The Vaccinated Are Dropping Dead Of… Exercise-Induced Heart Attacks!

Hat tip to Computing Forever for linkage. All these headlines have essentially the same content. Heart attack: The surprisingly healthy activity that could increase your risk – warning

CNN: Sudden exercise may increase risk for heart attack … Physical activity may increase heart attack risk, study suggests

All in September 2021. Is this like the FDA’s food pyramid? Did Mum lie to me from childhood about getting fresh air?

Let’s go with the Irish Times’ spin.

h ttps://

Physical activity may, paradoxically, hasten your risk of a heart attack, a new study suggests.

This is because physical activity may lead to a quicker build-up of plaque, or calcium deposits in the coronary arteries, according to the research.

This finding does not outweigh the many health benefits of exercise, the researchers emphasise.

Regular physical activity is associated with a reduction in the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and death. But the new research shows that despite these important benefits, people who are very physically active seem to have high levels of calcium deposits in their coronary arteries.

However, it is not clear if exercise may itself be associated with calcification, or hardening of arteries, according to the study published in Heart journal.

What a nothingburger. “Physical exercise does a lot of good, but it can calcify your arteries if you overdo it… maybe.”

To explore the issue further, the researchers studied healthy adults attending for check-ups in South Korea over a six-year period.

Those who were more physically active tended to be older and less likely to smoke than less physically active participants. They also had lower total cholesterol, more high blood pressure, and existing evidence of calcium deposits in their coronary arteries.

Exercise causes aging!

An association between physical activity level and the prevalence and progression of coronary artery calcification emerged over time. Higher physical activity was associated with faster progression of calcification scores.

Experts said the new study may mean that exercise increases the risk of a heart attack, or it may be that calcium build-up is not a good measure of heart attack risk.

Or, it may mean that young people are suddenly having a lot of heart attacks that must be explained without making any reference to the Pfizer Death Jab… because the vaxx is KNOWN to be SAFE… therefore we must look to obscure papers written by people who think kale is healthy for an alternative explanation.

Here’s the link to the actual study…

Conclusion: We found a positive, graded association between physical activity and the prevalence and the progression of CAC, regardless of baseline CAC scores.

The media is obviously using it to generate headlines rather than inform the reader of any new development in cardiac medicine. As is their wont, the media are speaking to manipulate not communicate.

What are they trying to manipulate, you ask?

The Link Between Myocarditis and COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

h ttps://

By Colleen Moriarty, 24 June 2021

This is just one of many typical articles that never quite made the mainstream headlines in recent months.

Myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, is a medical condition you may not have heard much about—until recently. It became a trending topic this spring when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that it is monitoring a small number of cases of heart inflammation that have arisen in young adults not long after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. The side effect is considered important but uncommon—arising in about 12.6 cases per million second doses administered. And now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced it will place a warning on the mRNA vaccines. It’s important to note that the vaccination is still recommended for everyone who is eligible.

There’s a tiny risk. Not statistically significant. But for no reason, we’re putting warnings on the jab, banning vaxxed pilots from flying and recommending anticoagulants post-jab.


h ttps://

Two studies published by JAMA Cardiology today discuss adverse effects associated with COVID-19 vaccines… Despite these risks, both research teams continue to advocate for COVID-19 vaccines as the health risks from the virus are far greater than those linked to the vaccine.

Both the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines have regulatory warnings about VITT [vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia] now, and data have shown that women under 60 years old appear to be at a higher risk. Symptoms include intracranial pressure, shortness of breath, lethargy, back pain, abdominal pain, spot bleeding under the skin, and leg or arm weakness, as well as positive test results for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). Onset occurs a median of 8 or 10 days after receiving the Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, respectively.

No current strategies exist to avoid VITT….

Although both AstraZeneca’s and Johnson & Johnson’s adenovirus-based COVID-19 vaccines have been connected with VITT, the syndrome seems to occur at four times the frequency with the AstraZeneca vaccine, according to the researchers. As for the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, no instances have been recorded with the Pfizer vaccine, but three cases have been connected to Moderna.

The Elites are pushing Pfizer really hard. As with Highlanders, in the end there can be only one.

“Adverse events like VITT, while uncommon, have been described despite vaccination remaining the most essential component in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. While it seems logical to consider the use of types of vaccines (eg, mRNA-based administration) in individuals at high risk, treatment should consist of therapeutic anticoagulation mostly with nonheparin products and IVIG,” the researchers write.

You could just take your chances with the Coof. Or, you could take your vaxx with a month’s worth of anticoagulants. One of these is legal and the other is not. One of these enriches the Med-MIC and the other does not.

One of these will kill you and the other will not.

End segue

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices said that there’s a “likely association” between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and reported cases of heart inflammation. This inflammation may occur in the heart muscle (myocarditis) or in the outer lining of the heart (pericarditis).

Per the above segue, there are “no recorded incidents” of this..? They can’t keep the Narrative straight.

The safety group reports that the majority of cases have occurred in people 30 years old and under, mostly in males, and more often than not, inflammation occurred after the second dose of the vaccine.

Stay tuned for the third dose! The experts all agree that this trend will reverse itself because the vaxx is KNOWN to be SAFE.

In May, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group, a special panel that advises the CDC, reported that the cases were occurring about four days after vaccination.

At this point, it’s too early to tell what may be causing the recently reported myocarditis cases.

This bullshit is crossing into mass murder territory.

Still, doctors are reassuring patients and families. “This is an incredibly rare event,” says Dr. Asnes. He adds that patients seem to get better quickly. “I think that the most important message at this point is that we are still recommending eligible people older than 12 follow the vaccine recommendations from the CDC,” he says.

It’s too soon to determine if the vaxx is causing heart attacks. But just to be safe, since you’re not at risk or anything, you should… quit exercising!

Health Ministry to consider asking newly vaccinated to avoid working out

h ttps://

By Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, 7 October 2021

Israel is the national case study for Vaxx consequences, since the world neither waited for human trials nor bothered to remember the animal trial outcomes. It seems that extreme xenophobia can lead to extreme levels of in-group trust. After all, if the Palestinians refuse the “Jew Juice” then it’s just got to be the next mother’s milk for the Israeli.

“Is your graphene organically sourced?”

Individuals vaccinated with the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine may be asked to avoid strenuous exercise and other physical activity for one week after receiving each dose due to cases of myocarditis that were detected in a small percentage of vaccinated people, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

In a slide deck prepared for the Health Ministry’s advisory committee for epidemic control and coronavirus vaccines, which the Post reviewed, some health officials in the Epidemiology Division of the Health Ministry are recommending that individuals “avoid strenuous activity for one week after their second dose of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.”

Casual walking, stretching, working while standing and housework would all be acceptable.

The recommendation comes on the heels of a study published late Wednesday night showing that one dose of the Pfizer vaccine increased the risk of heart inflammation – however, cases were usually mild and the majority were among young males.

“The Vaxx causes heart attacks but don’t worry, it mostly only kills the young men.” We have still not reached peak matriarchy.

I wonder. Since the Forever Vaxx is giving the Elites power of life and death over our individual bodies… is it possible that they’ll kill off the menfolk in order to reduce the chances of organized revolt? Imagine a society in which the gender ratio is artificially maintained at 1:10 in favor of women, and the women are culled after they age off the carousel. A sex paradise for the most depraved of the devil’s servants.

It won’t happen, of course. The birth rate is already cratering. If the Elites win then humanity won’t have more than two generations left before dying of neglect and abuse. Who could have guessed that humans would stop breeding after being penned up on starvation wages and only permitted menopausal ball-busters for wives?

But it’s interesting to think about the reindeer games that can be played if Fauci gets to inject any specific person with anything he wants. Beware the day when vaxxes are “individually tailored” to specific regions and persons! It is coming.

“We recommend that everyone, in particular adolescents and young men aged under 30 avoid strenuous activity, such as intense exercise, for one week after the first and second doses,” the slide deck said.

It defined high-intensity exercise as circuit training, vigorous forms of weight training, sprinting and swimming longer distances.

The officials said that high-functioning athletes that would be concerned about losing their conditioning could consider “downgrading their level of exercise” to a low intensity.

Translation: “Shut up and get jabbed.”

A member of the vaccine panel told the Post that although the matter would be discussed at the next meeting, most committee members are currently opposed to it.

I agree that the smart move is playing dumb rather than “you should take precautions against the heart attacks that the vaxx will NOT ABSOLUTELY NOT CAUSE!!!” Less of a paper trail that way.

But the wise move is to recognize evil, stay away from it and keep exercising in order to be healthy.

8 thoughts on “The Vaccinated Are Dropping Dead Of… Exercise-Induced Heart Attacks!

  1. ‘I wonder. Since the Forever Vaxx is giving the Elites power of life and death over our individual bodies… is it possible that they’ll kill off the menfolk in order to reduce the chances of organized revolt?’

    I’d call it likely rather than possibly. The enemy isn’t afraid of woman; since the beginning, she has been easily co-opted to his purposes. An alliance that rewards both parties.

    The enemy is afraid of men, especially young men, as likewise was demonstrated in Eden by the choice to attack the female instead of the (much stronger physically and spiritually) male. Nothing has changed since then, it’s just gone global. Any real resistance to the global mandates and lockdowns would come from men, not women. Women are the heart of the Left. They always make the best Party Fanatics and Compliance Monitors.

    The West now is matriarchal, and a culling of Toxic Males and Toxic Masculinity fits the enemy’s scheme perfectly — has the world not been conditioned over the past fifty years to assume goodness in females and badness in males, in every context? So they are doing the planet a favor, you see! Striving nobly to protect Mother Gaia by stamping out all those freedom-loving, toxic-masculine, God-imaged males.

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  2. Great post GUNNER,but did you&RAY see our old sparring partner&”FRIEND” Boxer just showed up at SHARKLYS today to congradulate him on his last 3 or so post’s?

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