Privacy Causes Crime

What do those young Socialists think? When they see that the first beneficiaries of the Universal Basic Income that they (are programmed to) call for, are murderers? Do they think that the most needy are being helped first, or do they realize that the game is behavior manipulation by the State?

San Francisco ‘Dream Keeper’ Program Will Pay People to End Gun Violence

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By Andrea Cipriano, 31 August 2021

San Francisco authorities are debuting their latest attempt at combating the rise in gun violence in their city: paying at-risk individuals to not pull the trigger, and for completing life services programs, reports the San Francisco Examiner.

Help me! I’m about to end this effing bag of shit that stole muh fentanyl stash! Don’t make me do this! Oh wait, he already did. *bang* Crime is society’s fault, yo.

The program, called the Dream Keeper Fellowship, will launch as a pilot program in October with just 10 participants, acting as the city’s latest iteration of a guaranteed-income program designed to provide high-risk individuals with $300 a month as a start.

The program will expand to an additional 30 high-risk individuals by the end of the year, officials say.

Over time, as participants hit monthly milestones — like landing a job interview, complying with probation, or consistently meeting with a mentor — they will be able to earn up to $200 more a month. To help keep participants on track, the Dream Keeper Fellowship will pair individuals with newly hired life coaches from the Street Violence Intervention Program (SVIP).

Oh look, a new jobs program. Babysitting for murderers, because capital punishment would work too well. We’ll soon find out how many hybristophiliacs live in the Gay Area.

The theory backing this pilot program is simple, advocates say, noting that the stipend could be enough of an incentive to have someone join, and the change would help them stay engaged.

The theory has failed every time it’s been tried. This is not an anti-crime effort. It is a religious effort. Results are not even expected.

At worst, skeptics are comparing the program to its predecessors, deeming it “cash for criminals.”


However, advocates anticipated pushback, and have been working hard to dispel stigma, arguing that this program will address the root cause of some criminality, the San Francisco Examiner detailed.

Oh, well, if it’s not stigmatized by similarities to past efforts then it has a chance.

Moreover, advocates note that the program would amount to $6,000 annually in stipends — which isn’t enough to live comfortably on, but it could be enough to help deter someone from criminal activity, kick start their life, and avoid incarceration.

“We know that $500 in San Francisco is not a significant amount of money,” said Sheryl Davis, a proponent of the program and executive director of the Human Rights Commission. “But if it’s enough to get you in to talk to folks, and be able to make a plan for your life, then that’s huge.”

You can make that in a day as a drug dealer. Especially if you’re willing to off the competition. What’s really going on?

While the stipends won’t come with restrictions, officials aren’t concerned that the funds will be used nefariously by participants. The money received will be placed on a reloadable gift card, and all spending will be tracked by program managers.

This is an experiment in behavior modification via State control of one’s money. The theory they’re testing isn’t just “cash for criminals”, it’s “government control of your bank account for criminals”. One can reasonably expect that the program’s ‘at-risk participants’ will also have government allowances for housing, so the theory being tested here is this:

“Can we redeem a criminal by controlling his finances tightly enough? What if it’s privacy that causes crime, not poverty?”

“There have been studies of guaranteed-income programs in Stockton, and other places, that really track how [at-risk participants] were spending the money and showed that [nefarious spending] was not the case at all,” said David Muhammad, executive director of the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform. “Folks spent it on transportation and food and bills.”

The program is modeled, in part, after the nationally watched Operation Peacemaker Fellowship in Richmond, which offers similar stipends of up to $1,000, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

A 2019 study published in the American Journal of Public Health linked the program to a 55 percent decrease in gun homicides, and 43 percent decline in shootings since it began in 2010, giving San Francisco officials hope at the successes of this budding program.

If the drop wasn’t overnight then this is a very weak argument of correlation implying causation. Particularly since around 2016, blacks stopped committing any crimes at all.

This latest reform effort comes as gun violence rates have soared in San Francisco, after years of gun crimes being on the decline. Unfortunately, it’s a pattern being seen around the nation, even in cities like Oakland that already have cash incentive programs, the San Francisco Examiner details.

It doesn’t matter that it won’t work. The Original Murderer must be worshiped!

After years of gun crimes being on the decline, violent felons were released en masse from prisons because nobody deserves to risk a bad flu. How did mercy for murderers work? Not so well? Eh, we didn’t try hard enough.

According to ABC News, San Francisco police say the gun crimes they respond to are unlike crimes they’ve seen in decades, noting that the rising amount of assault rifles and shotguns dwarf the number of handguns and revolvers being seen on the streets.


Hayward Police Chief Toney Chaplin showed ABC News reporters a 100 round magazine clip the police department recently seized — but the gunman is still at large.

That must be a .22 magazine since it’s not a belt. Which as I just said, is neither an assault rifle nor a shotgun.

To that end, assault rifles are not the only weapons San Francisco police are struggling to combat and confiscate: ghost guns are on the rise.

Ghost guns, untraceable and unregulated firearms that anyone can buy and build without a background check, have become more popular among Bay Area criminals.

“Ghost guns are a massive problem in San Francisco — they are becoming increasingly involved in murders, attempted murders, and assaults with firearms,” District Attorney Chesa Boudin said earlier this month at a press conference.

Why the segue into ghost guns at the end of this article? The cashless society will not just be trackable money on a microchip. The government will be able to dictate what that money can be spent on. After all, you cannot become a “gunman” if the bank stops you from purchasing a gun. Thus, the need to end the existence of ghost guns.

Thus, this program to control murderers’ economic lives tightly enough to ensure that crime cannot happen. With government-agent supervision for their off-time.

Except government crime, of course. *Points at Weatherman Terrorist-spawn Chesa Boudin*


4 thoughts on “Privacy Causes Crime

  1. Property is theft to the comrades and this program is wayciss!
    They should be given the $300 for free as it is dropped from rainbow colored solar panel powered drones that are shaped like unicorns.
    Gellin’ Yellen, the historic printing press czar, can whip up some new fiat bucks in the interest of the glorious unity collective.
    Forward, yes we can!


  2. I used to want to live in Commiefornia. Back in 2005, I did a graduate research internship in San Jose for 6 months at a semiconductor toolmaker. I loved living in San Jose.

    After I graduated in 2006 I tried to find work there, or else in Santa Clara. Didn’t work out, and I ended up working on the East Coast for a while, then New Mexico, Oregon and a couple other places. But never got a job in CA. Turns out, God was looking out for me! So thank you, God, for keeping me out of CA.

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  3. this program will address the root cause of some criminality,

    I’ve been hearing about “root causes” since the 1970s. And government has been addressing those “root causes” since the 1970s. You would think we’d have a healthy forest by now.

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  4. Young woman uses Power Point to “teach” her parents about her job as a stripper:

    ‘What this secret does mean: I’m talented, I’m cool, I’m powerful,’ she says. …

    the strip club worker offers her mother and father the chance to ask any additional questions – however instead of grilling their daughter, they simply offer some words of support.

    ‘I really appreciate you being forthright and sharing your life with us, and I’m glad you are powerful,’ Lex’s mother tells her, …

    Video of Lex’s presentation quickly went viral on her sister’s TikTok account, where it has been viewed more than 2.4 million times, while racking up more than 4,900 comments – many of them expressing words of praise for the stripper and her supportive parents.

    ‘Your mom is so supportive OMFG,’ one person wrote …

    So much to unpack about today’s America.

    * Daughter brags to her parents about being a stripper.

    * Mother praises her daughter for being so “empowered.”

    * Father dare not express disapproval.

    * Stripper Daughter’s Sister uploads video of the lecture, earning 2.4 million views, publicizing everyone’s identities, thus publicly shaming the father. (Although he would probably claim to celebrate the “empowering” video).

    * Fans respond with OMFG!, which I assume means, Oh My F—— God, and is intended as a compliment. No concept of taking the Lord’s name in vain.

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