The Secret, Beautiful Underworld Of Chiropractic

Looks like the cat’s out of the bag now. I got a new education when my spine went sideways and I began using chiropractors. Turns out, there’s a lot of animosity between Establishment medicine and chiropractic. It’s no wonder! The Establishment has your body all figured out, you see. You’re not a person; you’re a juicebag of hoses and chemical reactions. Thus, all you’ll ever need to be healthy is scalpels and drugs. That’s great if what you need is scalpels and drugs.

But as chiropractors point out, all of that doesn’t help if your problem is NOT scalpels and drugs. How many drugs to heal a pinched nerve or re-seat a bone? Never gonna happen.

Part of wellness is wimminz being New Age and all that. But the chiropractic definition of wellness is the assumption that your body is self-correcting and actively tries to be healthy. Good medicine, then, is helping your body do what it naturally wants to do.

It’s not a perfect solution, of course. If your arm falls off then you need those scalpels and antibiotics. Chiros are willing to admit that, possibly because they don’t want your goop on their hands. But Establishment medicine is remarkably hostile against the idea of wellness. Possibly because chiropractors don’t end up as debt-slaves to the New World Order.

A case in point: the death jab.

Chiropractors being dependent upon neither the Medical Industrial Complex nor invasive methodologies, were immediately skeptical of even the concept of vaxxing away the Coof. Disease is a natural part of life and while that doesn’t mean they’re opposed to curing the sick, it does mean that their way of going about it was enhancing the body’s natural defenses with diet and exercise rather than a cocktail of pharmaceutical patents. And guess what? Sunlight, zinc and Vitamin C DID turn out to be effective!

In gratitude to the dissident-docs for proving them wrong, Pfizer issued a press release admitting defeat and quietly shuttered it doors.

We should have been so lucky.

Anti-vaccine chiropractors rising force of misinformation

h ttps://

By Michelle R. Smith, Scott Bauer & Mike Catalini, AP, 9 October 2021

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The postcard covered with images of syringes beckoned people to attend Vax-Con ’21 to learn “the uncensored truth” about COVID-19 vaccines.

Participants traveled from around the country to a Wisconsin Dells resort for a sold-out convention that was, in fact, a sea of misinformation. The featured speaker was the anti-vaccine activist featured in the 2020 movie “Plandemic,” which pushed false COVID-19 stories into the mainstream.

The convention was organized by members of a profession that has become a major purveyor of vaccine misinformation during the pandemic: chiropractors.

Yep, an ENTIRE PROFESSION has united against the death jab! Shoulda reached across that isle when you had the chance, hospital administrators! But nooo, you invented ‘physical therapy’ so you could keep billing insurance companies without enriching those back quacks and their good-nutrition hang-ups.

At a time when the surgeon general says misinformation has become an urgent threat to public health, a vocal and influential group of chiropractors has been capitalizing on the pandemic by sowing fear and mistrust of vaccines.

That’s right, wannabe doctors! Obey the authorities who don’t obey themselves…or ELSE!


US surgeon general cited for being in closed Hawaii park

h ttps://

By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, 6 October 2020

HONOLULU – The U.S. surgeon general was cited for being in a closed Hawaii park in August while in the islands helping with surge testing amid a spike in coronavirus cases, according to a criminal complaint filed in court.

A Honolulu police officer cited Jerome Adams after seeing him with two men “looking at the view taking pictures” at Kualoa Regional Park on Oahu’s northeastern coast, the citation said. The park in a rural area offers a picturesque view of Mokolii island, known as Chinaman’s Hat for its cone shape.

Now known as Breonna Taylor’s Twat… because rayciss!

Adams told the officer he was visiting Hawaii to work with the governor for COVID-19 and didn’t know parks were closed.

At the time, Oahu parks were closed by Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell in an attempt to prevent crowds from gathering.

A phone number Adams gave the officer is the same number Adams listed on an email to state officials seeking an exemption for Hawaii’s quarantine on arriving travellers.

The email to Adams confirming his exemption included links to rules that were in effect in each of Hawaii’s counties, including the order closing Oahu parks.

“We do not have a comment at this time,” said Kate Migliaccio-Grabill, a spokeswoman for the Office of the Surgeon General said.

We the People weren’t asking for a comment. We were asking for a resignation from a hypocrite caught in the act.

Later Tuesday, Honolulu attorney Lex Smith issued a statement: “During his visit to Oahu, the surgeon general was cited for accidentally violating the mayor’s emergency order, due to his misunderstanding of the law. He has not asked for, nor has he received, any special treatment in connection with this citation, and will respond to it appropriately.”

“Hey guys, we have this popular state park all to ourselves! I wonder why nobody’s here and why the gate was locked? Oh well, let’s take some selfies before getting back to imposing emergency plague quarantines.”

End segue

[Chiropractors] have touted their supplements as vaccine alternatives, written doctor’s notes to get out of mandates, donated large sums of money to anti-vaccine organizations and sold anti-vaccine ads on Facebook and Instagram. They have been the leading force behind anti-vaccine events like the one in Wisconsin, where hundreds of chiropractors shelled out $299 or more to attend and earn continuing education credits to maintain their licenses in at least 10 states.

Heehee, they found a way to get continuing education credits for defying the Plandemic! AND it’s a tax writeoff!

Public health advocates are alarmed by the number of chiropractors who have hitched themselves to the anti-vaccine movement and used their sheen of medical expertise to undermine the response to a COVID-19 pandemic that has killed more than 700,000 Americans.

There’s the institutional hostility that I mentioned at the beginning.

“People trust them. They trust their authority,” said Erica DeWald of Vaccinate Your Family, who tracks figures in the anti-vaccine movement. “You go because your back hurts, and then suddenly you don’t want to vaccinate your kids.”

Imagine that. Some freak with a massage table does in two minutes what all the world’s PhD.MDs never could and then suddenly, you’re magically compelled to think he knows better than them.

The purveyors of vaccine misinformation represent a small but vocal minority of the nation’s 70,000 chiropractors, many of whom advocate for vaccines. But the pandemic gave a new platform to a faction of chiropractors who have been stirring up anti-vaccine misinformation long before COVID-19 arrived.

“small but vocal minority” = “they’re everywhere!”

The first complaint the Federal Trade Commission filed under the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act was against a Missouri chiropractor, alleging he falsely advertised that “vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus,” but that supplements he sold for $24 per bottle plus $9.95 shipping did. He says he did not advertise his supplements that way and is fighting the allegations.

“They’re everywhere and they’re winning!”

“Nebraska chiropractor Ben Tapper landed on the “Disinformation Dozen,” a list compiled by the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which says he is among a small group responsible for nearly two-thirds of anti-vaccine content online.”…

Tapper said he has lost patients, and that Venmo and PayPal seized his accounts. He believes vaccines have no place in what he calls the “wellness and prevention paradigm.”

“We’re trying to defend our rights,” Tapper told AP, when asked why so many chiropractors are involved in the anti-vaccine movement.

A standard example of how the NWO prioritizes influential leaders for Convergence.

  1. Identify a respected institution (or person).
  2. Kill it.
  3. Gut it.
  4. Wear it as a skinsuit while demanding respect.

Tapper didn’t roll over so the NWO is stuck on Step Two. You just know he refused the Ticket!

Even before the pandemic, many chiropractors became active in the so-called “health freedom” movement, advocating in state legislatures from Massachusetts to South Dakota to allow more people to skip vaccinations. Since 2019, the AP found, chiropractors and chiropractor-backed groups have worked to influence vaccine-related legislation and policy in at least 24 states.

The group Stand for Health Freedom was co-founded in 2019 by another member of the “Disinformation Dozen,” Sayer Ji, along with chiropractor, Joel Bohemier, and Leah Wilson, who co-owns a chiropractic business in Indiana with her chiropractor husband. It says it has an estimated reach of 1 million “advocates.” It takes credit for killing a New Jersey bill in early 2020 that would have ended the state’s religious exemption for vaccines after rallying tens of thousands of residents to send emails to lawmakers through its portal.

The group is currently pushing people to send messages opposing vaccine mandates to lawmakers in states including Iowa and South Dakota. It says it has gathered more than 126,000 signatures on a petition to oppose vaccine mandates for air travel.

Well done, well done, Mr. Bohemier et ux! America DOES still have heroes!

On the West Coast, a chiropractic seminar and expo called Cal Jam, run by chiropractor Billy DeMoss, said in 2019 it raised $500,000 for a group led by one of the world’s most prominent anti-vaccine activists, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Photographs online show DeMoss and others presenting Kennedy with a giant check for $500,000.

Does that sting, Wokies? Tell me that stings, to watch your heroes turn against the Narrative.

Brian Wussow, a chiropractor and vice president of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin, later told a state Senate committee that more than 400 chiropractors and 100 chiropractic technicians from Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas attended. Based on ticket prices, the event would have generated revenue of at least $130,000.

What’s with the money envy, Wokies? You’re being bankrolled by the entire ‘Murican Empire. Aww, does Satan not believe in paying his employees? But he pwommished!

James Damrow, a third-generation chiropractor in Janesville, Wis., is a member of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board… He said chiropractors were being unfairly cast as anti-science and “that’s not accurate.”

Notice how the Left went about targeting the leaders of this convention, movement, etc. They’re still in the paradigm of “strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered”.

Letters to the Editor: Why would anyone take vaccine advice from a chiropractor?

h ttps://

To the editor: I wouldn’t go to a chiropractor for treatment for an infectious disease, nor would I go to an infectious disease physician to get my back adjusted. (“Anti-vaccine chiropractors rising force of misinformation,” Oct. 9)

Additionally, as a retired pharmaceutical representative, I have far more knowledge and training hours in infectious disease than any chiropractor around.

The better question is, why would anyone take vaccine advice from a drug dealer?

Because he can afford a politician?

Why, oh why would anyone listen to a chiropractor (they are not physicians) on vaccines anyway? I continue to be awed by the stupidity around me.

Cindy Baker, Simi Valley

She’s not just a spokesman for stupidity. She’s also a client!

There’s a medical black market coming. The need is there and the talent has been freshly squeezed out of regular employment. If you find yourself in need of medical services while denied access to a hospital, the local chiropractor might be a good place to start researching options.

He’s been denied the Establishment’s respect since med school.

3 thoughts on “The Secret, Beautiful Underworld Of Chiropractic

  1. Off topic:

    I have a history of getting cricks in my neck and knots in my back. It happens from nightmares and exercising, weird positioning at work.

    I went to the barber shop at (*redacted location*) where a lady cut my hair with all sorts of implements, including the banned straight razor. (Non replaceable blade type, btw). When she was done shaving my head, she asked “You wan’ me to pop your neck?”. I had thought it was a joke, so I said yes.

    She went to town wobbling around on my neck, two jerks afterwards and I had one knot gone. Another set of yanking and one smaller pop. I have had that issue for a while. I left her a tip worth half of my bill.

    Apparently, there are people trained for this, unlicensed, that do this stuff in (*redacted location*). The one lady, who owns a bar, does this stuff for house calls, not a prostitute.

    I can’t find an orthopedist anywhere that deals with this kind of shit. Sure, I have one damn good “abuser” doctor that jabs me with a type of steroid when my shoulder turns to shit, or gives me the nasty Z pack when my back hates me. But no one that can unkink my neck like that.

    When the real fascists come for the chiropractors and back/neck straighteners, I will hide them with pride.

    (and btw, our government is in cahoots with lobbying efforts like medical associations and doctors groups to force you into only making certain medical decisions).


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  2. “And guess what? Sunlight, zinc and Vitamin C DID turn out to be effective!”

    And if you cannot get enough sunlight, say, in Winter for example, there is a beautiful natural supplement called Cod Liver Oil which contains loads of Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, and Omega 3s.

    “a Missouri chiropractor… advertised that “vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus,” but that supplements he sold for $24 per bottle plus $9.95 shipping did.”

    $32 total? Sounds a lot like the price of a bottle of Carlsen brand Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, which is what I use. BTW, I have not had one single respiratory viral infection since I started taking CLO daily. No colds, no flus, no China/beer viruses. Nothing. In fact, I cannot recall an infection of any kind, even though I have been smoking and drinking a plenty.

    “By Michelle R. Smith, Scott Bauer & Mike Catalini, AP, 9 October 2021”

    Don’t see no “M.D.” or “Ph.D.” after any of those names. Journalism-degreed liars LARPing as medical experts! Yay, we get to tell everyone what counts as “misinformation”! We get to pretend we are objective “fact checkers”!

    BTW, for those of you not old enough to remember the news media from 40-45 years ago, this kind of article would have been relegated to the Op/Ed page, since it is CLEARLY opinion. But that was back when the media still wanted to pretend they were objective.

    Another very engaging post, GQ. You’ve become one of my go-to bloggers for interesting content. TYVM for putting in the work.

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