Czech Republic Defies European Union, Sanctions Armed Self-Defense

It’s funny how the nations most experienced with Socialism, are the nations most reluctant for a second go. It’s not funny how the first thing those “friends of the worker class” do is disarm the worker class. Everybody is most equal when the government agent is unstoppable!

Czech Senate Approves Right to Use Weapon in Self-Defense

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23 July 2021

The right to defend oneself and others with weapons under legal conditions will be enshrined in the Czech Constitution. It will become part of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

The adjustment is a response to disarmament trends within the EU. As expected, the Senate on Wednesday confirmed the approval of the amendment to the Charter. The change will now be signed by the president, who, unlike ordinary laws, cannot veto constitutional laws.

Per wikipedia, CZ already had some pretty lenient self-defense laws.


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There are three main concepts in Czech law which exclude criminal & civil liability based on self-defense. “Utmost necessity” (krajní nouze) may be invoked against a danger other than an attack by another person, such as a raging dog. “Necessary self defense” (nutná obrana) may be invoked against attack by another person, be it a direct assault or a dog ordered to attack. The third concept is called “eligible use of a gun” (oprávněné užití zbraně) and generally may not be invoked by civilians, but rather by police or other officers.

I understand that in places where firearms are hard to use legally, trained attack dogs become commonplace. Animal rights activists should totally be pro-gun for humanitarian reasons. Alas, they’re just another front for Globohomo.

When I was a utility worker in Los Angeles, I was given specific & comprehensive training, with refreshers, on how to handle violent dogs. Nothing said ‘crack house’ like a 2,500sf property hosting 500lbs of angry dog.

Only slightly more than 3% of Czech adult population have concealed carry licenses. This together with a generally low rate of violent crime makes defensive gun uses relatively rare. More common are defensive knife uses, as there are no limitations on carrying of weapons other than firearms. Even more common are defensive uses of pepper sprays, the carrying of which is officially recommended by Ministry of Interior to women, elderly and other vulnerable groups.

Which explains why this amendment was for general weapon use rather than firearm-specific. I also understand that the world thinks us ‘Muricans rather daft with our obsession on firepower. It’s true that a knife is almost as good as a firearm in urban self-defense environments, although with the increase of STDs I prefer a collapsing baton for my EDC, but like the song says, there’s no feeling any greater than to shoot first and ask questions later.

This might have been the only song that Weird Al never dared to make an official music video for. Grand Theft Auto will have to do.

End segue

The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms will now contain a provision stating that “the right to defend one’s own life or the life of another person with a weapon is guaranteed under the conditions laid down by law.”

According to the submitters, the constitutional change will prevent this right from being restricted by ordinary law. It will also strengthen the position of the Czech Republic in discussing other EU regulations.

“The proposal is not only symbolic in nature but can also serve as insurance for the future,” said Senator Martin Červíček on behalf of the submitters.

Červíček pointed to the tendency of some EU countries to ban carrying any objects that could be used as a weapon. According to Červíček, the disarmament of the population will not bring greater security, as criminals will obtain weapons illegally.

More than a tendency, it’s a stated policy point… and in light of recorded history, a murderous threat. M.C. is smart to take this preventative step!

Overall, 54 of the 74 senators in the Senate voted in favor of amending the Charter. A three-fifths majority (45 votes) was needed. The proposal was enforced mainly by representatives of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), the TOP 09 and ANO movements, and the Social Democratic Party (ČSSD).

Governments that allow people the means to replace it, are paradoxically the least likely to be replaced. It’s the governments who remove ordinary people from participation that risk infiltration and subversion. (When I say ‘people’, I mean male taxpayers. Not women, not bums.)

The amendment to the Charter will take effect no earlier than August 1 and no later than September 1.

The amendment is based on a petition signed by 102,000 people, including many constitutional officials. The petition was prompted by hunters and other gun owners who opposed the European Commission’s efforts to limit ownership of weapons, including legally held ones.

Molon Labe, Czech Edition!

The Commission justified its stance, among other things, by pointing out the necessity to take measures against terrorism.

“We promise you safety! Now turn your guns in!” (The Kiwi version ends in “oops, we lost the guns that you just turned in.”):

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However, critics of the EU measure argued that terrorists mostly use illegally obtained weapons. Czechia fought the controversial EU directive in a lawsuit at the Court of Justice of the European Union but failed.

The government thus had to make changes to the law on weapons, implementing the EU regulation. The newly approved amendment to the Constitution will, however, override this law.

CZ has a future while Europe does not. It’s that simple.

5 thoughts on “Czech Republic Defies European Union, Sanctions Armed Self-Defense

  1. “Trigger Happy” was one of his earliest songs and not influenced by modern events. It was harmless fun in the 80s… we could laugh at ourselves back then.

    Today, everything is political.


  2. Wow, the Czech Republic actually wants their own people to be able, and to have the right, to depend on themselves. Instead of telling people to call the police and then calmly wait, as you are being robbed or whatever, for the state representatives to show up and decide whether to protect you.

    What a backward country.

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  3. Can this really be happening in the West?

    The Australia example needs to be rubbed hard in people’s noses (I wanted to say “jammed hard up people’s arses,” which is more impactful, but too many would derive pleasure from that) as to what happens when the citizens of a nation surrender their means of self-defense to to the State. My wife’s native Venezuela is another good example, but Venezuela has never been known as a free nation. Oz, on the other hand, once bragged (sometimes still does) about its hearty and free people. That mask has been torn off in the wake of disarmament and it’s just fucking moronic and insulting to try to continue to maintain the artifice.

    Pretty soon “Don’t Become Australia” is going to become a meme in the USSA.


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