Don’t CYA For Chick Volleyball

Instead of discussing face coverings, let’s discuss… everything else she’s wearing!

Editorial: Stop dictating to women athletes what they should wear

Archaic rule requiring that women wear bikini bottoms shows need for culture change in the world of sports

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By Mercury News & East Bay Times Editorial Boards, 29 July 2021

Nobody wanted to take personal credit for writing this. Dayumn, how many Socialists does it take to have a potentially unpopular opinion?

More than a century after the first women competed in the Olympics, sexism and sport continue to walk hand in hand, to the detriment of all. It begs the question of when men will stop trying to dictate to women what they should wear in athletic competitions.

Smarter atheists would recognize that statement as strong evidence that human nature cannot be changed, and despair of ever getting rid of the Creator.

For decades, men demanded that women cover up their bodies on the notion that they would be a distraction to the male athletes. Today’s policing of female athletes’ bodies has gone to the opposite extreme, encouraging them to wear skimpy, revealing clothing, presumably to attract more male viewers. Never mind that rules requiring women wear revealing clothing may discourage young girls from wanting to participate and build the sport.

“Those poor young girls enjoying all that male attention! What a horrible fate!” says the combined effort of two hag-filled editorial boards.

On Monday, Norway’s women’s beach handball team was fined by the European Handball Federation because players wore shorts instead of the required bikini bottoms during a competition in Bulgaria. The International Handball Federation rules stipulate that female athletes must wear bikini bottoms “with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg.” Each player was fined the equivalent of about $177.

To no one’s surprise, male beach handball players can pretty much wear what they want.

Male privilege! Also because men are judged by their performance, not their gently bouncing… um, brains.

The men’s rules state that players’ shorts, “if not too baggy, can be longer but must remain 10 centimeters above the kneecap.”

Everybody wins when male thongs are not mandated.

Beach handball isn’t an Olympic sport — yet. The International Handball Federation has requested that the International Olympic Committee include beach handball as a new event at the Paris 2024 Summer Games. A condition of approval should be the removal of the IHF’s archaic clothing rule.

Let’s pin you journos down right now: which do you want? Mandatory skimpy attire or mandatory modest attire? Which do you think will get you in less trouble with the whamminz? (The correct answer is ‘fried ice’.)

But don’t hold your breath waiting for Olympic officials to recognize how a sport’s culture leads to the objectification of young women and girls.

It took nearly two decades before the Olympics in 2012 dropped the requirement that women beach volleyball players wear tiny bikini bottoms during competitions. Meanwhile, their male counterparts have always worn tank tops and shorts.

At the Tokyo Games earlier this week, Germany’s women’s gymnastics team, saying they were tired of the sexualization of their sport, broke with tradition and wore unitards that stretched to their ankles during the team competition.

Did those Germans pray to Mecca, too? Maybe post-nationalism isn’t as hot an idea as mandatory bikinis for athletic young chicks.


CAMEL-TOE unitards!!! I can’t post that pic on my blog. Suffice to say, no clothing regulation can prevent sluts from being sluts.

Since the 1956 Games, female gymnasts have worn bikini-cut leotards, while their male counterparts wear shorts or long pants, based on what they feel will be most comfortable during competition.

The same sexist approach holds true for figure skating competitions during the Winter Games.

Kudos to the Norwegian Handball Federation for backing Norway’s women players. The organization said it would pay the players’ fines and continue supporting the team’s 15-year effort to change the uniform rules.

“Why do men care so much about how we dress?” cries the female athletic team entering its 16th consecutive year of demanding changes to the dress code. You aren’t fooling anybody, ladies and Progs. How women dress is a very big deal to women and if men don’t regulate it… men who, as a rule, do not care to weaponize clothing… then you women will be at each other’s throats forever with no solution.

It’s up to men to put women in their place… and in their dress code. And if men want bikinis then dangit, we get bikinis!

3 thoughts on “Don’t CYA For Chick Volleyball

  1. Here is what the “authors” couldn’t wrap their minds, should they exist, around. They are effectively advocating for a bikini-less cabal for sand based female sports. Now this might work …. for a time and at an extraordinary cost of team woman female capital (shaming and clucking). Now, the intended audience for sports, vastly male, does not tune into women’s sports for the athletic prowess as the male versions are bigger, stronger, faster, more coordinated, which means they are more exciting 99% of the time, case in point the WNBA. See also, women’s college bowling. What men will tune in for is women’s sand sports played in bikinis. The slightest chance of a nip slip or exposure of a well toned gluteus is enough to garner male attention. Eventually the cabal will lose to the almighty dollar, or Yuan because of how things are going, as those women who shun the burkini will get paid more both in moolah and in attention, which is probably the more important of the two.


  2. “Archaic rule requiring that women wear bikini bottoms shows need for culture change in the world of sports”

    I’ll also accept hotpants or miniskirts. Anything else and I close down the female athletics department and redirect the funds to real atheletes.

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