The Crazy Cat Commissioner of Florida

How do you get rid of thousands of feral cats? According to female city management… you make sure they all get a loving home! Enjoy this deep dive into what happens when women run the city.

Florida city has too many stray cats, officials say. Here’s how they plan to fix the problem

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By Wells Dusenbury, South Florida Sun Sentinel, 12 October 2021

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — It started with one defenseless kitten wandering in a circle by itself on Lake Ida road.

“I pulled over and picked her up,” said Delray Beach City Commissioner Juli Casale. “She was so tiny, she needed to be fed formula. Once I brought her home and she stayed.”

And so it begins, crazy Florida cat lady.

She took in another stray the next year, but one commissioner can rescue only so many stray cats when thousands are roaming her city’s streets.

To limit the growth of “community cats,” Delray Beach is spending $25,000 for a new neutering and vaccination program.

Why more money? You’re the government. You have armed government agents just itching to kill themselves some mammals. And why are you healing animals that you want there to be fewer of?

There are likely between 7,000 and 11,000 stray cats in Delray Beach, said Heidi Nielsen, director of information and outreach for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. Countywide there are between 150,000 and 200,000 stray cats, Nielsen said. And if left unchecked, those numbers can surge exponentially and pose health risk to residents.

Just like women in government! How are people still believing that men and women are the same? We let a huge number of women into authority and by total, freak coincidence, the immediate result is our entire civilization going Borderline Personality Disorder… just like your ex!

And why is the birth rate suddenly so low, now that women can pick their own husbands er, male-presenting lovers?

Casale, who’s spearheading the initiative, frequently feeds community cats, which are often malnourished and defenseless. “If we don’t help them, who’s going to?” she said.

I just thought of a cheaper, more effective way to control the kitty population than “more government”: get rid of Juli Casale.

Feral kittens suffer an abnormally high mortality rate of 75% rate, Nielsen said, attributing it to a variety of factors, including lack of food and water, being attacked by dogs or other animals and being run over by cars.

“We must feed and protect the puppies and kitties! Changing the subject, why are there now so many of them?”

Jan Steele, director of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, said unchecked growth poses a “huge health risk” due to rabies.

“If you have a large population of cats that does not have rabies vaccination that are continuing to breed, they’re overcrowded and often times not having enough food,” Steele said.

“They’re more susceptible to picking up rabies from the local raccoons because they’re going to the same food sources. If they’re in the same community as humans, you’re putting [people] at risk for rabies as well.”

To combat the issue, Delray Beach is adopting a trap-neuter-vaccinate-release (TNVR) initiative. Animal experts use traps to capture stray cats and then transport them to a veterinarian. After being given anesthesia, vet technicians will neuter or spay the cat, provide a rabies vaccine and implant a microchip. The whole process takes roughly an hour, Steele said. Afterward, the cat is returned to its original territory.

In the context of Current Year, that paragraph is more than spooky enough for Halloween. Just change the definitions of “tom” and “vaxx”….

The program is being done in coordination with Peggy Adams and Purrzilla Cat Rescue. Paul Bates, who coordinates the TNVR program for Peggy Adams, said they’re planning on starting around November and are hoping to finish by February.

You’re never going to finish, when sterilizing feral cats is step 3 and feeding & sheltering them are steps 1 & 2.

Wait, what? Purrzilla Cat Rescue?

Between the facilities at Peggy Adams, Tri-County Humane Society and Palm Beach County Animal Care and Rescue, they can do about 200 procedures per week.

In addition to the TNVR program, Steele recommends that crazy cat ladies not be given access to the public treasury.

Oops. Let me fix that.

In addition to the TNVR program, Steele recommends people who have housecats keep them indoors to prevent them from potentially mating with unneutered or unvaccinated animals.

Or to avoid being eaten, one supposes, but perhaps cats aren’t livestock.

She said a good compromise for people with screened-in porches to design a “cat-io” — a patio tailored for a cat.

“Your car has a little kitty door that allows him to go into the screened-in patio, get some sunlight, some fresh air,” Steele said. “It’s lush, but it keeps them in your property.”

That’s crazy, cat lady.

In fact, I checked if Juli is crazy. So did a Florida ethics commission.

Did Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Make False Statements To The Palm Beach County Commission On Ethics?

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Decide for yourself! Alternatively, have flashbacks to your ex for yourself.

The ethics complaint stems from Casale threatening [Christopher Mitchell,] a Delray Beach mortgage broker’s business back in February.

The complaint states that at the Greater Delray Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum at the Arts Garage on February 10, 2021, a visibly intoxicated Juli Casale verbally berated Mitchell about social media posts Mitchell had made regarding Mayor Shelly Petrolia.

There’s a lot of women in this government. Hmm.

Commissioner Juli CasaleCasale allegedly became histrionic and insisted that he stop posting negative statements about Petrolia. Mitchell refused.

He responded by stating he can say and write whatever he wanted. As a result, Casale channeled her inner Joan Crawford and had a Mommie Dearest style meltdown in front of at least 12 people.

At that point, Casale threatened Mitchell by saying: “I can really hurt your business. We’ll tell people not to do business with you. How about that!”

Mitchell perceived this as a direct threat to his business. Mitchell also wrote in his complaint: “This was an obvious threat to my business as a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator and therefore my livelihood. Commissioner Casale has threatened to use her influential position in the city to discourage potential loan customers from working with me or my firm at obvious detriment to my personal income.”

Yep, that’s an ethics violation.

On May 17th, the COE determined there was legal sufficiency to proceed with a further investigation.

As a result of COE’s findings, Casale retained high priced and influencial criminal defense lawyer Scott Richardson.

Unfortunately for the good people of Delray Beach, Richardson was able to convince the COE that the complaint was without merit… Richardson pulled off his victory even with Casale’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation.

“Ms. Casale never refused to cooperate with this investigation. On June 4, 2021, Commissioner Casale’s mother suffered a stroke in Connecticut and was very ill.

Commissioner Casale flew to be with her mother. On June 15, 2021, Investigator Higgs called me to see if Commissioner Casale would agree to be interviewed. I advised Investigator Higgs that I would discuss it with my client. On June 19, 2021, Commissioner Casale’s mother passed away.

Mr. Higgs and I spoke on June 22, 2021; I informed Investigator Higgs that Commissioner Casale’s mother had passed away and that we would revisit the issue at a more appropriate time.”

And instead of rescheduling, the ethics investigation was closed?!

The COE didn’t press her for a copy of the death certificate.

This summer, a woman claiming to be Juli Casale’s sister called Chris Mitchell. Mitchell alleges the woman made a cryptic Deep Throat style comment about Juli Casale:

“There is more going on than you know.”

The woman then disconnected the call. However, thanks to modern technology, we were able to confirm the phone number the woman called from. The number did belong to Casale’s sister Amy Seaburg.

As a result, we were also able to track down the whereabouts of their mother, Mrs. Simmons. It appears she may not [be] dead.

Yep, that’s an ethics violation. You should read this article for yourself; it pulls no punches and goes where even I’d rather not tread, in covering small-city Florida politics. You will not be bored. Certainly not by the mayor.

Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia On the Offensive Again

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By Randy Schultz, 17 November 2020

Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia wants to purge a member of the planning and zoning board for saying something that she didn’t like.

Rob Long is that board member. A civil engineer by training, he’s also chairman of the Palm Beach County Soil and Water Conservation District. Like the planning and zoning board, it’s an advisory group.

In that capacity, Long on Nov. 3 sent an email to say that he was “appalled” by Delray Beach’s response to the “alarming discovery” of cancer-causing chemicals–known as polyfluoralkyl substances, or PFAS–in the city’s water supply. He cited a report by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

So that’s what Florida puts in their drinking water. I’d wondered for a long time.

Long noted that the amount of PFAS was within legal limits under Florida’s “lenient standards.” Still, he wrote, the issue should be “cause for concern.”

In addition, Long suggested causes for the problem, such as consistent turnover among staffers in related city departments. He also claimed that Petrolia “downplayed the severity of the problem.”

Last week, Petrolia brought up the email, after a discussion of the city’s water department and its response to recent problems. Commissioner Shirley Johnson called the email “a disservice to our residents.” Julie Casale, Petrolia’s most reliable commission ally, asked what “recourse” might be available to punish Long. Petrolia said Long “doesn’t belong on our board.”

Juli Casale (spelling?) is not an outlier.

Ryan Boylston and Adam Frankel disagreed. Boylston, who nominated Long to the planning and zoning board, said a reprimand or worse would be “an odd precedent to set.” To be consistent, Frankel said, the city would have to review texts and emails from all advisory board members. They serve at the commission’s pleasure, but removal is rare unless members are chronically absent or prove unfit to serve.

From what I can tell, everything in Long’s email with regard to the PEER report was accurate. He could have included the city’s official denial of the group’s finding. But PEER is a credible organization.

The political point of contention is Long’s reference to Petrolia. He based that on a Feb. 4 text message from Petrolia to City Manager George Gretsas, who is now suspended. Petrolia wanted Gretsas to avoid any comments that might “implicate this administration.” As a weak mayor, Petrolia isn’t part of any administration.

Gretsas got sort-of removed from his position due to scandal.

Petrolia said the (reclaimed water problem) “didn’t happen on our watch.” Gretsas has called that a lie, saying that Petrolia knew about the problem when residents first complained in December 2018.

Johnson accused Long of “yelling fire in a theater.” Long responded, “It isn’t a crime to yell fire in a movie theatre if there is a fire. This is an issue that should be taken seriously, and it’s my duty to keep the public informed.”…

City Attorney Lynn Gelin said she would “reach out” to Long for a formal response…

One response to Long’s email came from Kelly Barrette. She’s a social media presence in Delray Beach and another Petrolia ally.

“Sounds like you’re running for Mayor, Rob,” Barrette snarked. “Good luck with that!”

This is what happens when women hold the reins of power. They don’t stop being women, whether that means mothering the (legions of) helpless kittens, making up excuses to beat an ethics investigation or most of all, blaming a man for mansplaining a problem that she’s now officially in charge of solving.

Our situation will not improve until men rule over women once again. As God intended, and was denied, from the beginning.

8 thoughts on “The Crazy Cat Commissioner of Florida

  1. Disagree with something a female said? They all start looking around to ‘punish’ the male for his lack of overt subjugation to the Sisterhood. New Amerika.

    As for the ‘opposition’, the GOP can’t proffer female candidates for local and national offices fast enough. While the cucks cheer their own bondage.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I want to amplify a point Ray made, the “opposition ” can’t promote women candidates fast enough. As if Kristi Noem or Nikki Halley will fight hard enough to undo the damage by Harris, Wen, Welensky, Hochul, Whitmer, the Oregon gov, etc. and all the other women in local leadership.
    AND 90% of the men reading their bibles and dying to self in meaningful ways are still good with this. They have a SAHW, yet say the bible is only restricting women from running a church. If that battle could be won, then the battle against women GOP candidates would be much easier.
    And it comes with such smugness,”prole, we need to reach the middle and single women, it’s just the way it is.”
    True, we will run Trump or Desantis or Pompeo instead of Halley or Noem, but I don’t see that as a winning point against my assertion that the conservative Christian political mind is under a spiritual delusion.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Thanks for that surfdumb, and the ‘conservative Christian political mind’ absolutely is under part of the STRONG delusion commanded by God for our hour. (2 Thess. 2:11.)

    We know that 2 Thess. 2 is eschatological, i.e., meant for our ears, via verses 3-4. In the same way at the outset, God placed enhanced restrictions upon Eve for her covetousness of the positions of God and man, and He altered woman and made her more subject to the man — strongly desirous and envious of him. God – 1, Karen – 0.

    In verses 10 and 12 God explains exactly why He is imposing added-strength onto the delusions of the present lost: they refused the extant and obvious truth, about most everything, and instead enjoyed being deceitful, cunning, and unrighteous. Only AFTER such persons demonstrate this habitual behavior did (does) God impose extra sanctions. God – 2, Karen – 0. They preferred delusions and lies to the truth, because the lies were convenient, empowering, lucrative, and so on. The evidence is everywhere before us in the destruction of the West.

    The serpent seed and its generations self-select and congeal, because as King Jeshua explained, they are children of the Father of Lies. (John 8:44)


  4. True, we will run Trump or Desantis or Pompeo instead of Halley or Noem, but I don’t see that as a winning point against my assertion that the conservative Christian political mind is under a spiritual delusion.

    Trump = Deep State asset playing the rubes like a cheap violin. Any successful “re-[s]election” in 2024 will be 100 percent Deep Stated engineered in order to gull the rubes into thinking that “their” president is back, even as he sells them into complete slavery (surely no one has forgotten “Operation Warp Speed?”).
    Trump will follow the DS’s playbook if they put him into the White House again. He’ll be there only because they allowed him to be there to serve THEIR agenda.

    DeSantis: A Zionist stooge like all the other Republicans (there’s no way anyone can be governor of Jew Haven South and not be owned by them). Don’t let his anti-COVIDIOCY act fool you, either. His academic pedigree alone tells you whose side he’s REALLY on. Once he’s re-[s]elected president he’ll push vaccine mandates (and worse) on Florida faster than you can say “hurricane.” This guy is NOT what he’s fooled too many people into thinking he is.

    Pompeo: No mystery about this assclown. Another run-of-the-mill neocon trying to hitch his star to populism in order to serve his own Establishment interests. A vote for this slob is a vote for John McCain’s ghost.

    How ANYBODY with a single functioning brain cell or an ounce of self-respect can even consider voting in another presidential “election” is beyond me.



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