

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Tembexa (brincidofovir) to treat smallpox. Although the World Health Organization declared smallpox, a contagious and sometimes fatal infectious disease, eradicated in 1980, there have been longstanding concerns that the virus that causes smallpox, the variola virus, could be used as a bioweapon.

Because smallpox is eradicated, the effectiveness of Tembexa was studied in animals infected with viruses that are closely related to the variola virus. Effectiveness was determined by measuring animals’ survival at the end of the studies. More animals treated with Tembexa survived compared to the animals treated with placebo. FDA approved Tembexa under the agency’s Animal Rule, which allows findings from adequate and well-controlled animal efficacy studies to serve as the basis of an approval when it is not feasible or ethical to conduct efficacy trials in humans.

That sounds familiar.

The most common side effects when using Tembexa are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

This is assumed, right? Because they JUST said they didn’t use humans for testing.

Tembexa received priority review, fast track and orphan drug designations.

Orphan drug?

h ttps://

Supporting the development and evaluation of new treatments for rare diseases is a key priority for the FDA. The FDA has authority to grant orphan-drug designation to a drug or biological product to prevent, diagnose or treat a rare disease or condition. Orphan drug designation qualifies sponsors for incentives including:

-Tax credits for qualified clinical trials
-Exemption from user fees
-Potential seven years of market exclusivity after approval

So, they just gave the creator of Tembexa a financial motive to release smallpox.

What is this Tembexa goop, anyway?

Horowitz: Are elites planning a COVID repeat … with smallpox?

h ttps://

Like the timeline, this linked article is also worthy of your full perusal.

…When Bill Gates is warning about smallpox right before vials of smallpox are discovered, and in the same week a Maryland woman tests positive for monkeypox, we should pay attention.

But that is not even the punch line. Just like with coronavirus, they were already working on a “cure.” On June 4, the CDC randomly approved a smallpox drug, Tembexa (brincidofovir), because “there have been longstanding concerns that the virus that causes smallpox, the variola virus, could be used as a bioweapon.”

It is well known that no pharma company will spend hundreds of millions developing a drug for an eradicated disease, on which there is no way to earn billions in profit. Now, even if this drug was around before and they are repurposing it for smallpox, it still costs millions to go through the process. Why?

And speaking of this history of this drug, it sounds eerily similar to the drugs they have approved for COVID, including remdesivir. It turns out that like Gilead’s remdesivir and Merck’s molnupiravir, brincidofovir was a failed repurposed drug with safety concerns. Its maker, Chimerix, conducted three failed Phase 3 trials for the indication of adenovirus, and it flopped! It also comes with an FDA “black box” warning for use for smallpox, for increased mortality after taking more than just two doses, based on those same failed studies!

None of that was mentioned in the notice of authorization.

So just like remdesivir, the drug they plan to use is an expensive, on-patent drug, although repurposed. But unlike ivermectin, which was extraordinarily safe and effective for its original use – yet is vociferously opposed by the cabal – these drugs failed miserably in their original indications. Just like the other two failed COVID drugs approved by the FDA – baricitinib and tofacitinib – this smallpox drug comes with an FDA black box warning!

Typically, the cure is created after the illness, but in this case perhaps the illness is coming to “cure” what they perceive to be an ailment among we the people. And perhaps the proposed “cures” will look a lot like ailments, just as we have seen with the shots, remdesivir, baricitinib, and tofacitinib…

Fast-forward to Monday night outside Philadelphia, and Yahoo News reported that the CDC is quarantining and the FBI is investigating 15 “questionable vials” that were found in a Merck lab freezer in North Wales, Pa., with 10 labeled as “Vaccinia” and the remaining five labeled as deadly “Smallpox.”

As Yahoo reported: “The frozen vials labeled ‘Smallpox’ were incidentally discovered by a laboratory worker while cleaning out a freezer in a facility that conducts vaccine research in Pennsylvania,” the CDC said in a statement to Yahoo News. “CDC, its Administration partners, and law enforcement are investigating the matter and the vials’ contents appear intact. The laboratory worker who discovered the vials was wearing gloves and a face mask. We will provide further details as they are available.”

“Vaccinia” is related to the pathogen that causes smallpox and was used as the foundation to create the vaccine for smallpox. In fact, the etymology of the word vaccine dates back to the late 18th century when cowpox was used as a precursor to smallpox vaccines. “Cow” in Latin is “vacca.”

It is well known that it’s illegal for Merck to hold such a vial in a freezer. What is Merck’s explanation for having this in its freezer in a random storage locker?

I wonder if it really was Merck. Nobody steals the equivalent of a live nuke then leaves it for a tech to find and report… with a helpful sign “this is a live nuke!” on the case. But I keep getting burned on “they couldn’t have been that stupid” so no bet.

Wanting something to contribute to the above guys’ excellent work, I took a look at the owner of Tembexa… Chimerix Inc.

I’m not an economist but those financials look bad. Company leadership is unremarkable, except most of the officers are also officers of other biotech companies. Seems like a conflict of interest to me. The hedge funds are so thick that I can’t tell who owns Chimerix. Vanguard owns about 4% from what I can tell.

Gates Foundation to fund Chimerix drug trial on Ebola patients in Africa

h ttps://

19 November 2014

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced Wednesday that it has committed $5.7 million to evaluate Chimerix’s drug brincidofovir and other potential treatments for the Ebola virus in Guinea and other African countries affected by the recent outbreak. The money will help scale up the production and drug trials of the drugs in coordination with national health authorities and the World Health Organization. Durham-based Chimerix announced last week that it will test its experimental antiviral on Ebola-stricken patients in West Africa in a clinical trial to be run by Oxford University. The drug, brincidofovir [now Tembexa], is one of two to be tested in the clinical trial. The trial will be funded by the Wellcome Trust and led by Oxford University on behalf of the International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium, or ISARIC, with operating support from Doctors Without Borders.

Hmm, Tembexa is a solution in search of a problem. How interesting that it just happened to be an effective cure for smallpox. As proven by testing on not-smallpox in not-humans.

Or, maybe that goop does something nasty to the human body and the Gates Foundation doesn’t care what excuse it takes to inject it into people. How DID that trial turn out? *checks* Discontinued; test subjects died too quickly to participate. Which begs the question of “why even bother?”

But it WAS tested on Ebola patients in the United States in 2014.

Thomas Eric Duncan, Ebola victim in Texas, has died

h ttps://

8 October 2014

Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with the Ebola virus on U.S. soil, has died, hospital officials confirm.

Duncan, 42, was pronounced dead at 7:51 a.m. at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, where he was admitted Sept. 28 and kept in isolation, according to spokesman Wendell Watson. Wendell said the death left officials with “profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment.”

Duncan became ill after arriving in the Texas city from Liberia on Sept. 20 to visit family, heightening concerns that the world’s worst Ebola outbreak on record could spread in the United States.

The best way to avoid the next plague is 1. tight border control and 2. no direct contact with China, India or Africa. Of course, it’ll never happen. Politics aside, we have a population to ‘reduce’!

CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook said he believes Duncan won’t be the last person to be diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil.

“We’re going to see individual cases [of Ebola] in the U.S. However, that is not the same as an individual outbreak,” LaPook said Wednesday. “We need to beef up our ability to follow protocol as cases come into emergency rooms.”

Duncan carried the deadly virus with him from his home in Liberia, though he showed no signs when he left for the United States. He is believed to have contracted the disease while helping a pregnant woman sick with it. The woman later died.

On Monday, doctors had announced that they had begun treating Duncan with brincidofovir, an investigational medication in late-stage testing for other types of viruses. Ashoka Mukpo, a freelance video journalist who contracted Ebola while on assignment in West Africa, is also receiving the drug while being treated by doctors at a hospital in Omaha.

Brincidofovir is an oral antiviral drug being tested to fight more common viruses, including one that infects patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. Laboratory tests suggested it might also fight Ebola.

Brincidofovir is made by North Carolina-based Chimerix Inc., which said physicians sought federal permission to use the drug. The company did not identify the physicians making the request.

Mukpo survived; anybody’s guess if it was due to the drug. My guess is no.

It’s a huge red flag when a cure for a non-threat appears just before somebody who wants the planet’s population decimated announces the threat is about to become real. Events are still in motion so this isn’t as clean a post as I’d like, but this background is valuable enough that I’m releasing it now.


19 thoughts on “Info And Links On the New Smallpox Threat

  1. In December 2019 over at Boxer’s blog, I predicted epidemics that would target the unwanted population (in particular seniors). Little did I know at the time that SARS2 had already escaped (producing exactly this outcome). I maintain that prediction. I believe that this time it was an accident due to utter incompetence and misconduct: released too soon. I have much less confidence about the next time.

    A smallpox outbreak would devastate society and bring it to its knees. It would make SARS2 look like cotton candy.


  2. Yes, they’re just ginning up the spirit of fear again, so the sheep can be maneuvered easily. In the West this is done via the feminine collective, because that is the ruling influence; the fear/safety button works every time. In the East it’s accomplished principally via top-down authoritarianism because they’re used to draconic ways.

    Chimerix: a chimera is a hybrid being of combined animal DNA. There is significant circumstantial evidence for their ancient existence, and physical evidence for their present existence. The suffix ix = feminine. So while you are being propagandized and mandatorily poisoned, held in bondage by the spirit of fear and affliction (tsah-rah), you are also being mocked by that spirit. In this case by the name of the pharma company that intends to poison you. Before they’ve gotten around to releasing the disease.

    Part of their M.O. is to inform us beforehand of things they plan to unleash on us next, to show us how powerless we are before their awesomeness. :O) In the field of film this technique is called predictive programming.

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  3. “Chimerix: a chimera is a hybrid being of combined animal DNA… Part of their M.O. is to inform us beforehand of things they plan to unleash on us next”

    Here’s one for you: the president of Chimerix is also a board member of Werewolf Therapeutics. And a member of a children’s museum in Indianapolis.


  4. “Part of their M.O. is to inform us beforehand of things they plan to unleash on us next, to show us how powerless we are before their awesomeness.”

    Yes, I have noticed this too. They’ve been doing this at least since th 1980s.

    Someone else did the same thing – informed us beforehand of the things He plans to do. You can read it all for yourself, in His book, the Bible. And He also told us who was going to win.

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  5. Kinda curious, I know I’ve been innoculated against small pox, because I had to do it before the school would let me start, yes I am that old. I also got it again when I did basi training, so if they let this get loose, who is the target, the young, or the old. The old already are vaxxed, and if you target the young, what is the benefit, especially since the military members are already set up against this particular bug?
    I wouldn’t trust B Gates with a used condom, yet he is somehow able to get a lot of people to believe his hog wash

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  6. Gunner, this is the most chilling thing I’ve read in a long time. Covid doesn’t worry me, but Smallpox? God help us if these globalist lunatics unleash that on the population.

    There is a website called Countdown to the Kingdom. I used to read it daily, but I got very skeptical about some of the posts and stopped reading. While reading your post just now, I was reminded of one of the prophecies – that there will be a 2nd pandemic and it will be much worse than Covid. The article was posted many months ago.

    Here is the address of the website:

    We MUST remember the words of Christ in John 16:33 “In the world you will have trouble, but take courage. I have overcome the world.”

    If I hadn’t come back to the Christian faith I cant imagine how I could live in today’s world.

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  7. Welcome, Milo!
    “I wouldn’t trust B Gates with a used condom, yet he is somehow able to get a lot of people to believe his hog wash”

    Most people’s true god is Money… and there’s a LOT of money in Big Pharma.

    ” what is the benefit, especially since the military members are already set up against this particular bug?”

    Something to consider is that USA is the last place on Earth where medical research is still being done. We’re the last industrialized country to not steal whatever gets invented via socialized medicine. Between that, the high costs of medical research and the fact that USA is now run by banksters not Yankees, it becomes clear that the American Empire is transitioning from the Neoconservative-ruled Military-Industrial Complex to the Hedge Fund-ruled Medical-Industrial Complex.

    The idea of ‘terrorists’ spreading engineered plagues in a dissident community that can only be cured via Bidenreich medicines is probably the future imagined by the Gates Foundation. Why fight a war when you can crop-dust them into submission? And what better way to command loyalty than offering a working vaxx that needs frequent updates?

    Forget Tom Clancy, we’re going Deus Ex.

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  8. ‘the president of Chimerix is also a board member of Werewolf Therapeutics. And a member of a children’s museum in Indianapolis.’

    Well the little scamp. A curer and a curator, very tidy. And he does it all For The Children . . . and because he cares.

    Kind of a Corporate Care Bear really! Mixed with centipede, dire wolf, and something unidentifiably reptilian.


  9. A few things I’ve come across recently that might be of use to you:

    “Hot off the heels of Bill Gates warning about weaponized smallpox AND the discovery of several virals bearing the smallpox label at a Philadelphia lab, SIGA Technologies reported nearly two weeks ago that they targeted up to $113 million dollars worth of their smallpox drug for delivery to the US government in the Fourth Quarter.”

    Scientists accidentally(?) make mousepox 100% lethal, with vaccination only lowering it to 50% lethality. This modification could be done to any virus, and could leap species.


  10. It would not only not surprise me in the least to learn that the Deep State is resurrecting old viruses to weaponize against us, I would wonder how anyone who has lived through last decade would be foolish enough to believe that they would NOT do so.

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  11. “Hero surgeon” dies of Covid, despite being jabbed twice:

    When some people read this, they will panic and demand more boosters. I don’t know why. A rational person would conclude the that vax is worthless.

    I also don’t know why he’s a “hero surgeon.” Did he rush into burning buildings and perform surgery while flames were leaping around him?


  12. I know I’ve been innoculated against small pox, because I had to do it before the school would let me start, yes I am that old.

    I was born in the 1960s. I received a bunch of vaccines at the time. I remember being afraid of the doctor, because it seemed every time I saw him, he stuck a needle into me.

    But I don’t know which vaccines I got, or didn’t get. I wish I know if I had gotten the small pox vax.


  13. @Kentucky Gent;
    why is this even an issue for you if you already know you are taken care of?
    I’ve spoken with folks of many faiths, and they don’t take this very seriously, for all of them believe they are the chosen ones. So be it.
    Believing is the key. Most of us will die doing the funky chicken in our death throes. The rest of you will float away to immortality.


  14. @Red Pill Latecomer,
    yes, most of us got the smallpox vax in those days, I have 2 scars. (1954 model here) Smallpox and polio were the main concerns then, and then getting yellow fever and diptheria shots before shipping overseas in 1973. Either way, we will still get sick, on account of age and weakness. They can have more potent smallpox also, just in case the old std variety wasn’t good enough. Backed up by human stupidity, and having to visit all the family members, no matter what. People will not quarantine themselves, and as such, kill themselves and everyone they love.
    Read some basic chemical and biological warfare books, Humans are stupid and will go out of their way to kill themselves off, all because they have to share whatever they have with everyone else. Even now people will cough all over others, knowing they don’t feel well. Wait until it kills you within a few hours.
    (former NBC NCO USMC, 1970’s)


  15. @Kentucky Gent,
    former nuclear/biological/chemical warfare NCO here, I know and understand all that. I used to teach that shit.
    I’m trying to wake people up and they don’t care, Jesus will save them. They’re immune from reality.
    What I’m saying is, I have ZERO sympathy for stupidity. When your elevator doesn’t show up, then what?


  16. SemperFi, 0321 wrote:
    “@Kentucky Gent,
    What I’m saying is, I have ZERO sympathy for stupidity. When your elevator doesn’t show up, then what?”

    Um, my objection had NOTHING to do with stupidity or intelligence. You asked my why it was an issue, if I am already taken care of. And I explained it to you. INTELLIGENT people try to avoid a horrific, suffering death. Like Smallpox, for example! Heck, it isn’t even dependent on IQ – stupid people don’t want Smallpox either!

    This doesn’t mean I won’t be a martyr for Christ, if that is His will for me. It means I am not looking forward to any bio-engineered SuperPox pandemic. It’s why Catholics pray to God “graciously grant peace in our time” at every. single. Holy. Mass.


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