The First Righteous Pastorette

Don’t worry, the Chinaballs haven’t reached my brainpan yet. They hopefully won’t reach Kristen’s any time soon, either, because she is resourceful and courageous! I found this article by wondering how the Left is reacting to the flood of religious exemptions. Amazingly, all that I found on Lefty news was legit! They’ve been caught by surprise! They forgot to uninstall the system they used to bring Satanism into prisons and now have no defense against their own favorite weapon, the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Behold a better example than Queen Esther!

Ohio mom becomes a minister in a minute, then signs religious exemptions for anti-mask families

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By Connie Schultz, USA TODAY, 17 October 2021

On Sept. 3, the day after her children’s school district mandated that students wear face masks, Kristen Grant became an ordained minister.

She did this through an online site, Universal Life Church. The process takes less than a minute, I discovered. Two clicks, and I was one step away from becoming Rev. Connie. I declined.

Bless you, O Prince of Paperwork! The ULC has been thwarting Luciferan efforts to gatekeep clergy certification for decades now! An unlikely yet accomplished servant of God.

The 37-year-old mother of four in Germantown, Ohio, said she sought the online ordination for one reason. She wanted to support anti-mask parents seeking religious exemptions for their children.

Valley View School District’s religious exemption form requires a signed statement from a “religious official.” Grant, a self-described “Constitutional Christian,” was happy to oblige.

“I haven’t broken any rules,” she said. “I haven’t broken any laws. I did what I was told I had to do.”

She’s right! Kristen has not taught Scripture… She has not held authority over men… she’s just beating the bureaucrats at their own game! And by supporting the people of God instead of ruling over them, she’s now more accomplished than half of real clergy.

On this, she’s right. Several school officials bemoaned to me Grant’s willingness to exploit a loophole, but the district set no qualifications for religious leaders. And so here we are.

Here YOU are, Connie… completely PWNED!

Grant is certainly not the first “religious leader” eager to use a self-styed version of religion to defy government attempts to keep children and families safe during this pandemic.

So, why bother talking to Kristen Grant? Why give people like her any attention?

To me, the answer is obvious. She’s having an impact, just like other so-called leaders who are waging wars against science across the country. We can ignore them, and some enjoy mocking them. But we underestimate their growing influence at our peril.

She’s NOT being a leader. The Left needs to believe that she is a leader, that by attacking her they can take ownership of her followers. But we Christians are not like them. Our leader is Christ, and if we allow that title to anybody else, it’s only as a means to achieving Christ’s goals.

It took a while for Kristen Grant to agree to an interview. Online reader comments on a recent Dayton Daily News story about her efforts had rattled her.

“People were saying that I should be arrested,” she said. “One of them said something about me being responsible for other people’s deaths. Let’s hope my child doesn’t get COVID and die. That I was a horrible parent. Attacking my parenting, attacking my religious beliefs, attacking pretty much everything you can attack when it comes to another human being.”

Better to have not granted an interview to the media ever, but there was a lot of pressure being put on Kristen. She earned my compliment of courageous.

She does not believe factual reports of rising COVID-19 hospital deaths among the unvaccinated. It’s a scam, she said, to help doctors and hospitals make money through reimbursements for treatment. She believes in a mythical natural immunity and is critical of those who “expect a person to wear a mask to protect you, but don’t take any care of your own body.”

She recited a list of vitamins and supplements that are not proven defenses against COVID-19. When I tell her there is no support for her argument, she insists that’s because “anything that is naturally good for you is being censored. You can’t even look up elderberry syrup on Pinterest.”

This is false. I Googled “Pinterest” and “elderberry syrup” and immediately found a site with dozens of images.

FWING! went Kristen’s point over her head.

Each of us is more complicated than our current story, and Kristen Grant is no exception. Her childhood was hard, she said; her father died when she was in her 20s, and she has long been estranged from her mother. She was open about how she has been seeing a psychiatrist for anxiety, depression and panic attacks. She cited this as the reason for her refusal to wear a mask. This decision, along with her beliefs about the pandemic, ended her two-decade career as a hairdresser. Most clients, it turned out, didn’t agree with her about this pandemic.

Lockdowns, mandates and snitches might have played a part in that, too.

She shrugs it off.

Like a boss!

COVID-19 is the work of the devil – she said this repeatedly – and while her church attendance in the past was sporadic, she is one of God’s soldiers now.

“You’re not going to change the world by going to church. You’re only going to change the world by being the church. … My calling is to help others and that’s what God wanted you to do: He wanted you to be the church for people who needed it and that is what I’m trying to do.”

Kristen is closer to Christ than the Pope is. Not because she’s ordained… because she wants to help the people around her against the work of the devil.

It doesn’t take a leader. It takes a heart, a spine and the realization that this world is not our home. We’re just a-passing through.

6 thoughts on “The First Righteous Pastorette

  1. “Whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain”. This is not an attempt to “defy government” but to obey. It reminds me of the kid from Charlie Brown whose father named him 5 and changed the family name to 95472 (their zip code). When asked if this was his way of fighting the system, the kid answered, “No, it’s his way of giving in.”


  2. A rabid antigun Liberal winds up killing more people with a gun than your average gun owner ever will.

    “It’s like raaaaiin on your wedding day.”


  3. “but the district set no qualifications for religious leaders.”

    Which makes me wonder, can Deacons grant religious exceptions?

    “She believes in a mythical natural immunity”

    Being an MSM “reporter”, Connie just HAD to slip in at least one lie.


  4. The news about the female armorer gets ever more weird:

    Turns out she was a former model who wanted to be an actress. Also, her dad sounds like a DODO.

    The rookie armorer in charge of weapons when Alec Baldwin accidentally shot dead his cinematographer on the set of his film “Rust” said on a recent podcast that the “best part” of her job is proving “how safe” guns are.

    Hannah Gutierrez Reed, a 24-year-old former model, told the “Voices of the West” podcast last month about landing the “pretty sweet gig” with her first movie as head armorer in August.

    “I think the best part about my job is just showing people who are normally kind of freaked out by guns how safe they can be and how they’re not really problematic unless put in the wrong hands,” Reed said.

    She said her dad, well-known Hollywood armorer Thell Reed, gave her some direction growing up — but she “figured” out most of the job requirements on “my own.”

    Reed also recalled how she had previously been a model but then wanted to be either an actress or a director of photography, the position held by Halyna Hutchins when she was shot dead by Baldwin last Thursday.

    She switched course to being an armorer after she “tried it with dad one time and realized I had a natural knack for it,” she said, calling it “a pretty sweet gig.”


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