Is Cardinal Raymond Burke Being Arkancided?

I haven’t paid much attention to all the “I laughed at STUPID-19 but now I’m dying and my last words are to beg the government to forcibly vaxx everybody and their dog before it’s too late” stories. They’re fake because 1. my people never spend their last moments being hypocrites and 2. the stories never mention the cures. Seriously, I can just about paralyze a Baby Boomer’s lungs with this exchange:

Me: “I’m never getting vaxxed.”

Them: “What if you get sick?”

Me: “I’ll use the cure. There are several.”

Them: *stare in horrified disbelief then swoon into a faceplant*

Me: “That looked like a cytokine storm. Would you like some horse paste?”

Okay, okay, he didn’t pass out but neither could he acknowledge that there was anything to do about Coof other than Pfizer/Moderna. God, I hate Covidians. Demons crawl up their noses and take a shit in their brains, and suddenly, they feel smart.

Point being, the Covidians are incapable of admitting the existence of cures for fear of destroying their own Narrative. Not even in a “didn’t work” context because the vaxxes aren’t working, either. It’s why they’re still wearing face diapers and hiding under the bed.

But this story caught my eye… because it gloated just a wee bit too much…

The Pope’s No. 1 American Nemesis—a COVID Skeptic—Is Now Fighting for His Life

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By Barbie Latza Nadeau, 16 August 2021

Huh, Barbie has a last name. I bet it ain’t Ken’s.

ROME—American Cardinal Raymond Burke, who staunch conservatives in the Catholic Church view as something of an anti-Pope Francis, is fighting for his life on a ventilator in a Wisconsin hospital after contracting what he often referred to as the “Wuhan Virus.” The prelate was on a vacation from Rome, where he lives.

One, ventilators are typically an unnecessary death sentence. Two, where’s the ivermectin? A high-ranking Cardinal doesn’t have a doc who knows not to step in Cuomo’s derp?

The 73-year-old cardinal has shown himself to be a COVID-19 denier, publicly scoffing at Italy’s strict lockdown measures during the height of the pandemic and was even seen strolling around Rome mask-free even when face coverings were mandated outside. He was the subject of a brief Italian news report that showcased Americans defying Italy’s anti-COVID measures, telling the newspaper that closing Catholic churches and social outdistancing was “un-Godly.”

Better yet, a high-ranking Cardinal who openly rejected the vaxx didn’t insist on trying the curatives?

Burke has been one of Pope Francis’ harshest critics, teaming up with Stever Bannon and conservative Italian politician Matteo Salvini to condemn Francis on issues such as immigration and homosexuality. He was also tapped to be the spiritual director of a failed venture by Bannon to develop an alt-right academy in an ancient monastery in the foothills of Rome, which has been curtailed by the Italian government.


h ttps://

April 13, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The Italian Senate has voted almost unanimously in favor of early outpatient treatment therapies for COVID, accepting a motion introduced by Senator Massimiliano Romeo, a member of Matteo Salvini’s Lega.

Even though the motion will need to go through further parliamentary process, the decision is a breakthrough. Without defining actual protocols and medicines, the Senate put the subject squarely on the table and answers will need to be given.

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi, a prominent Italian doctor, told Xavier Azalbert of the only consistently anti-sanitary dictatorship national daily in France, FranceSoir: “The issue is to treat COVID, not to wait (until) it’s already reached a situation of cytokine storms where you cannot save the patient without hospitals, without ICU. So we are very, very happy.”

It’s pathetic if that qualifies as a breakthrough: politicians ordering doctors to stop playing politics.

The objective is to define a protocol for early treatment and roll it out to all medical centers and doctors in Italy, Dr. Stramezzi confirmed. He noted that in Italy, as in France, the same “virus stars” — virologists using the same approach — appear every evening on television to say that “only the vaccination campaign” will make it possible to move out of the pandemic, “and they also say: ‘We don’t have any treatment.’”

“That is not true,” Stramezzi insisted. He suggested that either these media doctors have connections with “Big Pharma” or they don’t know what COVID actually is, because they don’t see outpatients at the beginning of the infection but only in-patients who are already experiencing a cytokine storm and not breathing anymore. “So they haven’t understood, in my opinion, how to treat COVID,” he said.

So, Burke’s ally tried to force the health Nazis to do an honest job… are they doing one for him right now?

End segue

Pope Benedict XVI, himself a conservative, tapped Burke to be a cardinal in 2010, but Francis almost immediately demoted him from his high-ranking Vatican position as head of the justice department in 2014. He has since rallied conservatives to question the legitimacy of Francis’ papacy through the publication of dubia, or doubts, about what the pope has preached.

Burke sounds like a top-level Good Guy who is saying the things that need to be said about Pope Pachemama. And then he gets sick with Coof and the hospital staff jams a breathing tube into him, the most discredited treatment known for Coof and not at all what Salvini’s government was trying to correct four months ago?

This could be an assassination in progress.

Burke also famously refused to grant Holy Communion to former Secretary of State John Kerry over his stance on abortion rights and actively campaigned against the election of Catholic Joe Biden, warning voters that he is “not a Catholic in good standing.” In a statement on his website ahead of the 2020 election, Burke wrote that voters should stick with Donald Trump because “a Catholic may not support abortion in any shape or form because it is one of the most grievous sins against human life and intrinsically evil, and therefore to in any way support the act is a mortal sin.”

Yeah, there are means, motive and opportunity for an assassination. Or at least, medical malpractice.

The American prelate had recently scoffed at continuing COVID-19 precautions and scorned vaccine mandates in both the U.S. and Europe. It is not known if he was vaccinated before contracting the virus, which would have helped him comply with Italy’s increasingly harsh regulations that require vaccination proof to anyone who wants to dine in a restaurant or go to a movie. Pope Francis has also required Vatican employees to be inoculated and called getting the vaccine an “ethical obligation.”

The vaxx doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid. It prevents the government from starving you to death. Trust the Science!

Burke’s press team tweeted last Wednesday that the cardinal had been admitted to a hospital after several conservative Catholic websites started prayer circles for him. “Cardinal Burke has been admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 and is being assisted by a ventilator,” according the tweet. “Doctors are encouraged by his progress. H.E. faithfully prayed the Rosary for those suffering from the virus. On this Vigil of the Assumption, let us now pray the Rosary for him.”

Neither the Vatican or Burke’s assistant returned requests for comment for this report.

So again, what about the cure? Any treatment besides a last-stop ventilator?


Nothing has been made public except two tweets from Burke requesting prayer. That and HCQ does a body good. He is being treated in a Wisconsin hospital rather than a Vatican facility. That argues against my suspicion.

I pray Burke makes a full recovery. Not only because he’s one of the few respectable leaders of the Catholic Church left, but so all the Covidian abortionists cheering his suffering will be put to righteous shame.

If God should choose otherwise then so be it. Burke was going to die someday, anyway, just like everybody else, and I note he risked his health on international travel to his diocese instead of “social-distancing” like a coward at Vatican City. He would not have been a man of God had he not put his work ahead of his safety.

6 thoughts on “Is Cardinal Raymond Burke Being Arkancided?

  1. Woman “professional alligator handler” nearly killed by alligator. But she is rescued by a man who never handled alligators before:

    You just KNOW that they’ll eventually spin this to either make the man an “animal abuser,” or they’ll “discover” that he didn’t REALLY save her after all (the alligator “died suddenly of natural causes” while it was being pried away from its feeding frenzy, or some such). Anything to not make a SIW look like fool.


  2. Jesus answered and said to him “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…”

    I have firm faith in Jesus and am not worried about the survival of His church.


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