Liberals Can’t Meme: Ford Raptor

Today, SJWs have a massive overreaction to a critic and declare a meme-victory… in the process, proving the critic’s point with authority!

Ford Rolls Out ‘Very Gay’ Truck in Response to Homophobic Troll

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By Rachel Shatto, 31 August 2021

When Ford Germany recently unveiled its new blue Ford Ranger Raptor, it got plenty of praise, but there was one piece of feedback the company said “stopped us in our tracks.” A commenter on social media wasn’t a fan of the blue color choice, saying, “Well, that’s a cool car! — But that blue color is very Gay!! Hey Ford! Paint it in BlackNGold or camo!”

They freaked out over one comment about the paint color? Was it the only comment they got?

What happened next was a masterclass in shutting down homophobic trolls.

Hee hee. ‘Dis gonna be good!

In a video released on Twitter by Ford Europe, the automaker revealed its new and improved “Very Gay Raptor” decked out in rainbows and gold glitter. In a statement, the company said it wanted to make its position as an LGBTQ+ ally that stands up to discriminatory speech “very clear.”

Whoa, wait… you changed the ‘gay’ paint scheme exactly the way the ‘homophobe’ suggested, then added a rainbow? Which is it? Are you trying to be more gay or less?

In the video, the truck gets a digital remake with a gold glitter paint job and rainbow decal, and the whole thing ends with the statement “Happy Pride.” But the company took it one step further and gave the truck a real-life makeover. A 60-hour process saw the vehicle draped in rainbow and gold glitter Alpha foil, then topped with rainbow and heart decals.

This is exactly what Internet trolls try to accomplish: provoking massive, hilarious and/or public overreactions. They feed on attention and the intolerant, seared, pinkish amygdalas of Social Justice Warriors are the perfect target.

This isn’t even the first time that Ford has decked out a Gay Pride vehicle. In 1998, the company wrapped a Ford KA in rainbows in commemoration of the first time it participated in Cologne Pride. This year, both vehicles were in attendance for Pride over the weekend.

BOTH vehicles? So, they only had the one previously? This isn’t the first time that Ford Germany has spent money on pandering to pervs. It’s the second time… in 23 years.

Maybe the Rainbow Community is looking for homophobic trolls in the wrong place.

6 thoughts on “Liberals Can’t Meme: Ford Raptor

  1. If Ford were a true LGBTQ+ ally, it would mass produce these gold glitter trucks. Indeed, Ford would refuse to produce trucks in any other color scheme.

    Of course, apart from a few lesbians, nobody would buy them.

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  2. I just learned that next year they’re coming out with a TV series called She-Hulk:

    It’s Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, only now Hulk is a woman.

    Of all the comic book heroes, the Hulk was perhaps the purest masculine archetype.

    I don’t know how much further they can push this, other than to have Hulk chop off his penis and come out as a “sexy” green, muscled transwoman.


  3. It’s because the Ford engineers and Ford managers never protested or stuck together and had a sick out. They thought it didn’t matter because it doesn’t impact them directly. Their neighbors and pastors didn’t shame the engineers or managers who refused to resign or write letters because that would be impolite, and really, “since I am not gay and it doesn’t impact me and since it will make the gays feel better, then what’s wrong? I am a Christian, don’t I want other people to br loved and feel better? Maybe I can invite them to our lunch bible study or to church and they will become Christians because Ford built this bridge to them.”


  4. RPL wrote “It’s Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, only now Hulk is a woman.”

    Um, when she gets angry and grows in size, is her top going to come apart?

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  5. The globalist corps are eager to signal virtue to the beast system, using the smallest of excuses to perform a propitiatory public rite. A trespass payment.

    The locusts of Rachel Shat-toes celebrate another underdog victory against the white male oppressors, there amidst the feral gynarchy.


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