Double Christian Captain Save-A-Ho

I miss the 80s for all kinds of reasons. Even the 90s, because that was when you could discuss advanced theology such as “does Heaven exist?” or “the Dead Sea Scrolls”. These days, a Christian theologian’s time is occupied primarily by explaining that men and women are different. It gets old.

But rarely boring.

After failed stint as pastor’s wife, Nadia Hilton returns to porn as a ‘Christian’

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By Leonardo Blair, 21 September 2021

The title is misleading. She was the co-pastor… because men and women aren’t different at all!

Crystal DiGregorio, popularly known by her stage name Nadia Hilton, has resurrected her X-rated career on the online subscription service OnlyFans after an unsuccessful stint as a pastor’s wife.

DiGregorio, now 37, previously appeared in 100 pornographic films over some 10 years before giving her life to God in 2014 and marrying Fulton, New York, Pentecostal minister Rev. David Bassette in 2015, reported.

Is that what repentance looks like? I’m not feeling it.

Segue to the wedding announcement!

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By J.P. Smith, 1 January 2015

Rev. David Bassette, a Pentecostal minister in Fulton, N.Y., and porno actress Crystal DiGregorio
SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Crystal DiGregorio and Dave Bassette fell in love at church.

It sounds almost cliche, but theirs is a union no one — including them — would have expected. The Oswego woman is a former adult movie actress. He is a Pentecostal minister in Fulton.

That IS a cliche.

“I never saw myself going this extreme,” said DiGregorio, who now works as a paralegal and only wear skirts that go past her knees. “But God leads you in these directions.”

DiGregorio, 30, went by the name Nadia Hilton in her movies. She made her last film in June. She’s done with the x-rated movies forever now, she said.

DiGregorio and Bassette starting dating in August.

She turned 30, quit porn work in June and was dating a pastor’s kid by August? The smart money says she got knocked up and this time, didn’t want an abortion.

She had started going to church at Oswego River of Life, where Bassette’s father is the minister. DiGregorio noticed Bassette when he came there to perform some baptisms over the summer. But she didn’t think of dating him.

Bassette, 23, was young for her.

He grew up in a very sheltered environment. Presumably raised ignorant of female sexuality… Sexually inexperienced at peak horniness… I cannot believe that she “just happened” to find him.

Enter Jessica Reynolds, DiGregorio’s sister. She’s been friends with Bassette for years, he said, and thought the two of them would hit it off. Bassette said she didn’t tell the two of them she was setting them up. Instead, she just invited them both to a card game without telling the other.

The chemistry was instant. They started dating immediately. And she started attending his smaller church: Pentecostals of Fulton.

She seduced him and he thought with his little head. I can’t prove it but tell me I’m wrong.

There has been anecdotal evidence bouncing around in the Manosphere, that some feral women target Godly men to discredit and sabotage. This is yet another data point in that direction. I won’t tell you how to vet for a wife but I will tell you that a single-mother veteran of the hardcore-porn movie industry who kept her Christ-hating friends after discovering Jesus and is a recovering alcoholic with a recent DUI crash, who (spoiler) was once worth 100 times more than your probable lifetime earnings, is not the Heavenly match you’re looking for.

Bassette said he loves that DiGregorio decided to change her life not for him, but for herself and for God.

He couldn’t possibly have been that stupid… I hate my species and I hate useless pastors who are so ignorant of evil that they cannot protect their own sons. “The good shepherd doesn’t know that some wolves are female. The good shepherd is NICE!”

Meanwhile, according to CBN News, at her peak she was making $30,000 per month and owned a $10M residence in Malibu. “God saved her from porn” when she filed for bankruptcy… and found Twu Wuv within a month!

DiGregorio had already left the adult movie business and stopped drinking when they met.

She said she had a life-changing moment when she crashed her car while driving drunk in March. A friend was supposed to drive, but was too drunk, so DiGregorio got behind the wheel. She crashed the car and broke her nose.

“I haven’t had a drink since that date,” she said. “It was a wake-up call for me.”

A wake-up call that being the designated driver means “don’t get hammered”?

Bassette impressed DiGregorio because he was good, kind and hard-working. Aside from being a minister, he also works at Time-Warner cable. But the thing that topped her list: “He loves my kids. He’s really good to my kids.”

She has two sons, 5 and 14.

She was ALREADY a single mother, too?

Bassette said he doesn’t worry much about DiGregorio’s past.

“If Christ left it there, who am I to bring it out,” Bassette said. “My past isn’t that great, either.”

This is what happens when the young men of the Church have their egos crushed out of all proportion to Scriptural teachings. Yes, we all need a Savior; but young man, you deserve WAY BETTER than a skank-whore baby momma strung-out drug addict for a wife.

You deserve a virgin who likes you, not a used battleaxe demanding that her bastards come first in your marriage.

He said their love is a little like Shakepeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Some of her friends don’t like him because they think she’s being brainwashed. Some of his friends don’t like her because of her past.

Neither of them care.

Bassette had good friends that he didn’t listen to, just as original Adam had God as a friend… that he didn’t listen to. Meanwhile, she had Christ-haters for friends to set her up. Just as original Eve did?

On Oct. 11, before heading home, Bassette dropped down on one knee and pulled a box out of his pocket. He cracked it open, showing a diamond ring surrounded by pink stones and asked DiGregorio to marry him.

“I cried,” DiGregorio said. And then she said yes.

They’re getting married Jan. 10, 2015, where they first met at his father’s church in Oswego. Bassette’s church in Fulton isn’t quite big enough for the 400 people they’re planning to invite.


For the biblical justification of this type of retardation: Hosea married the prostitute Gomer

End segue

She and her then-husband, who is now 30, both led New Beginnings Christian Life Church.

If I ever found a new church, I might call it something like Jilted Lover Christian Church or Chapel of Consequences. Truth in advertising, yo. And shouldn’t there be a “Second Baptist Church” by now?

Officials at the church could not be reached for comment by The Christian Post on Monday. But DiGregorio, who is now divorced and remarried with a newborn…

The classic baby trap.

…revealed in a recent interview with “Brand New Me,” an international YouTube series… that her life in the church was “extremely difficult.”

“After porn, I did a 180 and became a Christian, and now, I just want to be me. Doing OnlyFans as a Christian, I know I’m going to have criticism. People are already telling me that I’m going to Hell, but the way I look at it is this — nobody in this world can send me to Hell, nobody. Only God can,” she said.

At this point, I feel safe saying that DiGregorio is damned and Unforgiveable. It’s not a line that you can cross by accident or in a moment of weakness. She made the cold, calculated choice to spit on Christ’s salvation.

My experience as a pastor was extremely difficult. I have a lot of respect for pastors and the stuff they go through after going through it myself. They judge you by everything. God forbid a pastor has a drink of wine or any alcoholic beverage, anything because you’re definitely going to Hell for that.”

Projection here. No way was this longtime alcoholic judged for “a drink of wine” while being the boss.

“When I was in church, it was girls can’t wear pants. You have to wear skirts. You can’t wear make-up. You can’t dye your hair. You can’t cut your hair. God forbid you show any cleavage. You’re going to Hell for all those things. So, I literally went from one extreme to the next,” she added.

More projection. “They didn’t let me show ANY skin!” said the woman who went on to say…

“The way I look at posting adult content is God brought me into this world naked,” she said. “Posting pictures naked, I don’t think is this huge crime or this big sin.”

Since her divorce from Bassette, DiGregorio has found a new husband, identified in the truly interview as “Andrew.” He runs her OnlyFans account.

This ride’s not over yet? How is this ride not over yet? She’s pushing 40, had a bunch of kids and is more used than a Porta-potty at Burning Man… and ANOTHER Captain Save-a-Ho came along? To run her X-rated Christian video ministry on OnlyFans?

She’s not even making money at OF. She can’t be. The pics of her in this linked article… she hit through the Wall and road-rashed her way to a Final Stop.

“When Crystal mentioned the OnlyFans, at first I didn’t take it serious,” Andrew said. “She just mentioned it quick. And when she mentioned it again, I told her, ‘I’m not here to control you.’ I want you to do what makes you happy, as long as it doesn’t break up our marriage. … I told her I support her 100%.”

Original. Fracking. Sin.

“I think for me, my life was totally different,” she said. “I was abused while I was a kid, went through some seriously bad things. So my attention and everything that I needed went into that direction.”

I mostly don’t care about the calls for parallel institutions that go around the Manosphere. Yes, we need them; no, we aren’t going to get them. What we truly need are fathers who can recognize evil and are in a position to protect and raise their children… and the wicked brought to wicked ends. Until then, it doesn’t matter what we build.

It’ll just be inhabited by the Whores of Babylon.

9 thoughts on “Double Christian Captain Save-A-Ho

  1. Instead of feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, modern “Christians” want to get on the internet and look at the naked.


  2. Jewish author Philip Roth was said to have a fetish if gentiles and Christians. I never read his Portnoy’s Complaint, but I hear his Jewish male protagonist deflowered some young Christian and/or Catholic virgins, in nasty sex scenes.

    Woody Allen also had the hots for young gentile girls (e.g., Manhattan) as well as Asians.

    And there is such a thing as “nun porn,” brought to us by mostly Jewish pornographers.

    So I assume that “Christian” porn stars have a large Jewish following.


  3. “Yes, we all need a Savior; but young man, you deserve WAY BETTER than a skank-whore baby momma strung-out drug addict for a wife.”

    And on top of all that, she can’t budget and save, either 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Those who don’t get laid in HS have a hard time with the hoochie mama hoes later in life.
    If you don’t know where it has been or didn’t go to school with it and know the whole backstory then don’t sleep with it.
    Even the quality of porn stars is down in the egalitarian Chiquitastan!


  5. The sins of Adam and Eve saturate America. What a typical tale of destruction and woe. Emasculated fathers are helpless to protect their sons from the legions of she-wolves. Christian leaders are no better, in fact often they are worse.

    Recently I wrote about a junior-pastor in a small town who was close in age to Bassette, and likewise was far too unprepared and inexperienced to lead a flock of Christ. He also was engaged and, I think, likely the son of the senior pastor. This kid Bassette never had a chance against a hardened predator like (tee hee!) Crystal. She reeled him in, used him up, and discarded him, all very clinical and vampiric . . . and the Christian Post assures us that she is a hero.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. This is a cautionary tale for Christian men. Who’s your God. Is it the god of the Bible or indulging women’s feelings. Most churches are filled with women that have 10x the sexual experiences of the men in attendance. Bassett met his ex-wife through his sister. He coddled their feelings and he’s paying the price.

    Liked by 2 people

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