A Fairy Tale About Afghanistan

The shock and awe over USA’s failure in the Graveyard of Empires puzzles me. After all, it doesn’t have that nickname for nothing. Every military guy I talked to, for twenty years, knew that USA’s Forever War there was bullshit. So then, why all the heartburn and politicians swooning over the Second Fall of Saigon?

I got no evidence for the story I’m about to tell. No articles. It is a brain fart born of Cui Bono, “all politics is local” and the on-target insight of Mogadishu Matt.


Everyone is sunny side up when watching a division in boot camp march or do drills, but when they are thrown into actual conflict, it is a different story. The ANA always had either a NATO/ISAF adviser around the corner or a convenient airstrike when things got hairy. (Or even embedded with US military led operations). The sunk cost/time element skewed our ability to be honest…”after 20 years, I figured you could handle it…”.

It was also noted that even when the ISAF/NATO forces were around, people wouldn’t show up for musters or movements. Many would disappear after a short period, just to re-appear when they needed money. The appeal of the jobs program was more appealing than fighting for the community, or any sense of “patriotism”/esprit de corps.

I observe that, outside of people who were employed by the government/money, no one really cared enough to do anything.

Well, that IS the kind of army that one would expect an international banking cartel to create.

Diehard Islamists in the front, NATO pulling out behind and they’d been promised this wouldn’t happen… flop.

But that doesn’t explain the system shock to the ‘Murican Empire. Here’s a wild sea tale:

When the MIC/CIA realized that Trump was serious about ending the Forever Wars, they put in place a contingency plan. Pull all the uniformed troops out of Afghanistan but install more contractors and off-the-books assets to continue the money laundering and opium harvesting from inside the Afghan Army. The plan was far enough along that even after Trump left, the MIC didn’t object to proceeding. Fewer international observers that way, y’know?

Just to mock the American people, they planned the handoff for the 9/11 anniversary.

But then China partnered with the Taliban to strike just as the handoff was beginning to happen… between the black-baggers arriving and their taking delivery on the Afghan Army. Now, those unofficial assets are trapped and being hunted down.

The reason the US government is destabilizing over this is because the CIA just lost its meal ticket. Its men, money and secrets are now being collected by helpful Chicomm advisors. If this is not immediately corrected then the intelligence community will be ruined and vulnerable.

The intel community screams at Biden to send the troops back in but the Bidenreich is owned by China. Thus, Biden disappears with all the statesmanship and panache of a pervert caught in the ladies’ room. By the time China turns their Resident’s teleprompter back on, the CIA will be crippled.

Or even blackmailed.

4 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale About Afghanistan

  1. Yeah I think that’s pretty much it. Of course the CIA is just one intel element – – although a key one.

    There never was any expectation of ‘victory’ about warfare against the Graveyard of Empires. Impossibility of victory a feature not a bug. The empire requires frequent wars and incursions to keep the corporate/military/intel complex fat n happy. The public and private sector graft from Afghanistan was massive. A corrupt-o-thon, a black-ops geyser of wealth.

    However from the Scriptural and strategic standpoint, especially concerning Revelation, the abandonment of Afghanistan leaves only the (somewhat) disputed northern territories of Iraq as potential block against an Eastern coalition stretching from the South China Sea to the Mediterranean coast. A resource-rich corridor, unimpeded by New Amerika, who is busy making war on its own citizens.

    Who would rule that coalition? The great red dragon of the East. With much of D.C. already in its pocket. On the other side of that vise is the prince of the Dark Continent. So taken together, an unprecedented expanse of influence.

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  2. Late in the game: mentions of rare earth metal deals and trade issues hammered out.

    Yep, the Chinese. The Taliban had the open ear and still find it to be a tangible deal.
    I do worry about the intel aganecies/contractor continued involvement over there.


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  4. “So then, why all the heartburn and politicians swooning over the Second Fall of Saigon?”

    Because they view themselves as on the “right” side of history. This isn’t supposed to happen to them! Masters of the universe don’t lose bigly.


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