An Homage To Dalrock

Sometimes I come across a story that Dalrock would have loved. His time came too soon.

Why marriage is still a sexist institution – and what we can do about it

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By Sara M Moniuszko, USA Today, 24 August 2021

Marriage is dead… and it’s STILL SEXIST!

Though the pandemic cast a shadow over weddings, it shone a light on a major issue with the institution of marriage.

While marriage is a joyous milestone for many, experts say there is no denying the institution has a history of sexism that, in many cases, can still be felt today. That doesn’t mean forward-thinking young people need to shun marriage – though some are doing just that. The experts agree awareness is an important first step toward progress.

Jocelyn Olcott, the director of gender, sexuality and feminist studies at Duke University…

New for Christmas, the Innsmouth Bobblehead!

…says we’ve made strides in recent years, but marriage’s sexist history is still seen in how heterosexual couples divide household labor and child care responsibilities. That became especially evident during the pandemic, when many women abandoned their jobs in order to care for and home-school kids.

Breaking news, COVID lockdowns cause mass unemployment! Women most affected, forced to spend time with her children!

“COVID really was like a blacklight on how precarious that progress was because as soon as the crisis hit, that maldistribution reasserted itself,” Olcott says.

Dalrock could have had so much fun with that.

Marriage before the 1970s was “legally structured as a sexist institution,” says Juliet A. Williams, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles’ Department of Gender Studies. Upon marriage in the 19th century, Williams explains, a woman and all of her property become the property of her husband, including her body, as evidenced by the fact that marital rape was not recognized in many places.

Still Isn’t. As for her pic, just look up Phoebe “Fleabag” Waller-Bridge, the feminist who finally took out James Bond.

The eye bleach BURNS! My eyes!

In some cases, women were required to take their husband’s last name unless their husband gave them permission not to, and banks would require the permission of husbands for wives to set up accounts.

She can’t handle the truth!

These days, there is “no legal difference between being a husband and a wife,” Williams says, but sexism still creeps through. This is the case with financial stability, she says.

“It remains the case that married women are financially, on average, better off than unmarried women,” Williams says.

We “live in a society where women are still incentivized to tie their fortunes to men, as opposed to being independent from them,” Williams adds, and “that really is the essence of sexism. Even though we think of marriage as an individual choice rooted in romance. The reality, at least at the level of structural incentives, has to be accounted for.”

Wives looting their husbands is SEXIST?! Never-married wine aunts deserve their share of hubby’s money, too!

Marya T. Mtshali, a lecturer in women’s studies, gender and sexuality at Harvard University and a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School…

A diversity hire who puts superglue in her hair.

…agrees that there are “a number of ways” in which sexism is present in the institution of marriage today for heterosexual couples, including the “assumption and societal pressure that women and any subsequent children have the surname of the husband.”

This is observably not true. First we had hyphenated Americans, now we have hyphenated families.

Williams says the recent and fundamental changes in marriage laws are thanks in part to the activism of feminists and members of the LGBTQ community. And while it’s important to appreciate the progress, there’s still more to be done.

We shouldn’t mistake equality within a problematic institution with actual equality,” she says.

Fried fricking ice.

While it’s been “difficult to shake” the “deeply sexist history” of marriage in our society, Olcott says that doesn’t mean the answer has to be to never marry, though some may choose to go that route.

“I think it’s interesting how many younger people are just opting out of marriage and don’t see it as relevant to their happiness,” she notes.

Instead, Williams suggests there are changes that need to be made on both a societal and individual level.

“The goal is more thoughtfulness around the consequences of giving weddings and marriage a pass as we try to untangle all the knots that continue to constrain women and men in their full flourishing and that maintain the overall inequality of women compared to men,” she says.

Williams recognizes that it’s difficult to push back against division of labor in the household, but says it can be helpful to start by recognizing how much stigma there is against women who don’t love taking care of the kids, for example.

Which just happens to be stigma against her, specifically. But why is she upset about being shamed for rejecting family life? All Williams needs to do is list what she accomplished instead of landing a husband.


“We don’t want to deny that there’s agency at play in people’s replicating traditional division of labor in the household, but I also think we want to be honest that our desires are conditioned by the incredibly fierce judgment and condemnation that even in 2021 bears down on anybody who’s in any way gender non-conforming,” she says.

Ah, the true debate take shape. On one side are the Bridezillas who loot their husbands. On the other side are the militant feminists who never married and resent missing out on the attention and wealth transfers!

Meanwhile, a department head at a nationally famous university bitches about how oppressed she is.

Olcott says that in a household setting, keeping track of chores is a way to work toward equality.

People can also disrupt traditions rooted in sexism during marriage-related events, from the expectation that the man will be the one to propose, to asking a woman’s father for her hand in marriage.

Olcott notes people have turned away from traditional wedding vows that included the language of “obeying” your spouse by writing their own vows.

Others are opting to skip white dresses, which Williams says historically were meant to symbolize virginity.

While we men approve this statement, the underlying motive is complaining that Bridezilla gets to wear a white dress and the Harvard feminist doesn’t.

However, Mtshali believes “gender equality within marriage cannot be achieved without other institutions in our society changing as well.”

This includes the workplace, she says, with needed progress that includes eliminating the wage gap, increasing the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid parental leave.

Mtshali’s proposed replacements for marriage are money, money and money. Go away, husbands everywhere, but leave your lifeblood on the altar!

On an individual level, Indiana University sociology professor Jessica Calarco says we can also ask men to “step up more.” But she feels we need either “a massive cultural shift” or “big changes in policy” to help propel change forward.

As a society, we can put greater pressure on men to do more, but I think as long as those structures are in place, it’s going to be hard for men to make decisions that aren’t in their own financial interests,” she says.

How original. “We made marriage all about us! We made marriage toxic to men! Now men don’t want to marry anymore and it’s SEXIST! I… want… my… WEDDINGS!!!”

It’s an epic showdown between feral wives and feral wine aunts! They agree that men must pay for everything… but should men be forced to go through a wedding, or should the concept be scrapped forever?

And how can they stop women from going back to men when the apocalypse hits?

17 thoughts on “An Homage To Dalrock

  1. I think the community and an individual woman loses out when a moral and wise man does not marry. But marrying a western woman, even a churchian, is very unwise. That is what the women and the simps in leadership chose.
    We choose…. poorly. It would have been better to tell the women to be quiet in the church and absent from any leadership positions, including any activist roles.

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  2. Dalrock’s comment section honestly was a bit too chaotic to be productive most of the time, but much of what he wrote still impacts me to this day.

    His series “the Reframing of Christian Marriage” is a minor masterpiece, mainly due to its clarity.

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  3. Sad fact, those women careerists professors have an annual salary of around $150,000 on average and have everyone at their jobs convey respect, admiration, and honor to them. Lots of travel for exotic conference, and they always talk about how hard their job and responsibilities are, thus identifying and grabbing the credibility working folks.

    If they visit a church, even a conservative PCA one in a university town, they will get more honor and respect than me, where I am seen and treated like an arm-waving extremist to my brothers.

    The church is in danger of building a garden that can not bear good fruit.

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  4. I also miss Dalrock’s writing and his site. Even though he booted me and I had to start my own blog.

    Regarding Dalrock’s comments section: Jesus said that the poor would always be with us. So will the idiots. In comments sections you just have to pick your battles, who and what is worth correcting and which fools and their cockamamie should be ignored. But on the whole, I meet far more idiotic people IRL.

    I too wonder what transpired that Dalrock stopped. I wish him well at whatever he is doing, but I think he should resume posting and hosting at his blog, or at least posting, if he doesn’t want to manage the comments section.

    I’ve been doxed. I survived. LOL I think what little infamy I gained has actually helped me, FWIW. I’m an outed patriarchist and that’s a rare and curious thing to those unfamiliar with the advocacy of patriarchy. It takes away my excuse of remaining a secret patriarchist, when there is an opportunity to trash Feminism in person. And trust me there are a ton of opportunities every day to point out Feminism’s flaws IRL.

    I eventually wore down a couple of rabid feminists at work who were trying to convince me that men are the nexus of all evil. They have resigned themselves to the fact that I’m not coming back onto the Feminist plantation, and I was pretty good at pointing out the flaws in their misandrist talking points and poking fun at their claims of equality with men. Fortunately those two militant feminazis never ganged up on me together, because those two crabby defilers both hate each other and aren’t on speaking terms. LOL
    Seriously! Being an outed agent of the patriarchy suits me just fine. And It is infectious. Some of the men at work have also clearly been emboldened by my open advocacy for patriarchal principles. They seem to enjoy joining me in the rebellion against our employer’s ultrawoke corporate messaging. Long live the resistance!

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  5. Maniac, Dalrock never gave a reason for his retirement. I took it as a moving of the Spirit. That is, he said what he needed to say, and went to his personal limit and it was the right time to move on. Like Forrest Gump stopping his cross country running.

    Comparing it with the end of Boxer’s blog is useful. One a believer, one is not, one provided an explanation, one did not.


  6. Surfdumb,
    Regarding Boxer: He sent me the following email this February:

    Hey [Sharkly],

    I hope things are well with you. WordPress is holding my blog hostage, so my only option is to abandon it. I would love to hear more about your lunatic wife and your fun trip through the anti-family feminist divorce courts. If you’re interested, I’ve started a telegram channel.

    That’s where all the cool kids hang out. You are welcome to publicize it, but I don’t necessarily want the common folk in there. I like a select few people with meaningful stuff to talk about.



    Unfortunately I don’t have a telegram account, so I don’t know what they’re up to in there. But I trust he’s still fighting the Feminazis.

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  7. Inre Boxer and anyone else who still has their blog on a WordPress subdomain, it’s probably a good idea to consider forking over a few bucks per month (as low as five, from what I’ve seen) and just host it under your own domain name, as Gunner has done. MUCH less of a target for the SJWs, and most hosting companies aren’t interested in playing censor/gatekeeper. I’m about to do that with my own blog in a couple of weeks. It’ll probably cost you about sixty bucks per year out of pocket, but the peace of mind it buys will be worth it.

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  8. As for the OP, just more fugly feminists hating on an institution that they’ll never be able to partake of even if they had wanted to. Short of plastic surgery and personality transplants, there would be no male takers.

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  9. Few knew DAL’ as good as a certain unknown christian writer did!
    He&the unknown writer had a good run of lolzlolz!
    They&boxer were unknown to most good friends&brothers in arms against the wiles of feminism!
    I bet whereever dalrock is he is thinking of all of us still left out here in the current manosphere,GUNNER too!


  10. “it’s going to be hard for men to make decisions that aren’t in their own financial interests,” she says.

    Yes, its hard for us men to make decisions that aren’t in our own financial interests, because unlike women we have sense. But women easily make decisions that aren’t in their financial interests, like demanding the government import millions of afghan refugees who will ensure that marriage is returned to its “sexist” roots by imposing sharia law.

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  11. The PCA is a failed denomination. It failed when it refused to fight federal vision in the 2000s. What remained then was a denomination that took over ten years to publish a report on the roles of men and women. That’s a massive red flag.

    I’m glad I left the PCA, and I am glad I left reformed Christianity. One thing that I have observed in those churches around the country is that they are incredibly toxic and have no use for young men

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