Smeagol Wins Teacher Of the Year

“Best” doesn’t always mean “top performer”. Sometimes, “best” means “most representative”. In the latter sense, I wholeheartedly approve of Smeagol winning ‘teacher of the year’ then battering the only student who disapproved. No hive of scum and villainy is more feral, psychotic and/or straight-up Evil as the modern schoolteacher. Behold their Best! (eye bleach warning)

Darnell-Cookman School’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ charged with child abuse

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By Brie Isom, 29 October 2021

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman who was recently named “Teacher of the Year” at Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts was arrested Friday on a charge of child abuse, according to a police report.

A school safety officer responded to the school’s guidance office, the report states, where the officer was told that a teacher, identified as Caroline Lee, 60, injured a student.

Lee appeared before a judge on the child abuse charge Saturday morning and was ordered extradited to Federal custody, held in solitary confinement without bail or legal representation and scheduled for torture and starvation pending an unspecified trial date.

Oops, that’s what happens to Trump supporters charged with misdemeanor trespass. This is how feminists charged with beating children in school spend their pretrial confinement:

Lee appeared before a judge on the child abuse charge Saturday morning and was released on her own recognizance and told to have no contact with the student. She was also ordered not to return to Darnell-Cookman. Lee’s next court date was set for Nov. 22.

According to the police report, a JSO officer reviewed video footage of Lee’s activity during the morning hours. It notes at 8:21 a.m., Lee was seen leaving her classroom via the back door, walking toward the hall leading to another classroom where the student was in class.

The report notes that just over a minute later, Lee is seen walking ahead of the student “at an aggressive pace,” back to her classroom. Both enter via the back door.

At 8:24 a.m., the report states, the student is seen exiting the rear of the classroom. Her demeanor “seems low and she is holding her facial area…” The report notes that the student “is seen walking directly to the guidance office.”

Investigators determined during an interview with the student, according to the report, that her first period teacher told her that Lee wanted to speak with her in Lee’s classroom. The student told her teacher she was uncomfortable about going, and instead of going to see her, she went to the restroom instead. After returning to her teacher’s classroom, the student said, Lee entered and asked the student to come with her. The report notes that as they walked into Lee’s classroom, someone else was asked to step outside.

“No witnesses!”

The student then said, according to the report, that she was asked by Lee to sit down, and she sat down at a desk. The report states Lee asked the student why she threatened her, to which the student replied that she didn’t threaten her.

That’s when, the report reads, the student told police: Lee “reached across the table and struck her on her face with the heel of her palm.” The student “stated she grabbed her nose because it started bleeding after she was struck.” The student “stated Lee then began repeatedly calling her a ‘f****** b****’ as she landed several more strikes on the top of head.” The student “stated she began trying to hold both of Lee’s arms to keep from being struck and Lee kicked her on her lower leg.”

The student told police Lee then opened the rear door and demanded she “get out,” and she walked to the guidance office.

When the school safety officer said he first responded to the guidance office, he learned that the incident was preceded by an Instagram post made on Duval County Public Schools’ account, where Lee was congratulated for winning its Teacher of the Year award.

MY EYES! O what abomination hath the devil wrought of human flesh?!

The police report confirms that she is ‘passionate and engaging in her instructional delivery methods’.

According to the report, the post showed a comment that was made by the student that questioned if Lee was the same teacher that used the N-word in class last year. It notes that the post showed a response from Lee, where she explained the use of the word was in the context of the book “Of Mice and Men.”

According to the report, when interviewed by an officer, Lee acknowledged viewing the posts on the school’s Instagram page, and she added that another student shared with her a message allegedly posted by the student that Lee “interpreted as a threat to kill her.” She told the officer that because of the message, she felt the need to speak with the student.

Sure, that’s what I do when somebody threatens to kill me. I publicly demand to have a private meeting with them as soon as possible, but not so soon that they don’t have a chance to stop by their footlocker first.

The report states that Lee told police she wasn’t afraid and didn’t feel a need to report anything to police or staff members of the school. The report states Lee denied closing the doors to her classroom and that she described having a “range of emotions” during her contact with the student. It states she asked the student to take down the post referring to her using the N-word, and she denied doing any physical harm.

“Then the student tripped on the way out and broke her nose. If I hadn’t sent the witness away just before it happened then you’d know I was just having a ‘range of emotions’ at the time.”

Principal Tyrus Lyles alerted families to the arrest via a voicemail. It reads:

“Hello Darnell-Cookman families,

“It is very disappointing, but I am compelled to share with you that one of our teachers was arrested today on campus for child abuse. Even more disappointing, the teacher arrested is our recent teacher of the year nominee.

Ouch. Even more disappointing than that is she’d already gotten the award. The Principal told a little lie to distance himself!

Most people reading this story probably see a system that failed in a humiliating way. But I don’t see a failure at all. This is how feral women behave, and if there’s one thing that America’s public school system does right, it’s creating feral women… and if we’re going to choose one feral woman to be the poster creature for that school system, Smeagol is worthy indeed.

5 thoughts on “Smeagol Wins Teacher Of the Year

  1. I keep harping on the fact that only parents who are themselves neglectful child abusers send their children to gubbermint skoolz in this day and age. Far more than sufficient proof has been provided over the last few decades that these places do irreparable damage to children, of both the psychological and physical kind, yet parents continue to toss their offspring into the sacrificial furnace, knowing full damned well what the results will be. Ergo, I don’t think it really makes a bit of difference whether KKK (Krazy Kat–loving K*nt) is fired or promoted to Assistant Principal. The abuse will not only continue, but double down, whether Mizz KKK engages in it or if it’s done by some other useless, maladapted feminist-Marxist paedophobic shrew who takes her place.

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  2. Gunner, you use ProtonMail, yes? Have you seen these?

    ProtonMail says it didn’t comply with FBI requests, only with that of Swiss authorities. But I imagine that FBI can pressure Swiss authorities to force ProtonMail to cooperate with the FBI, AND to deny that it is cooperating.


  3. If Protonmail says no then I’m inclined to believe them. They have previously admitted to granting EU search warrants that were cosigned by Swiss authorities. Thank you for the heads-up, however.

    It’s only a matter of time before I get doxxed. I’ve made peace with the fact and do enough cybersecurity that it’ll take a major player to expose me. If a Swiss judge agrees with an FBI witch hunt and orders Protonmail to hand over the scoop on how much I despise Trump then so be it.

    My guess is that my doxxing will happen with the Cyber Polygon attack, at which time I expect Internet anonymity will be stripped away at the hardware level.

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  4. FB of roissyind.c.,DAL’rock&SPAWNY fame once told me they were going to have” motivational speaker of the year” award with THIS matt foley fellow as the 1st winner!

    Even as a motivational dancer for daladiez he got no play with women too!


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