Contact Tracer Pants On Fire

Contact tracing is one of those hellishly Orwellian concepts that society somehow accepted as normal five minutes after its introduction. “Don’t worry, we only keep track of who your friends and associates are… and everywhere you’ve been… just in case you fail a purity test. You wouldn’t want to be a walking, breathing threat to society, now would you?”

Today is a twofer, mocking both contact tracers AND fact checkers for the lying shits they are!

EXCLUSIVE: Washington public school forces student athletes to wear ankle monitors for purposes of COVID segregation: parents

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By Ari Hoffman, 24 August 2021

One unnamed mother told the Post Millennial that her daughter had only just arrived at volleyball team practice when she received a text message revealing that the team coach was asking her child to put on an ankle monitor.

“The teen did not answer the mother’s follow up texts or calls,” the outlet’s Ari Hoffmann wrote. “The mother assumed she was playing during practice and attempted to contact the school via phone. No one at the school was able to answer her questions about the monitor, so she drove to the building.”

When she arrived at the school, the mother said that she encountered an employee in the school office, who reportedly told her that there was a meeting held the previous week discussing the “ankle monitoring program.”

The program, the staffer reportedly told the mother, was intended for contact tracing in the event of any student’s positive COVID-19 test.

The coach also reportedly told the mother that use of the device was intended to inform players when they were not distanced enough, and was only reportedly intended for use at indoor practice… The device, according to the outlet, provides a “visual and audible alarm” so that any individual, who may come into unnecessarily close contact with another person, will “know when to adjust their current distance to a proper social distance.”

That is child abuse, forcing them to wear tracking devices that warn them whenever they move within six feet of another human being.

The coach also added that the school reportedly handed out opt-out forms during the previous week’s meeting, but the unnamed mom said that she never received any such forms, nor was she ever made aware of such a program.

The devices, according to the outlet, were not mentioned in the school’s updated 2021-22 school year policies.

Parent Jason Ostendorf is also angry over the practice.

He told the News Tribune that students have enough to deal with these days amid a global pandemic.

“It’s just one more thing they’re doing to the kids through this whole COVID thing,” he insisted. “The vaccine, now be tracked when you’re at practice. Where does this end? I feel like this is an experiment on our kids to see how much we can put them through before they start breaking.”

Maybe because it is.

Ostendorf added that he was told if he refused to sign the permission slip, his children would not be permitted to play on team sports.

That means it’s “optional” and therefore, legal!

In a statement to the Post Millennial, school board director Matt Marshall told the outlet that the school has decided to stop using the devices “until proper procedures including community input and board approval process occur.”

Insufficient. They’re only sorry that they got caught. Justice demands punishment! Marshall is unfit to ever have authority over children again in his life. Treating children like paroled murderers was not an oopsie.

Eatonville School District Superintendent Gary Neal also spoke out about the controversy and said that the monitors were not intended to segregate the student population.

A second Child of the Devil, lying through his teeth.  “They don’t segregate! They only isolate!”

“We received grant funding (known as ESSER III) that specifically included provisions to support higher-risk athletic programs, and we used some of those funds to pay for athletic proximity monitors,” Neal said.

How about we repurpose those to School District Superintendent proximity monitors? They can opt-out by quitting their cushy job.

“We are using these monitors for high contact and moderate indoor contact sports. The monitors are for both staff (coaches) and students on the field, regardless if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. If a student or coach tests positive, we will have immediate information regarding athletes’ and coaches’ contacts, so we can more tightly determine who might need to quarantine,” he continued, sharing the same language posted on the school’s online FAQ page.

Get vaxxed, they said. We’ll let you live a normal life again if only you voluntarily consent to the vaxx, they said. Sorry, we changed our mind, no normal life for you ever again, they said.

Fortunately, the uproar over this was strong enough that fact-checkers were deployed to salvage the Narrative.

High school falsely accused by conservative outlet of forcing unvaccinated teens to wear ankle monitors

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By Mikael Thalen, 25 August 2021

An article from the Post Millennial asserted that unvaccinated teens at Eatonville High School had been singled out for electronic monitoring as part of a COVID-19 contact tracing program.

The article quickly gained widespread attention among opponents of coronavirus health measures and was even shared by Donald Trump Jr.

“Totally normal stuff guys,” the former president’s son tweeted. “People better start paying attention because this doesn’t end well in my opinion.”

Yet the article’s own headline is contradicted in the very first paragraph, which notes that the program was aimed only at students involved in athletics regardless of vaccination status.

“A 15-year-old girl was allegedly forced to wear an ankle tracking monitor for volleyball practice at Eatonville High School in Washington state as a condition of participating in team sports,” the article begins. “This was required of both vaccinated and unvaccinated students.”

Haha, Trump voters! We weren’t maltreating unvaxxed students! We were maltreating BOTH vaxxed AND unvaxxed students! The children we singled out were only the student athletes… and you didn’t accuse us of that! Suckers! And honestly, the program would have expanded to the entire school by now if you hadn’t complained about the pilot program.

Speaking over the phone with the Daily Dot, a representative for the Eatonville School District stated that the program is entirely opt-in and requires signed permission slips from parents. The school also says it held a meeting with parents to inform them about the program.

Update 11:12am CT: A spokesperson for Eatonville originally told the Daily Dot that trackers were entirely voluntary. But this morning, the school revised its statement to the Daily Dot to note that students could opt-out, but if they did they would not be allowed to participate in sports.

However, the Post Millennial’s framing that the school was forcing unvaccinated students to wear monitors, the basis of this article, remains untrue. The program was for everyone, not unvaccinated people. The Post Millennial has since updated its own headline to correct its inaccuracies [so it’s not just us who got caught in an easily disproven lie].

“You can trust our fact-checkers because our confessions of cover-up and error are referred to as ‘updates’.”

[Continuing original article]

The devices, known as TraceTags, are designed to monitor which students come into contact with one another only while playing sports. If a student at any point tests positive for COVID-19, the school can use the devices’ data to alert other students who may have been exposed.

Alert them that they’re under house arrest for two weeks.

The TraceTags are not specifically designed to be worn on the ankle and, according to the device’s manufacturer Triax, can be “affixed to any hardhat or worn on the body for proximity detection and contact tracing.”

We don’t force students to wear ankle monitors! We force them to wear ankle, wrist and/or headband monitors! Totally different!

The district representative noted that the controversy appears to have occurred after a new student attended a volleyball practice and was asked to wear one of the devices. The teen’s mother had reportedly not been made aware of the program and had not signed a permission slip either, signaling a possible oversight on behalf of the school.

This atrocity was neither an oversight nor a controversy. You don’t treat children like inmates!

On Tuesday, the Eatonville High School’s website published an FAQ section that answered questions about the program. The school referred to the devices as “proximity monitors for high contact and moderate indoor contact sports.”

“The monitors are for both staff (coaches) and students on the field, regardless of vaccination status,” the statement reads.

Gary Neal, the superintendent for the Eatonville School District, also published a letter addressing the concerns. Neal stated that the sensors were “only worn during participation in the sport” and would allow the school to quickly find any students who may have been exposed.

Why would you need a monitor if the student was playing with a known group of teammates regardless? Answer: “pilot program”. Desensitization.

“This system prevents taking students out of school and athletics unnecessarily,” Neal added. “It allows us to keep more students engaged and involved in class as well as athletic activities. This is a top priority for staff and families here in Eatonville.”

It remains unclear if any objections were made to the program by actual students or parents before its spread online this week.

Never mind that the Post Millennial gave the name of at least one parent.

Eatonville told the Daily Dot that it has now shelved the devices until further notice.

Homeschool Or Die has never been truer.

So, about those trackers…

In the Time of COVID-19 – How Will You Maintain Safe Working Distances?

h ttps://

Businesses are facing significant challenges in maintaining social distancing guidelines and they lack real-time insight into whether these guidelines are being observed in their facilities.

Leveraging our commercial solution for workforce monitoring we have developed a proximity alert and contact tracing solution – Proximity Trace – to address two key areas of assistance:

    • Active feedback to the worker, in the form of a visual and audible alarm, so individuals know when to adjust their current distance to a proper social distance
    • Passive collection of worker interactions for contact tracing should an individual test positive

It’s an evolution of their flagship product: employee tracking IDs integrated into the Internet Of Things, so Director Pajeet can watch his drones take bathroom breaks in real-time. Valuable efficiency savings to the company!

Mandatory drug tests were only the beginning.

The main device of Proximity Trace, the TraceTag™, is affixed to any hardhat or worn on the body for proximity detection and contact tracing. Together we can keep people safer by maintaining social distances in the workplace and help support organizations’ strategies for getting back to work.

Being able to properly comply with social distancing guidelines is critical to containing and slowing the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, having a log of all worker interactions for contact tracing, in the event that a worker is diagnosed with COVID-19, will help to accelerate the process for further containment and isolation.

The trackers were originally intended for the workplace not the school. *sigh* I hope the Big Important Executive versions of them have built-in tasers, so the workers can at least enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Director Pajeet breaking his own rules as a show of status.

Remember, folks, you must trust your government instead of hard data! Children are dying of Coof by the billions… if you can’t see them then you’re not loyal enough!

7 thoughts on “Contact Tracer Pants On Fire

  1. The bright side of all this “world gone mad” stuff is that we now have an experimentally verified data point for how long it takes a thriving, Christian nation to completely devolve into an Orwellian nightmare, after giving women the vote: What is “100 years”, Alex? Correct!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Acolytes of the new religion, the Cathedral of Fear. Finally they have importance. Finally meaning in their lives, and it feels tingly to place others in bondage. For their own safety and the general welfare of course. Doing their part and a good living it is, too.

    The West is just one big Zimbardo Experiment now.


  3. ‘What is “100 years”, Alex? Correct!’

    It took EXACTLY 100 years for America to decay from a populist Christian-Republic nation to a Feminist-Socialist nation. And after that 100 years expired, the citizens of the nation were muzzled and locked down, just as Israel went down into Babylon.

    The Lord used the exact measurement because He wants to make it very clear to the U.S., and to the world, WHY the nation has been delivered into bondage. It is because the nation repeated Adam’s sin, which was to LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE WOMAN instead of listening to the voice of God.

    Shepherds came to the nation, to rebuke it and to deliver God’s will, but the nation would not have them, neither conservative nor Christian. To say nothing of the Leftists.

    And so the nation was expelled from Little Eden, even as the man and woman were expelled from the original condition of nearness to God, from the condition of bliss.


  4. Ray, I must disagree with you. It has been more than 100 years. Giving women the vote happened in 1920, a remarkable coincidence, to be sure. But the socialism that we are seeing was vibrant and healthily growing for decades before 1920. It started significantly earlier than that.
    I will say, though, that now you point it out: 100 years from the 19th Amendment until Covid is definitely thought provoking.


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