Brawndo Declares War On Texas

One hears many musings about Civil War 2 these days, but here’s my issue with the concept: you need a government to wage a war. I’m not aware of any instance in history when a group of ordinary guys got together, decided they’d had enough and walked away from their day jobs for months of killing enemy soldiers.

A weekend, sure, but not months. Those guys on the front lines start needing beans, bullets, bandages, and let’s be honest, paychecks and “external motivations” to keep up the pressure.

Thus, I’ve had nothing to do with militia movements but have watched with great interest as certain state governments decide that the D.C. government is crimping their style. NOW we’re talking Civil War 2! In fact, the Bidenreich nearly pulled a Fort Sumter right out of its starting gate:

Biden looks to shut down travel to Florida

h ttps://

By Kelly Sadler, 11 February 2021

[opinion article]

“I’m going to shut down the virus, not the country,” then-presidential candidate Joe Biden said in October.

Apparently, that’s a lie.

The Biden administration is considering imposing domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida, fearing the spread of coronavirus mutations, the Miami Herald reported yesterday.

Putting the constitutionality of this potential move aside, the bottom line is it’s anti-science and designed to further politicize the virus by pitting red states against blue states.

Putting politics AND constitutionality aside, remember that Fort Sumter was located to control access to Charleston Harbor. The North refused to abandon the fort because it allowed them to dominate harbor access to the newly seceded state. Had Biden erected “military barriers to points of entry to the State of Florida” then the situation would have been the same. Not analogous; exactly the same.

So why even consider something as draconian as a domestic travel ban? And then why specifically single out Florida, and not say, New York?

Because the Bidenreich must have UNITY!

But that was February. Why bring it up now? Because imposing blockades is not the only way to start a civil war. A second way is when two governments demand mutually exclusive loyalties. As one of my readers documented, the Thirst Mutilator just crossed that line!

This is not the same Brawndo as I discussed in a previous post… but stupid is as stupid does.

Letter From Brawndo Chief DIE Officer

Greetings, headcount!

I am happy to report that vaccination levels across America have passed the 70% level needed for us to safely reopen our offices. However, it has come to our attention that 30% of you still require special encouragement to make the right choice. A little starvation will help you understand how much I love you.

We have spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the pros and cons of enacting a vaccine mandate as a condition of office re-entry. Based on current statistics…

He knows. He has to know the truth, saying things like ‘current statistics’.

…vaccination is proven to prevent COVID-19. Since we want to welcome you, and our clients, back to the safest possible working environment, all employees of Brawndo must be vaccinated on or before December 8, 2021.

Some extremely limited exceptions may be made for valid and documented medical or religious reasons.

Why This Is the Right Choice

First and foremost, this decision is about your safety. We know that vaccines are effective… we also have learned that we are better together, especially when working under the same roof…. more than 150 clients and partners are requiring proof of vaxx… additionally, the US federal government recently announced a vaccine mandate.

What makes this hurt isn’t the “get vaxxed or starve” mandate… it’s the “we love you and want the best for you and we’re in this together” wrapping that it comes in. They lie, we know they lie and they know we know. And they lie regardless, just like Orwell called it.

We now proceed to the linked FAQ.

Why is Brawndo mandating vaccines?

Our primary focus has always been the health and safety of our employees. The decision to require certain employees [those who either enter company property or work remotely] to obtain full vaccination status was made after consideration of local, national and global health guidance.

In addition, the US government ordered us to.

I paraphrased that last only for brevity. They actually said that, but with footnotes.

Notice that what they didn’t consider, was state-level health guidance. One guess where this is going… start the popcorn.

What does it mean to be “fully vaccinated”?

At this time…

I must admit the competence of the Great Reset’s psychology. Looking back over two years, it’s been a masterclass in moving goalposts, slow boils and managing expectations. We’ve gone from “two weeks to flatten the curve” to “inject this into your children if you ever want to visit a beauty salon again.”

They were using the term “fully vaccinated” from the very beginning specifically so they could move the goalposts just by redefining a term. No need for new legislation or buy-in. “You already agreed to this” except no, you really didn’t.

Methinks it says a lot about the spiritual dimension of the Plandemic, that its highest levels are grand masters of human behavioral psychology yet completely, hopelessly unable to create anything new. Or to resist the temptation to torture animals and children.

They have near-infinite wealth and power but all that they do with it, is steal, kill and destroy.

If I am vaxxed, will I still be required to mask up and social distance?

Yes, per US federal guidelines.

Because the vaxx is KNOWN to be SAFE! And EFFECTIVE! (at myocarditis)

Is being vaxxed a condition of employment with Brawndo?

No. However, you will not be allowed to work on projects or enter company property until fully vaxxed.

The New Normal is they don’t fire you. They just send you home without pay and forget you exist. Anything else would expose them to a lawsuit.

In other news, companies are having trouble finding people willing to work!

What about State bans on requirements for vaccines, such as Texas?

We will comply with the US federal mandate. We believe that the federal mandate will successfully supersede any contrary State law or pronouncement.

Boom, shots fired!

“We will not obey the State of Texas. We will obey the federal government instead, in expectation that D.C. will bring Texas to heel.”

This, from a company with considerable real estate holdings and numerous employees in Texas… and multimillion-dollar contracts with the State of Texas directly.

You’re up to bat, Governor Abbott. Whatcha gonna do? We the people cannot fight a war. Either you do a thing or Brawndo will be proven right to openly defy your useless, gutless, yellow-bellied Texas. Brawndo just called you out! A company that lacks the courage to fire its own employees, says Texas ain’t shit!

Don’t tell us your response, Governor. Show us. Show the world. The hour is past late.

7 thoughts on “Brawndo Declares War On Texas

  1. Texas should nationalize (statealize) every company that attempt a vaccine mandate, as well as any company owned by foreign entities, including based in other states.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yep. And I will back up Abbott or DeSantis or anybody else willing to fight. But first they have to show me they’re willing. I am not going to do it for them.

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  3. “We will not obey the State of Texas…”

    If they’re doing business with or within Texas,that’ll get them closed down quicker than flipping bird at the feds.


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  5. Awesome, but troubling, find. Thank you.
    My church friends sadly think there has been no loss of rights and they have no problem with companies firing employees because, for this one specific issue, they uphold a company’s rights to be able to do what they want.
    So discouraging. They would definitely fight against Texas if Texas stands up, so the conservative church culture seems to be siding with the firings in the Midwest.


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