Muh’Lady Is In Danger! UK Edition

There is a pecking order to Social Justice. Normally, noggers rate higher than white knights but this might be changing in England. Two young Englishmen were walking down the street, saw women being rayyped by noggers, charged in and heroically became statistics after the women admitted it wasn’t like that.

I can’t use the word “victim” anywhere here.

Hero who stopped ‘rape of two girls’ on high street suffers horror injuries

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By Rob Andrews & Bradley Jolly, 8 September 2021

The young men, aged 19 and 25, are recovering in hospital with one requiring facial reconstruction surgery due to the severe impact of his wounds. They reportedly stepped in at around 5.20am yesterday in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, after seeing the girls in distress.

What were they doing on the street at 5am on a Tuesday? Going to a job, I assume, which denies them even the excuse of being drunk off their asses.

Family members told how the two lads were then brutally attacked and one of them was stamped on as he lay on the floor, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports.

That’s what heroism looks like?

Staffordshire Police have released descriptions of two men they want to speak to following yesterday’s attack.

Detectives are still looking for the predators, described as young black men, one wearing a white, short-sleeved t-shirt and black waistcoat with blue jeans, the other was wearing dark clothing.

Friends and relatives have praised the Good Samaritans who are understood to have saved the girls.

Ben Mortimer said: “My stepson and his friend showed pure bravery to prevent the rape of two girls. These two deserve a medal for putting themselves in danger. My stepson has multiple broken bones in his face due to the guys stamping on his face.”

Um, yay. That’ll show those punks to not mess with England..?

So at least one of them is from a split family. Original Sin rears its ugly head again. Baby Momma is surrounded by men who have abandoned their position of authority to literally die for any woman at any time, regardless of circumstances, and call it ‘heroic’ instead of ‘stupid’. It’s the Curse of Adam that makes that sound like a good idea.

Shelly Metcalfe added: “Just so everyone knows. My brother and his friend stopped an attempted rape and they got beat up for it by two black men, one with short dreads and one with a shaved head.”

Just so everyone knows… no.


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Initial reports indicated that the men stepped in to prevent rape. A Staffordshire Police spokesperson told Insider: “We want to clarify that, following inquiries, there was not a report of attempted rape of a female ahead of an assault of two men that took place on Stafford Street in Hanley on 5 September 2021.”

There was, however, an “allegation of a woman being touched inappropriately,” the spokesperson said.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, sexual assault is when a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or when a person touches another person sexually without their consent. Touching can be done with any part of the body or with an object.

Translation, the victims decided to not press charges against their lovers.

End Segue

Neil Watkins said: “Two heroes. I hope they have a speedy recovery because without them the outcome for the two young girls would have been horrendous.

“Take a bow lads you should be proud of yourselves regardless of the outcome.”

Maybe next time they could help an innocent or at least, fight off the attackers instead of getting literally stomped. This is England so I don’t blame them for not being armed; regardless, if you can’t throw a decent punch then don’t volunteer for a street fight.

Officers continue to investigate Hanley, which is Stoke’s main shopping and business area.

“I’ll save you, muh’Lady! I will give my life for you!”

“Damn right you will, that be my boyfriend you be going at! I won’t let him go back to jail!”

Moral of the story, if she isn’t your sister and you don’t already like her husband then her problems are HER problems. Not yours. This is what ending feminism looks like.

8 thoughts on “Muh’Lady Is In Danger! UK Edition

  1. FYI, I learned from Vox Day’s blog that in England such wymen are called “coal burners”.

    Anyway, White Knighting has no upside (as far as I’ve been able to discern). And, as your post shows, it can have a grievous downside. Mark Hamill, who played/plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, was in a car accident that disfigured his face. I think it was between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. My mother, not knowing this fact, noted that he “grew up to be ugly”. These lads’ lives may have been forever stunted, due to the importance that modern society places on good looks.

    “What were they doing on the street at 5am on a Tuesday? Going to a job, I assume, which denies them even the excuse of being drunk off their asses.”

    Most likely going to work, as you say. And let me state up front, if they are working lads, good on ’em. But in England I don’t think we can rule out “coming home from a drinking session” just because it’s 5 AM. They still could have been fueled by liquid courage. Don’t bring a buzz to a street fight.

    “So at least one of them is from a split family. Original Sin rears its ugly head again.”


    “Translation, the victims decided to not press charges against their lovers.”

    Double “word”.

    “This is what ending feminism looks like.”

    Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Pun intended.

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  2. ‘So at least one of them is from a split family. Original Sin rears its ugly head again. Baby Momma is surrounded by men who have abandoned their position of authority to literally die for any woman at any time, regardless of circumstances, and call it ‘heroic’ instead of ‘stupid’. It’s the Curse of Adam that makes that sound like a good idea.’

    God knows I’ve tried to dissuade these men over the past few decades. Christian and conservative alike. But their fealty is to woman, not to my Father. They obey females, as this OP witnesses, even unknown females rule over them and command their deeply conditioned behavior. Females as living idols to foolish and subjugated Western men.

    I see Christian men on the internet, bragging about how somebody’s Special Princess smashed the glass ceiling, struck a blow against the patriarchy, etc. The women coo.
    Then in the next breath these doods go on about spending eternity with God. How would that be exactly? Eternity with the CREATOR OF THE PATRIARCHY? Father does not need any human acolytes of the goddess in heaven. He’s already got clever angels to deal with.

    Some of these men are well-versed in Scripture, and a few even have select understanding of the spiritual events of our latter days. But the Curse of Adam they cannot overcome, nor even acknowledge. It is the only bridge too far. However, it is a bridge they must cross if they expect to enter the Kingdom.

    Some wait with earnest expectation of harpazo, calculating times and reading signs, but I despair for them because the Lord will not bring them up with their souls full of the teachings of satan, as they gleefully share in the Sin of Adam, worshipping women, and so reject the Lord anew each day. God kicked them out of Eden for THAT ONE SIN . . . but now with that sin magnified a billionfold, He will welcome them into the Eternal Eden?

    Count yourself blessed not to be among them. Continue to offer them the truth, especially this utterly undigestible truth about the sins of Adam and Eve, ever alive and devouring us. In this way eventually some will come out of her, though the whole world is against you. These are the foundation stones of the King’s Millennium.

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  3. I don’t completely agree with GunnerQ’s conclusion here. I won’t hesitate to step in and protect the Weak, regardless of their sex. However, I also would never step in unless I thought I was going to win. For instance: I would probably not pick a fight with two huge black dudes by myself without a weapon. But, if I’m confident that I can leave the bad guys lying unconscious, then I would do so. Like I said though, it’s not about male or female for me. I see a little guy getting beaten up I may need to inquire of two beaters if I have a problem with them.
    To echo the event described in the article, my father, decades ago, along with another guy “saved” some woman from being raped and then, naturally, she didn’t want to press charges. So… it is probably unwise to intervene unless real violence is being meted out, and then only if you are prepared to deal with it.
    All of this stems more from my hatred for bullies and gangbangers than it does from any love for women or the helpless.


  4. One problem with intervening is that (depending on the jurisdiction) the law is not necessarily on your side, especially if:

    1. You intervene with a gun,

    2. You’re white, and the villains are of color,

    3. You injure the villains.

    In jurisdictions, you see a gang attacking someone. You intervene and shoot one of the gangbangers. You’re now facing an assault charge, or even murder. Not to mention civil lawsuits.

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  5. The message needs to be sent to women that when they take themselves out from under the protection of the man responsible for them (i.e., their father, husband, older brother, older male relative or guardian) they immediately put themselves in all sorts of jeopardy that they can’t get themselves out of on their own. Also, by their assertion of their own independence they’ve de facto removed the responsibility for their protection and wellbeing from ANY man. That is, no man is obligated to protect or assist them.

    It is a test of women’s agency. If they have it, then they and they alone are responsible for the consequences of putting themselves in harm’s way. If they don’t have it, then they are unfit to live under their own authority and must surrender themselves to male authority.


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