I Would Guess Looting

No crime of the Feminized Church is more textbook than accepting the destruction of the innocent so the Church can brag about gluing their lives back together. The Good Samaritan healed the hurting but the Better Samaritan packed heat and planted those robbers!

What Happens When the Church Looks More Like a CVS in Philadelphia?

h ttps://www.christianitytoday.com/better-samaritan/2021/august/what-happens-when-church-looks-more-like-cvs-in-philadelphi.html

By Marlaina Centeno, 26 August 2021

I would guess looting. For my international readers, CVS is just another Walmart.

My hometown of Philadelphia has recently seen a new, inspiring trend in helping people overcome the psychological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic: walk-in mental health counseling services have opened in several CVS MinuteClinics across my beloved city.

“Wait in the car, son. Mommy needs some shampoo, a gallon of milk and two therapies.”

The better way to overcome the social isolation, hopelessness and despair caused by the Communist Red Dawn er, Plandemic, is to STOP COOPERATING WITH IT. Not by placing psychiatrists between the bread isle and the trash bags.

I am deeply encouraged that CVS, in addition to online resources provided by entities across the nation, is taking a step toward providing mental health care in communities where it hasn’t been readily available. This new initiative stands to provide access to diverse communities where this kind of care is desperately needed. While I am excited about this being a valuable clinical tool for helping address the nation’s current mental health crisis, it’s not enough on its own. People need community around them for holistic healing— and that’s where the church can step in.

So, “What Happens When the Church Looks More Like a CVS in Philadelphia?” The correct answer is a suicide watch.

COVID-19 will continue to impact Americans’ mental health long after the immediate pandemic is over. We’ve seen the beginnings of physical healing. But the lasting mental and psychological effects become clearer every day. In fact, American Bible Society’s (ABS) newest State of the Bible report found that every root byproduct of Americans’ stress— including feelings of restlessness, fear, anger and hopelessness— has increased since this same time last year.

What are you churches doing about that? Poker clubs for shut-ins? Maybe a designated, in-church area where quarantined people can hang out with each other while waiting the ridiculously long two weeks? Free massage parlors? I’m not even joking with that last one. Human touch is important.

Problem: government banned healthy human behavior. Solution: deploying psychologists everywhere with Cop Karens on speed-dial! Because there’s nothing the Matriarchy fears more than angry men acting independently.

But there’s hope. I’ve personally seen people find healing through church communities as they’ve implemented a Bible-based trauma healing ministry. At the heart of this program is a book called Healing the Wounds of Trauma, which encompasses a set of practical lessons that lead people on a journey of healing. The book— which includes 270 Bible references from 217 passages— uses biblical truths that highlight the power of Jesus to heal hurting minds, bodies, and spirits, and provides a strong foundation for restored lives and relationships. More than 1.3 million people around the world have already embarked on a healing journey through this ministry.

If you have any problem in your life, any kind of problem at all, then there’s a Bible Study for that. Which is not at all what was meant by “Sola Scriptura”.

Most importantly, the program’s train-the-trainer model allows lay church leaders and members to quickly learn how to facilitate it, meaning we could see rapid healing in the lives of millions of hurting people around the globe in the next few years. I hope to see this vision of healing realized in Philadelphia, and I pray its reality comes to your city and neighborhood too.

Okay, I do want to be surrounded by lots of Social Justice Warriors skin-suiting as both Christians and mental health experts, but please bring extra rope if you do this. While some of us believe in the Nanny State, others of us believe in lasting solutions.

It’s also important to note that the very definition of “community” has shifted over the past year and half.

It’s now a television show. Change my mind, Zoom.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused each of us to consider new ways to stay connected to one another. This new paradigm has led many of us online in search of the authentic community connection we once had in person. I was one of the biggest skeptics that mental and emotional health care can be effective online—until I saw healing happening online with my own eyes. I co-led ABS’s Trauma Healing Ministry’s first online trauma healing group back in February 2020.

Sure, Barbie. They tapped a skeptic to co-lead their first effort.

Right now, CVS stepping up to offer resources for walk-in patients is a fantastic program. But we still need more. More people need help than there are mental health professionals, and CVS clinics and online resources aren’t substitutes for healing communities.

“We need the Church because Walmart can’t save everybody.”

 While our State of the Bible 2021 report shows that every root byproduct of stress has increased during COVID-19, it also shows us that more Americans than ever before are turning to the Bible. The church must use this moment to come alongside people and show them the true healing and hope found within the pages of Scripture.

LIES! God made us human beings! We’re supposed to act like human beings! Handshakes! Hugs! Facial expressions!

The Bible is nothing but a book that contains knowledge. Very important and trustworthy knowledge, yes, but DOING good is what counts. Knowing what’s good is just a prerequisite. The demons of Hell have the Bible memorized yet it doesn’t help them.

The incontinent need wives. The lonely need friends. The dissidents need organization. The robbers need dirt naps. This isn’t hard but waving a textbook is easier than doing a thing.

Since when does the Church rely on government-licensed experts in mental health, anyway? They don’t even believe that women are different from men.

I see a huge potential for the church to implement clinically and biblically informed trauma healing groups to convene small groups of people in safe places where they can help each other heal.

Look for us in the liquor section! while we try to explain how your government-imposed problems are your fault for not knowing the Bible better.

7 thoughts on “I Would Guess Looting

  1. I’m a little surprised it took this long for Retail Chain, Inc. to put a therapist in the store. They could have a special on 15-minute sessions; do it at the same time you are here for groceries. Child-care included!


  2. “If you have any problem in your life, any kind of problem at all, then there’s a Bible Study for that. Which is not at all what was meant by “Sola Scriptura”.”

    Speaking of Sola Scriptura, an accurate translation of 2nd Thessalonians 2:15 shows that SS is self-refuting.

    Gunner, am I right to assume you are a Protestant? I was a Protestant a long time ago, in a land far, far away. Am Roman Catholic now. The great thing about the RCC is that we celebrate mass 364 days a year. Good Friday is the only day without a mass, but there are other activities on that day for the faithful who want to worship.

    Going to daily mass, along with daily prayer, is a great palliative against the COVID blues.


  3. I am very Protestant and thus, very angry at the current state of Protestantism. The difference between a book and its author should be obvious, as is the difference between reading a book and doing what it says.

    Somehow, you misread my willingness to criticize my own faction as an openness to kissing the ring of Pope Pachemama. I’m not like you. My ego is not invested in an organization, much less my salvation. I don’t need to take swipes at outsiders to reassure myself that I made the right decision.

    I’m happy for you having a good church. We should all be so lucky. If God has put me in a darker place then perhaps it’s because He built me to handle rougher treatment.

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  4. 2 Thessalonians 2:15 most certainly does not refute Sola Scritura. It says: “So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the teachings we passed on to you,
    whether by word of mouth or by letter.”

    Note that it says, “the teachings we passed on to you”, not “the teachings passed on to you by us, and also by people 500 years from now who will pretend that they have authority somehow inherited from us or appointed by us, despite the fact we never met them or gave any authority to them.”

    The RCC reads in several ideas that not only are not at all required by the Bible, but are in fact refuted by it. The idea of appointing popes and bishops who have the authority to dictate beliefs and add new rules is one. Yes the Bible talks about appointing elders and deacons in your local area; see 1 Timothy 2-3 and Titus 1. Even here however:
    1) the elders to be appointed must be men who “hold firmly to the trustworthy message, as it has been taught”, rather than arrogant religious hirelings who, in the same spirit as Israel’s religious leaders, keep adding to and changing the message. See the last chapter of the Bible for a sneak-peak at the judgement of some RCC leaders. And also many “Protestant” leaders. And some Eastern Orthodox leaders also.
    2) the idea Paul or the Jerusalem council appointing someone who had authority over the entire world is not there. The opposite happened; they were pleased to leave other areas to another minister, choosing instead to focus on their own area.

    Similar to Gunner Q, I am very disappointed with what passes for a Protestant church today.

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  5. Lockdowns and vax mandates got you down? Feeling depressed and suicidal? Let Feminist-Christian Marlaina Centeno from Cuckianity Today Magazine solve your problems!

    The gynarchy’s solution to crushed American spirits? More gynarchy therapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers, judges, equality officers, and lawmakers.

    The Church’s solution to crushed American spirits? Smash the gynarchy. Lime it over.

    I don’t expect Cuckianity Today Magazine to be reaching that conclusion anytime soon. Happily, they won’t last. But I will.

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  6. Woman arrested for using fake COVID vaccination card: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9947153/Illinois-woman-arrested-using-fake-COVID-vaccination-card-read-MADERNA-enter-Hawaii.html

    What I find interesting is the extreme length the authorities took to investigate, track, and arrest her. If only they investigated election fraud and illegal aliens with such diligence.

    Chloe Mrozak, 24, was arrested after authorities looked into the alleged fake COVID-19 vaccination card she presented officials upon her arrival to Oahu last Monday on a Southwest flight.

    Hawaii uses the Safe Travels program to verify incoming travelers’ COVID test and vaccination records. …

    According to court documents, on August 23 Mrozak presented a fake vaccination card to officials at Honolulu airport that was flagged by an administrator.

    She also left the airport without confirming her hotel reservation with screeners, listing the Holiday Inn Express in Waikiki as the place of her stay as well as leaving no return flight details, wane.com reported.

    Officials were able to confirm there were no reservations at the hotel under her name and investigators continued to look into her alleged fake vaccination card throughout the duration of her trip.

    A special agent in charge of the investigation contacted officials in Delaware and found no record of her getting vaccinated and also searched Mrozak’s Facebook profile and found she had a distinctive tattoo on her left hip, wane.com reported.

    Authorities caught up with the 24-year old at the Southwest Airlines departure desk at Daniel K. Inouye international Airport on Saturday and recognized her because of her tattoo.

    She was arrested on suspicion of falsified vaccination documents and told officers she paid her doctor for the vaccination shot, wave3.com reported.

    Unable to post $2,000 bail, Mrozak is currently being held in a local correction facility. …


  7. That sounds like Islander Time, for sure. “This is so obvious a forgery that it’s misspelled!” exclaims the immigration official. He reaches for the alarm button…

    Two days pass…


    And the perp is stopped at the exit counter instead of the entry counter.

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