Bidenreich Decides To Rule By Fear

I’m not even angry at the Pervert in Chief. It’s beyond obvious that the New World Order is here to stay, that Covid is their Trojan Horse of choice and they’re in a still-unexplained, desperate hurry to vaxx everybody before winter hits.

Methinks this winter is going to wake up a lot of people, one way or another. No, they aren’t awake right now. All the con-servatives losing their minds over Biden’s vaxx pronouncement will do is start some lawsuits that’ll slowly go through the courts like always. Staying inside the Republican Party’s OODA loop is as easy as doing TWO things per year.

Meanwhile, the truly interesting part of Biden’s pronouncement just today is that his faction has decided to rule by fear.

Path out of the Pandemic

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9 September 2021… not 9/11? Weird. Maybe Biden’s no longer available for weekend work… oh, snap! They themselves are scared of anniversary protests! I see a couple articles that they’re putting the Jan. 6 barricades back up….

The “six prongs”:

1. Vaccinating the Unvaccinated

The attention-grabber of the article. It’s fascinating that Bidenreich didn’t wait for the current crop of vaxx mandates to go into effect before demanding them for 90% of the entire workforce of the United States.

Which is the point. This is nationalization of the American economy… but NOT under the Federal government. Under the medical bureaucracies.

Something makes them want to vaxx-mandate everybody all at once because they didn’t wait for the first round to go into effect. My guess is they don’t want to allow people any perceived opportunities to escape a local or industry-specific one. It’s a fear tactic that could have worked if job vacancies weren’t skyrocketing, and if the kind of people who still refuse the vaxx weren’t the people keeping the factory running.

2. Further Protecting the Vaccinated

HAHAHAAAA! You suck, Fascist foreign Puritan pigs! “First, we must vaxx the doubters because the vaxx will keep us safe! Second, we must take extra measures because the vaxx is not enough!” No, no, let me quote them verbatim:

There are over 175 million fully vaccinated Americans who are largely protected from severe illness from COVID-19. While so-called “breakthrough infections” among this group do happen, they remain the exception: In fact, recent data indicates there is only 1 confirmed positive case per 5,000 fully vaccinated Americans per week.

But COVID-19 vaccination protection can be made even stronger.

The vaxx is 99.98% effective, which is why we still can’t allow you to live a normal life!

And it’s not actually funny because 60% of North America actually believes that… believes simultaneously that the vaxx is all you need and the vaxx will never be enough.

I keep expecting the Matrix to glitch, know what I mean? Life right now is surreal. Humans do not normally behave like this. “Get the vaxx or DIE! Okay, now get the NEXT vaxx or DIE! See you in another six months… or DIE! We validate parking… or DIE!” and people fall for this?!

3. Keeping Schools Safely Open

The easiest way to justify tyranny is to terrorize the population. Thus, forcing children to attend school (the last thing you’d do in a real pandemic) and terrorizing them with fear porn while dehumanizing & literally stifling them with masks. This.. the deliberate creation of emotionally stunted children who cannot survive outside a social context less structured than a Supermax prison… will ensure the continued survival of the New World Order better than any policy they could enact.

If the friendlier governments of America do not shut down public education completely, immediately and permanently, then it won’t matter what else they do. They even got the justification sitting in front of them: C-19. But they won’t and here’s the inevitable result:

President Biden’s plan supports the independent scientific review of a vaccine for those individuals under the age of 12 and will provide the FDA with any needed resources to support its ongoing efforts to do this safely and as quickly as possible.

They’re going to “vaxx” children as young as they can. It’s all about violating the children. Sodomized boys become homosexuals. Terrorized boys become slaves. Sick boys need lots of expensive health care. Why would Pfizer want you healthy? They’d lose a customer.

4. Increasing Testing & Requiring Masking

This is a shift away from the institutions of D.C. to the institutions of the Medical-Industrial Complex, the other MIC, and it’s probably not a coincidence that the original MIC just got cleaned out by the Afghanistan debacle. I would not be surprised if a “terrorist attack” literally nukes the Pentagon or Langley in a few months. The banksters are shifting the New World Order’s controls to their personal fiefs.

Part of this shift is money laundering. Taxpayer funds go into the Med-MIC’s “testing facilities” which can produce any results they need to, but they need to scale up the testing mandates or the con will be obvious. Mil-MIC is probably getting bled white by this redistribution… losing at the game they invented, which raises the possibility of “terrorist attacks” against NIH and OSHA. And if you think I’m joking about this, notice that Bidenreich and .Mil are fighting over the loyalties all those freshly imported mujahedeen.

5. Protecting Our Economic Recovery

A good economy prevents Covid…

The policies outlined throughout this plan will ensure that we do not return to lockdowns and shutdowns.

…by being held as a hostage! More rule by fear… but again, it’s not (should not be) very convincing. Bidenreich already plans to crash the economy regardless. Cyber Polygon, remember? There’s an Internet crash coming.

Additionally, we will offer new support to small businesses as they continue to weather the surge caused by the Delta variant.

The last help your small business needs is “assistance” from the .gov that created your problems in the first place. Much like taking the vaxx is a bad idea, do not take the Banker’s handout.

6. Improving Care for those with COVID-19

Because the vaxx kept you safe!

President Biden’s plan to continue to combat COVID-19 this fall is comprehensive, science-based and relies on the power of the federal government working hand-in-hand with states, local communities, the private sector, and all Americans to put this pandemic behind us.

Public-private corporatism. AKA Fascism.

So, the battle lines are being drawn for humanity’s final war. A war between literally the coward and the courageous. It is interesting that this coming war will be fought first in a man’s own heart… not by uniforms, blood or weight of duty, but by whether a man chooses to live in fear of death or in confidence that Christ has broken Death’s sting. Whether to live by emotions, lies or truth.

I close with a quote from Mike Tyson: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

8 thoughts on “Bidenreich Decides To Rule By Fear

  1. Glad to note I’m not the only one who noticed they’re really desperate to get everyone stabbed before winter.

    It’s obvious the stab is completely useless & that’s used as an excuse for the biannual boosts stabs.

    So, of course, the state of affairs is intended to be the permanent GreatReset one as people are marched into greater evils.

    But the desperation is curious. My assumption, my instinct, is that we’ll see a lot of deaths. Way more than 2020. Massive tolls on the stabbed.

    But they’ll be blamed on the unstabbed (of course) and an excuse for more stabs as we witness the global depopulation agenda – as the elites have repeatedly told is coming.

    I also think things won’t work for them. Something will go wrong and be unexpected, but no idea what.

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  2. If this shit passes, I hope my workplace pays for the weekly testing that the bill requires, because I sure as hell won’t.

    Abidin’ is begging for Civil War II at this point.


  3. Safety Über Alles!
    I demand a hermetically sealed bubble and condoms for my thought clouds to keep everyone safe!
    Soft weak feminized detached from reality societies get the erasure from the history books that they so richly deserve.

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  4. I don’t think it’s born of a fearful desperation. It strikes me more of bloodlust, or a feeding frenzy.
    They are probably waking up to what we have noticed for much longer -the church is lame and flabby, dim and tasteless. Remember, to them, we often seem like the majority, so they really are fearful. I had a neighbor ask me in all seriousness if it was safe to drive shortly after January 6. He wanted to know if Trumpsters were out assaulting and killing people on the backroads he was comfortable driving on ( he is old and not able to use a freeway.)
    So I think they are getting excited that no matter how lawless they act, nothing bad happens to them. They get away with every evil inclination of their hearts. Australia probably encourages them.

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  5. Observe–Orient–Decide–Act. It’s an idea from the military that good tactics involve acting more quickly than your opponent is able to react. Keeps him paralyzed and disorganized.


  6. Just like the Question, “Are they Deliberately trying to F-things Up, or are they just Stupid?” this near-hysterical Demand for people to be Injected with a Bioweapon can be seen from either Viewpoint. Clearly, the Enemy are becoming Desperate – but for What?
    One thought is that >unless< they can rapidly get the numbers of 'vaxxed' up near 90%, the Effects of the Bioweapon will become Obvious, as those who refused it remain Healthy, and those who received it begin to Die in large numbers.
    Another Idea is that by Increasing Pressure on those who Refuse, they can provoke a Violent Response that allows them to go Full bolshevik Retard, and round up their opponents and send them to the Camps.
    This, of course, runs into the little Problem of the 400 Million+ Guns that they have Not Yet (nor Ever) been able to Confiscate. It would Presume that the bolsheviks actually Believe that they can Defeat the Resistance with a Demoralized, Corrupt 'Military' that just got it's Ass handed to them by a few thousand Goat-Fkkrs.

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  7. The bio-weapon theory only makes sense if you believe that certain elite groups — worldwide? — are receiving placebos, and not the real vaccine.

    How many Elites are receiving placebos? How many of them know it? And if enough of them know it, how are they able to keep all this a secret?

    I’m more inclined to believe this is mass hysteria, among both the populace and the elite. Trump became associated (rightly or wrongly) with opposing masks and taking the vaccine. So victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome are embracing both masks and vaccines because Trump.

    It might be as simple as that. Mass hysteria is the fire. Big Pharma is lobbying (providing fuel) to spread the hysteria (fire). The bigger the fire, the more jabs, the more profits.


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