US Secret Service Chooses Chinese Surveillance Drones

In an entertainingly disturbing preview of America’s Civil War 2, the Bidenreich has decided to embrace Chinese surveillance tech.

Scoop: U.S. government buying risky Chinese drones

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By Lachlan Markay, 22 September 2021

Federal law enforcement agencies are purchasing surveillance drones from a Chinese company the Pentagon has deemed a potential national security threat, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: Efforts to purge military and law enforcement agencies of potentially compromised Chinese technology have stalled amid bureaucratic red tape, and experts worry the federal government is needlessly exposing itself to snooping by malicious foreign actors.

I suppose an all-Chinese-American Presidential Detail would have been too much to get away with.

But that’s exactly the point of what the Bidenreich is doing. They aren’t stupid, Potato Joe not counting…

…therefore, what they are doing MUST be avoiding the greater threat. Logically, at least.

Driving the news: The U.S. Secret Service is the latest to purchase surveillance drones from the Shenzhen-based company DJI, which dominates the commercial drone market in the U.S. and abroad.

The Secret Service bought eight DJI drones on July 26, according to procurement records obtained by the industry publication IPVM and shared with Axios.

That was three days after the Defense Department released a statement saying DJI products “pose potential threats to national security.”

The FBI bought 19 DJI drones a few days earlier, records show.

This ties in perfectly with my theory that the Afghanistan pullout was Bidenreich sabotaging the mil-MIC. The latter has many excellent drone systems to offer… that’s where China got their designs… so this is a blatant snub against the neocons.

Which means the FBI and CIA aren’t friends? That would be an interesting shadow war.

The context: DJI makes an array of consumer products that are tremendously popular, including the Phantom and Mavic drone series, as well as the Osmo image-stabilization handle.

While the products are used for personal and commercial purposes, they also require the user to download proprietary DJI software, and to fly using mapping databases that have the potential to be monitored remotely.

Security concerns surrounding these products are longstanding, but DJI insists all such concerns are unfounded and based on misunderstanding or misrepresentation of its technology.

If you can’t trust a Chinese spy taking money from in the Bidenreich then you just can’t trust anybody.

I’m already hanging out on that street corner.

In 2017, the Department of Homeland Security — the Secret Service’s parent agency — stated with “moderate confidence” that DJI was “providing U.S. critical infrastructure and law enforcement data to the Chinese government.”

Just like every American manufacturing company has since China got permanent Normal Trade Relations  status in the last year of the Slick Willie Clinton Presidency. The fact that the Secret Service prefers to be spied upon by China than by Lockheed Martin says much about the current state of inner-circle affairs.


Post-script, something interesting when I refreshed my memory on China getting PNTR status. Per wikipedia, the strongest effort to repeal that obviously-bribed trade status was led by Bernie Sanders in 2005, with 61 co-sponsors.

Rep. Sanders said to the house, “anyone who takes an objective look at our trade policy with China must conclude that is an absolute failure and needs to be fundamentally overhauled”.

Funny how THAT didn’t come up in the elections last year.

2 thoughts on “US Secret Service Chooses Chinese Surveillance Drones

  1. “That was three days after the Defense Department released a statement saying DJI products “pose potential threats to national security.”

    Apparently, so does the FBI.


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