Is There Really A Worker Shortage?

There’s a severe shortage of workers across America! Critical jobs that can’t be filled at any wage! As the pundits rage back and forth about the cause, my personal history makes me wonder if it’s not a sinister plot.

Way back in my yoof, I originally trained for a career in FIRE… finance, insurance, real estate. Hard work and high intelligence got me a couple valuable skills that very, very few people can do. I reasonably expected to be a millionaire by age 30. Graduated at a high rank.

Never got a job.

The industry was simultaneously desperate for workers at the time, and utterly unwilling to get back to me on literally hundreds of applications I’d made over the years. It was long after I’d given up in bewilderment, that I found out FIRE was ground zero for H1b visa abuse. The entire industry was shredding applications so it could bitch to Congress about needing more migrant workers for “the jobs Americans didn’t want to do”. Americans like me, specifically, who’d have been happy to just get a foot in the door.

Now I look at today’s headlines… 60 container ships waiting at the Port of Long Beach because ‘nobody wants to work at any price’, ‘we need more workers in America’… and I’m having flashbacks to the last time an entire industry lied in lockstep about its employment needs.

Maybe this time, it’s the entire economy in lockstep lying. There’s even precedent for that now. *Chinaballs*

What Is Causing The Global People Shortage?

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By Michael Snyder, 26 September 2021

Did you ever imagine that we would be facing an epic shortage of workers all over the globe in the second half of 2021? Right now, thousands upon thousands of large companies all over the world are absolutely desperate for workers. They are raising wages, they are throwing in extra vacation days and they are even doing away with drug tests, but they still can’t find enough able-bodied people to hire.

Wow, they’re EVEN going to start trusting their workers! Amazing! Innovative!

“You won’t flip burgers even for $20 an hour?”

“I also want more than 25 hours a week so I can have benefits instead of working a second job.”


*White man walks in.*

“You’ll screw up my Tolerance In Diversity statistics. Next!”

“I’ll do anything, just don’t send me to another sexual harassment class!”

“Next! Why don’t people want to work anymore?”

At this moment, this is one of the biggest problems that the global economy is facing. If we simply had enough people to do the jobs that needed to be done, a lot of our glaring supply chain issues would rapidly fade away.

So why can’t we find enough workers?

Maybe because our inbred Yankee-Jew leaders exclude badwhites, men, the old, the young, the un-degreed and the unvaccinated from the workforce, then coerce labor conditions upon the demoralized remnant such that the only people willing to work are Third World immigrants acclimated to Third World working conditions? Maybe because our country’s best and brightest are transsexual lesbian journalists of color? Maybe because the kleptocratic solipsism of the Baby Boomers has gone unpunished long enough that fraud and theft have become accepted lifestyles? Maybe because everything that made us different and special from the human livestock next door has been Cancel-Cultured? None of that is hyperbole.

In my entire lifetime, our planet has never had to deal with a severe lack of workers.

Instead, chronic unemployment was always a huge unsolvable puzzle for global leaders. Politicians loved to give speeches about finding enough jobs for everyone, and of course none of them could ever actually accomplish that goal.

But now here we are in the middle of a pandemic and that puzzle has somehow suddenly been solved?

That seems rather odd.

Here in the United States, some of our biggest corporations can’t seem to hire enough people no matter how hard they may try. For example, things have gotten so bad at FedEx that they are now rerouting 600,000 packages a day…

The more this guy talks about the labor woes of globalist corporations, the more I suspect I’m right. There are plenty of workers in America… but they’re badthink workers.

FedEx Chief Operating Officer Raj Subramaniam said during an earnings call this week that there have been “widespread inefficiencies” in its operation due to “constrained labor markets” which have ultimately forced the company to divert packages.

There are more than 600,000 packages a day being rerouted across the entire FedEx Ground network, according to Subramaniam.

QED. “I am Director Pajeet and I cannot find anybody in this wealthy, trusting new country to work a job. I am reluctantly forced to import all 25,000 of my cousins at your expense.”

Of course FedEx is far from alone. According to Fox Business, a desire to hire workers is very widespread right now…

[article quote]All 12 industry sectors in the U.S. reported having “hiring intentions at ten-year highs” with plans to bring workers back following the pandemic, according to ManpowerGroup’s Employment Outlook Survey of nearly 45,000 employers around the world.

“This recovery is unlike any we have seen before with hiring intent picking up much faster than after the previous economic downturn,” ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising said.[/quote]

The centralization suggested by the existence of this ManpowerGroup also suggests the possibility of entire global industries doing “choir practice”.

[Another quote]Some 69% of employers worldwide are having trouble finding the people they need, with countries like India, Romania and Singapore reporting a particularly difficult time hiring. The poll results, which include data from over 45,000 employers from 43 countries and territories, underscores just how desperate companies are getting. While half of them are dangling monetary incentives, 20% are offering non-financial benefits like extra vacation days or, yes, the ability to do (certain) drugs in the employee’s free time without worrying about repercussions.[/quote]

Hmm. HALF of them are offering more money and a FIFTH are offering more humane working conditions… and that only out of desperation. It’s a Scooby-Doo mystery why people don’t want to work for them.

If they’re even being allowed to work for them.

Did you ever think that we would see the day when India was complaining about a labor shortage?

I just looked it up, and Google says that India has 1.366 billion people.

How in the world can they have a labor shortage?

Most are illiterate, 5/6 of the remainder are wrong-caste and the rest are Pajeet’s cousins transplanted to America? Maybe USA importing all those workers might have left the homeland with fewer workers.

Why do all these Global Citizens look like plantation slaves?

Even deeply impoverished countries like Vietnam are experiencing a shortage of labor. The government recently had to call out the army to help with the rice harvest, and you can see photos of that right here.

It seems simple to me. Megacorps came to depend upon mass relocations of desperate people for profit margin optimization. Plandemic hysteria made mass relocations not happen so easily. The situation instantly became desperate because saving for a rainy day is a chump move. Megacorp must now enslave the locals! because otherwise, Megacorp might go out of business.

Also, methinks the peoples of the world have had about enough of globalization. It’s just a euphemism for dehumanization and exploitation. Our Elites ordering us to be literally faceless and permanently cease all human contact is… I can’t even. It’s cruel. It hurts.

Even the people who don’t rebel, will eventually burn out.

All over the planet, this sort of thing is happening. At this point, things are so bad that it is being reported that “the global food ecosystem is buckling due to a shortage of staff”…

In all of recorded history, we have never seen a simultaneous labor shortage all over the globe.

Just a few years ago, we had way more people than we had jobs.

So where did all the people go? That is a question that all of us should be asking.

They were told to stop living. So they did. Meanwhile, their cultures were gutted by Globohomo and replaced with the Narrative that with enough surgery and drugs, men can give birth, too. People have nothing to live FOR. Then again, maybe the people didn’t go anywhere. Maybe it’s Globohomo ‘redefining the employment relationship’ to the next lower level… one that nobody would accept if they had a choice.

Needless to say, the past few years have turned all of our lives upside down. The way that national governments have responded to the COVID pandemic has definitely had far-reaching repercussions, and that will continue to be true for the foreseeable future.

No, no, no. TRANSnational governments have IMPLEMENTED the COVID pandemic. Try to keep up, dumbass. The stupid, it hurts!

Klaus Schwab: “We izz planning a Great Reset to ooo-sher in zee Global Empire of Satan.”

Pundit: “Heehee. What a kidder!”

*Great Reset happens. Event 201 followed by Event Coof. Schwab nods approvingly and proceeds to Event Cyber Polygon.*

Pundit: “Oh noes! Disaster! Who could possibly have predicted this! Black swan! Who will lead our multinational global corporations away from Christian concern for the welfare of people who don’t want to work in global-marketplace conditions?”

If the globe cannot handle the COVID pandemic, what in the world is going to happen when something far more serious comes along? You might want to start thinking about that, because things are only going to get crazier from this point forward.

You have no idea, Mr. Snyder, but we Christians do.

“Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty.” James 5:4.

“And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over [the Whore Of Babylon], for no one buys their merchandise anymore: merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory, every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble; and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and the bodies and souls of men. Revelation 18:11-13

Those container ships that can’t unload? Maybe the transnational cabal doesn’t want them to unload. Lack of goods to purchase could drive economic inflation and desperation. Oh look, the holiday shopping season is coming! I wonder if our politicians will try to Cancel Christmas again on the presumption that Christ Jesus is a disease… this time by banning gifts!

Those jobs that “nobody wants to work at”? Maybe the shredder ate all the applicants and Globocorp now has “no choice” but MOAR MIGRATION!!! or worse. It wouldn’t be the first time they did it. I was there the first time.

People are not refusing to work. They are insisting that they be treated like people, not interchangeable homo economicus, but megacorps are using the occasion to pre-justify the next step of the New World Order.

7 thoughts on “Is There Really A Worker Shortage?

  1. I was going to write about this. Thanks for doing so. In my local area (not a democrat commie hellhole, but a r commie hellhole), everyone is complaining about companies not hiring despite please for applicants. Some stores have re closed altogether because employees “won’t show up”. Yet every parent is complaining that their kids can’t find work.

    I go on YouTube and see a person I follow talking about the exact same thing where they live, 2,000 miles away.

    Meanwhile, major corporations – including grocery chains, are firing. Hospitals are also firing (because they know after Covid they won’t need as many tik Tok dancers … er… nurses).

    It’s not unemployment incentives. It’s no longer ppp loans.

    I think we are in a recession that Cough relied masked

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  2. Heh. I worked for one of those contract labor companies, “Modern Engineering”, back in the late nineties. I was two years out of engineering school at the time. My customer, a ‘Big Three’ auto maker, had two types of engineers – permanent employees of the company, and the contract engineers.

    The engineers who were direct employees of the customer were all old white men nearing retirement. The contract engineers, with the sole exception of myself, were young non-white men from 3rd world countries such as India and Cameroon.

    I still don’t know for sure why I was hired, outside of divine provedence. My guess is the customer was in a hurry to get ISO 9000-certified, and didn’t have time to wait for some foreigner to complete the visa process. Anyway, this stuff happens in all industries that have need of engineers, which means all industries.

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  3. I’m…was a web developer…but nowdays every company wants literally every technology that exists all in the same person. Even the so-called “entry level” jobs except 5 years experience in obscure technologies. Its retarded.

    Add to that that these stupid companies are all either gonna make you wear masks all day, get the vaxx, or be “temporarily remote”….and its no wonder there’s “worker shortage” based both on companies being retarded in their requirements AND people not wanting to work for companies that are afraid of a cold to an idiotic degree.

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  4. I begin to wonder about Mr. Michael Snyder. While his two blogs have always been on the alarmist side, that alarmism, combined with the glib naivete of his most recent content, is getting to be just downright fecking annoying. He cannot possibly be as clueless about the root of current events as he pretends to be. That kind of writing is usually the province of the disinformation organs of Deep State Globohomo.


  5. I originally trained for a career in FIRE… Graduated at a high rank… Never got a job.

    Sorry to hear that GunnerQ.
    The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Even that love from within a corporation.

    Yes, without stupid government restrictions, and assuming a willingness to treat people well and pay them market rates or even a bit above, there will not be prolonged worker shortages. The market will adjust to where there are needs, including the labour market.

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  6. ‘I begin to wonder about Mr. Michael Snyder.’

    I don’t frequent his page anymore. Not balanced, concentrates too much on spectacular-alarmism like many others. That drives traffic but creates an inbred content and commentariat, in which both the site owner and commenters are hostile to correction or criticism. Can’t see him guarding my six.

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