The Comirnaty Code

I knew the instant I saw Pfizer’s chosen name for their vaxx, Comirnaty, that it was a coded message of some kind. Hat tip to Dollar Vigilante on Bitchute for solving it!

If you remove the term “RNA” from Comirnaty then you get Comity. What’s that?

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Courtesy; respect; a disposition to perform some official act out of goodwill and tradition rather than obligation or law. The acceptance or Adoption of decisions or laws by a court of another jurisdiction, either foreign or domestic, based on public policy rather than legal mandate.

Comity of nations is a recognition of fundamental legal concepts that nations share. It stems from mutual convenience as well as respect and is essential to the success of international relations. This body of rules does not form part of International Law; however, it is important for public policy reasons.

Judicial comity is the granting of reciprocity to decisions or laws by one state or jurisdiction to another. Since it is based upon respect and deference rather than strict legal principles, it does not require that any state or jurisdiction adopt a law or decision by another state or jurisdiction that is in contradiction, or repugnant, to its own law.

Comity of states is the voluntary acceptance by courts of one state of the decision of a sister state on a similar issue or question.

The purpose of the vaxxes is to unify the judicial systems of the world in preparation for Mark of Beast. Without necessarily involving the local legislatures.

Comirnaty’s secret message is “RNA Comity”.

That boot fits like a glove.

(Postscript, I don’t necessarily endorse Dollar Vigilante but give credit where it’s due.)

2 thoughts on “The Comirnaty Code

  1. Good catch on comirnaty and its NWO associations. This nine-letter word also contains/occults the six-letter word ‘macron’. A globalist antichrist, named Emmanuel no less. If six was nine, as Hendrix would have said.

    The Hebrew word for covid is ‘dybbuk’. A dybbuk is a demon, so think injection = serpent fang = possession, or at least a pathway in the making, for later mark. Along the same lines, one of the ingredients in covid vax is the enzyme ‘luciferase’.

    And so forth.

    Part of the planetary ritual being performed here involves executing these plans ‘in plain sight’ and ‘in our face’, as the sheeple remain oblivious. This has always been part of the M.O. of these ruling principalities and powerful blood-lines, even to Cain — this need for self-validation through sniggering mockery of their victim populations.


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