True Crime: Andrew Sorsenson’s Other Murderer?

People should not allow themselves to be led by their emotions. It will lead them down dark paths, especially in today’s media culture of constant lies and biased coverage. Used to be, the news told you what happened and you decided what to think about it. Today, the news tells you what to think and you decide if it even happened.

Today’s case in point: the murder of Washington native Andrew Sorenson.

Police say father hunted down and brutally killed man who allegedly sold his daughter into sex slavery. Social media users are calling him a ‘hero.’

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By Phil Shiver, 2 November 2021

Commenters on social media are calling a Washington state father a “hero” in response to reports that he allegedly rescued his daughter from sex traffickers and later killed the man he believed responsible for selling his daughter into sex slavery.

What happened?

In a press release issued on Monday, the Spokane Police Department said that it had discovered the remains of a 19-year-old male — whom they believe to be the former boyfriend of 60-year-old John Eisenman’s daughter — stuffed in the trunk of an abandoned vehicle.

Describing the incident as a “complex case,” police reported that Eisenman had set off to avenge his daughter after learning that she had been sold into a Seattle-area prostitution ring in October 2020, by her then-boyfriend, the deceased.

The 19-year-old male was identified by KXLY-TV as Andrew Sorenson.

According to police, the father rescued his daughter from the ring in October 2020 before later obtaining information indicating that Sorenson was the one who sold her to the traffickers.

How would that even work? Does a guy walk up to a lookout on a street corner and say, “yo, I have a girlfriend but I don’t like her anymore. What’s she worth to you?” And they haggle over a price and the guy brings her over and the South Bay Locos chuck her into a panel van? Because the Locos won’t kidnap anybody without paying for the privilege? Is it Thailand or Paraguay that pays top dollar for promiscuous white chicks with Daddy Issues?

Seattle, you say? Isn’t that the favored, voluntary destination of Northwestern chicks with Daddy Issues? Seattle is like Los Angeles except without the hope offered by Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch.

Armed with that information, sometime in November 2020, police say Eisenman confronted Sorenson after learning that he would be at a certain location, tying him up, and placing him in the trunk of his vehicle. He subsequently hit Sorenson in the head multiple times with a cinder block and stabbed him repeatedly, resulting in his death.

Eisenman, who has no prior violent criminal history, has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held on a $1 million bond.

God sees what you did there, Mr. Eisenman. But what’s this?

What has been the reaction?

Several users responded to the police department’s news release on Facebook by commending the father’s actions and arguing his crime was justified.

“I hope this guy gets the best attorney possible and gets time served,” one user wrote.

Another person suggested, “Any good father would have done the same.”

“If this is true and he got his daughter back, he is a hero,” wrote one commenter while another added, “I bet he happily sits in prison. Not all heroes wear capes.”

Still another said, “Sounds like Justice was served to me. Hope he gets a good lawyer and does not have to serve any time.”

“Sounds like there is no crime committed here from the father,” said one person.

“Bless that father and his family. Praying for his daughter’s lifelong recovery,” added another.

A GoFundMe account set up Monday to raise funds to cover Eisenman’s bond and legal fees has already amassed thousands of dollars in donations.

GoFundMyCheeseburger, please. Let’s fisk a better account of what actually happened… and it’s amazing what you see when you put the Red Pill glasses on:

Spokane man arrested for killing daughter’s boyfriend, who allegedly sex trafficked her

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By Emma Epperly, 1 November 2021

Homicide detectives arrested a Spokane man who said he rescued his teen daughter from sex trafficking in Seattle and later killed her boyfriend in Airway Heights last year, according to court records.

John B. Eisenman, 60, is now charged with first-degree murder.

The case broke in mid-October when residents of East Everett Avenue noticed an abandoned car on their street. Police said people began rummaging through the unlocked 1991 green Honda Accord, taking some items and noticing a foul odor.

When they popped the trunk, they found a body and called police.

One of the first police officers on the scene said the interior of the car was covered in mold. Before he opened the trunk, the officer tried to contact the registered owner of the vehicle, Brenda Kross, but her phone wasn’t accepting calls, according to court documents.

That’s when the officer opened the trunk to confirm a body, later identified as Andrew Sorensen, 20, was inside.

Sorensen’s ankles and hands were bound with zip ties, according to court documents. There was tape over his mouth as well. Sorensen’s clothing had puncture marks, suggesting he had been stabbed several times, according to court documents. Sorensen’s cause and manner of death are listed as pending by the Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Definitely a crime of passion. He was taken where no witnesses meant his assailant could live in the moment of rage-killing. [I was wrong: Sorenson was killed at the scene of his kidnapping, NOT at the remote location! Extreme passion, then.]

Police again tried to contact Kross before going to her home. Her fiancé, Eisenman, answered the door and told police the car had been stolen about a year prior, according to court documents.

A few days later, police spoke with Kross, who said the couple’s underage daughter had been sex trafficked in Seattle in October 2020 by her boyfriend, Sorensen. Kross and Eisenman drove to Seattle and rescued their daughter that same month, they told police.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

  1. The known boyfriend is always Suspect #1 in a young woman disappearing. Assuming he was in the kidnapping-for-profit business, he wouldn’t choose somebody he was publicly romantic with and who could easily identify him afterwards.
  2. No report was filed with police by the parents. Not even a missing child report.
  3. Eisenman put on his hero cape and staged a daring rescue of his daughter being held in some sex-trafficking cartel’s torture dungeon all by his old-ass self.

Occam’s Razor, Barbie was actually a Skankie, went a-whoring in Seattle and eventually asked Daddy to come pick her up. She then blamed her (presumably now ex-)boyfriend in order to avoid taking responsibility for her bad decisions.

Did she have Daddy wrapped around her little finger?

Sorensen had no significant adult criminal history in Washington state, according to police.

A few days after police spoke with Kross and Eisenman, a neighbor called Crime Check with a tip that Eisenman had disclosed killing someone and putting the body into the trunk of a car, according to court documents.

Eisenman had told the neighbor details about the way Sorensen was placed in the trunk that only someone involved would know, according to court documents.

Eisenman bragged about the killing and obviously never intended to get police involved before or after. Analysis: he believed his daughter’s crying wolf against all reason.

Police arrested Eisenman on Friday.

Once in custody, police said he confessed to killing Sorensen.

Eisenman told detectives that shortly after he rescued his daughter from forced prostitution in Seattle, he learned Sorensen would be at a specific place in Airway Heights, according to court documents. Eisenman said he confronted Sorensen in November 2020 before tying him up and putting him in his car trunk.

Nope. His daughter was not forced into prostituting herself and Eisenman went out of his way to kill Sorenson. No way was he sitting at home one evening when the phone rang with a random tip, at which point Eisenman decided to pay a visit in order to… have a calm enquiry into what actually happened?

How did a 60-year old man get a 20-year old man tied up and into the trunk? I saw prison photos of Eisenman and he isn’t strong for his age. Gunpoint is the obvious answer, but…

Eisenman told police that’s when he threw a cinder block at Sorensen’s head and stabbed him multiple times before driving the car to a remote area in North Spokane County and abandoning it with the body still inside the trunk, according to court documents.

…he was armed with a cinder block and knife, which are rather awkward weapons for an older man. I wonder if somebody helped him… if somebody held a gun on Sorenson while Eisenman tied him up, then Eisenman flew into a fit of rage and attacked him with the first rock he could grasp.

In fact, I am certain that somebody helped him because you don’t abandon a car in a remote area then walk or hitchhike back to civilization. Least of all, a car registered to your fiancé. Keeping the body in that car was such a stupid move that probably, both Eisenman and ‘Other’ were not strong enough to move it out of the trunk. Crime of passion or no, they had a year to reflect on “police find daughter’s dead boyfriend in the trunk of Mommy’s car”.

As noted below, Sorenson’s weight was a good 200lbs.

Sorensen was reported missing that month, according to the Washington State Patrol.

Police say the car remained at the remote location for almost a year until an unknown individual drove it to Spokane, leaving it on Everett Avenue. Police do not believe the person who took the car after a year was aware of a body in the trunk.

Eisenman is jailed on a $1 million bond.

Knowing what I do about Original Sin and male feminism, I suspect that Brenda Kross helped Eisenman murder Barbie’s boyfriend. She’s the logical choice for his assistant and it was her car. Not only was Eisenman’s rage fueled by devotion to the women in his life, even lying harlots, but he confessed to the crime in order to prevent the cops from arresting Brenda… her car linking her to the scene.

Such is the endgame of male feminism. And our society is so sick with it, that a man claiming he “rescued his Princess from an evil sex-trafficking cartel singlehandedly then killed her boyfriend when they happened to cross paths later” is assumed a hero simply because he killed, and is now taking a fall, for the matriarchy.

Maybe a pimp, maybe just a convenient target… definitely Chad.

4 thoughts on “True Crime: Andrew Sorsenson’s Other Murderer?

  1. I just today learned a new word: hybristophilia.

    Wikipedia defines it as “a sexual interest in and attraction to those who commit crimes.”

    I’m surprised I’ve not come across this word on the manosphere, as the concept is often talked about.

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  3. I lived in WA state over a decade. If there was ‘sex slavery’ beyond some inner-city oriental prostitutions rings (extant over a century) then I’d know about it.

    The OP has it exactly. This piece of propaganda goes in my Death By Matriarchy file. By far, it’s the fattest!

    Whore Princess wanted to tart it up and run free in Seattle, beyond the reins of Daughter Daddy. When she tired of Sorenson and the other Chads of Seattle, she called Daddy for a ride back to ComfortVille. Tearful and gasping, she explained to Daddy that she was KIDNAPPED BY A SEX-SLAVERY GANG AND SOLD INTO PROSTITUTION.

    Daughter Daddy, unable to face the reality (since about age fourteen) that Princess is a whore, as that would shatter his delusions about her, and place both her and him squarely in the seat of blame ‘n responsibility, instead goes full emo and looks for external targets.

    Far, far easier to knock off one of Princess’ boyfrien . . . I mean kidnappers, and pretend to himself (and to the matriarchy observant) that he was wronged and is actually a hero, than to face the Awful Truth About Princess and Himself. So he believes the lie he desperately wants to believe, and it’s likewise the lie that the citizen-comrades of the New Amerikan Gynarchy very much want to believe. And have been conditioned to believe.

    Thus VOILA the lie becomes the truth, and the citizen-comrades are served instead a wrenching drama of Yet Another Toxic and Abusive Male who — along with hundreds of daughter-snatching sex-slave rings in Seattle — stole his Princess and despoiled her.

    All yet again illustrating why women-and-girls are massively oppressed, abused, and victimized by the deplorable and toxic sons of the nation etc. The citizen-comrades bay for the blood of the innocent dead, while showering praise on the murderer for his righteous heroism. Satan approves.

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