The Cult Of Nice Cucks On the Clot Shot

Several of my friends are getting hit with the vaxx mandates. You know what? I’m willing to do a miniseries on Covid Mandate Horror Stories if my readers are willing to submit (even more) content. Today, let’s slam on “Pastor Bob” from the Cult Of Nice. Context is that “Dennis” asked his longtime pastor for a letter of religious exemption.

Hello Dennis,

I want to first apologize for inserting myself into your present situation related to the Covid vaccine. You need to know that I wasn’t “recruited” into discussing this and this email is from my heart to yours because I love you and have since you were born.

Dennis already has a mother, Pastor Bob.

Now to business. The basis for Christians requesting an exemption stems from the civil rights act of 1964.

Dennis didn’t ask for a history lesson, Pastor Bob.

Dennis, my wife and I are not vaccinated and have no intention of doing so “until” the government makes us. We believe that day is coming and it is just a matter of time. Right now it is using government contracts, soon it might be social security or the tax code, etc. I believe that they will eventually find a way to forcefully coerce the entire country to comply.

Maybe you should do something about that, Pastor Bob. Maybe, when Josef Mengele’s midget clone walks into the room, suspends due process and the rule of law, bans fun and oxygen, and then orders you to submit your body to medical experimentation if you ever want to eat food again, you should DO SOMETHING about that. Writing a letter to the fire department telling them to come to their senses, stop fellating Potato Joe and retain ten-year veteran Dennis in the name of Christ, would be a good start.

If it was wrong for six million Jews then it’s wrong for sixty million Americans!

At a personal level between myself, who cares a great deal about you and your family, and you. I strongly encourage you to give a lot of thought to this issue.

GENUIS! Pure GENUIS, I say! Surely Dennis has not given this matter much thought, if he’s willing to risk his life and family to defy Big Brother!

“Can you help me, Pastor? I can no longer obey the government in good conscience.”

“Of course, my child. Are you suuure? Maybe there’s a way that you CAN obey the government in good conscience? Because ultimately, there’s nothing you can really do about it. We’re helpless, baby. Just let it happen.”

Ohh, you think I was joking just now? Putting words in Pastor Bob’s mouth?

I say this not because of your values because I agree with them 100%. And it is a shame that our government has decided to force citizens to undergo a medical procedure against their will, but that is where we are. If you think about it, the government has a long list of requirements that I disagree with and I have come to view them as “just how life is.”

Cuckservatives have this very strange hang-up: They can’t be serious. They ARE NOT ABLE to be serious. You know the stereotype of Boomers hollering at the television then going to bed? That’s how the Pastor Bobs of this world treat ALL OF REALITY. Nothing is real. Nothing truly matters. Nothing has eternal significance. It’s all a game show and the smart move is exerting minimal effort for maximal gain.

Let’s assume for a moment that Dennis happens to be wrong… that he’s overreacting. His willingness to accept hardship for the sake of what he believes Christ wants would STILL be worthy of eternal reward even if Christ didn’t actually require it. Very few men have the courage and integrity to accept hardships for the sake of conscience. A real priest, like Christ Himself, would recognize that greatness of spirit and encourage it instead of trying to snuff it out with an Eden-esque “are you suuuure?”

Dennis, you are awesome, man, and when this crisis is over, you’re going to like that man in the mirror.

For example, after 9/11 they decided to restrict the entire nation’s ability to travel to “keep us safe.” And life has gone on. I am not sure which issue or at what time the citizenry should say “we have had enough” and refuse to comply.

When somebody sets himself up as a Christian authority despite, by his own admission, having a total inability to recognize evil, it would be kinder to “cash him out” than let him become an accessory before the fact to the devil’s work. Because in Christianity, there are worse things than even death.

Christianity is not a game. Clergy are not given their authority in order to talk about their feelings. My friends are losing their livelihoods because they will not allow our newly Fascist government to poison either themselves or their children, and Pastor Bob DOESN’T KNOW if it’s time yet for civil disobedience.

And he won’t take Dennis’ word for it, that the time is now.

My wife and I…

This is the second time that Pastor Bob gave his wife top billing. I gave him a pass on the first one but now we have a pattern.

My wife and I are not taking the vaccine until they force us, but when that time comes we will. That is because at a medical level we have several doctors in our church who have all taken it and I don’t think they would have if there was a concern medically.

Which is it, Pastor Bob? If you really do trust those doctors then why aren’t you taking the vaxx willingly? Do you have… doubts?

To conclude, Dennis, this is a mess and I feel very bad that you have to go through this. But my prayer is that you remember the adage “pick your battles” and make sure that this is one you should take on. The key word here is “should.”

The key word here is CUCK!

Scene: In the near future, Satan has taken his throne.

“Bend over and take my Mark upon your butt cheek, Pastor Bob!”


“Remember that I pay your salary.”

“Okay, well, I don’t have a choice then. OW!”

My office is always open if you want to talk about this more. In love and peace,

But not in Christ or with a letter of religious support,

Pastor Bob

Post or submit your personal vaxx horror story to gunnerq at protonmail!

8 thoughts on “The Cult Of Nice Cucks On the Clot Shot

  1. Our Pope is unfortunately on the wrong side of this issue as well. But aborted babies were used by every company that developed a vaccine, and IMO that’s reason #1 to not get vaccinated. There are several other good reasons not to get it if you are under age 70 and without underlying health issues like obesity.

    But I even argue that one of the best reasons not to get the china flu jab is simply because they are trying to force people to get it. That ALONE should set off alarm bells ringing in our heads – why are they trying to FORCE 100% compliance?

    I wouldn’t be nearly as skeptical about the mandate if the US government hadn’t spent the last 50+ years waging a war of extermination against its own citizens, with the MSM covering for them most of the time.


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  3. Dennis doesn’t need to get any pastor’s endorsement on a religious exemption request, and his employer cannot legally demand that he get one. All he needs to do is cite his objection, with Scriptural references if that will help, and point out that both the composition of the vaccine (made from aborted babies) and it’s intended purpose (mass murder) are contrary to Christian teaching.


  4. “I have no intention of having sex with men…until the government makes me.” — Pastor Bob

    Or at the very least: “I have no intention of performing same-sex marriage ceremonies in my church … until the government makes me do it.” – Churchian Franchise CEO Bob

    “Churches,” especially those with 501C3 status, will soon be burdened with federally mandated compliance requirements of Sarbanes Oxley-grade complexity and cost. Clowns like CEO Bob will no doubt not only fall in line. But do so enthusiastically, jettisoning the very last shards of Christian facade in the process.

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