Leave the Jab, Take the Cannoli

No masks needed but folks, put your face shields on. Cat puke INCOMING!!!

Southern California Restaurant Claims It Will Only Serve Unvaccinated People

When the catch of the day is COVID-19

h ttps://www.thewrap.com/southern-california-restaurant-claims-it-will-only-serve-unvaccinated-people/

By Ross A. Lincoln, 26 July 2021

Careful there, Mr. Lincoln. You wouldn’t want to mock yourself.

A restaurant in Huntington Beach, California has added a brand new catch of the day to its menu: COVID-19.

Huntington Beach regularly turns up as the dissident bastard of Los Angeles-area city governments. I’ll never live in L.A. again but if God disagrees, look for me there.

That’s thanks to an absurd, and highly dangerous new marketing gimmick the restaurant has adopted…

Meaning either dissent against the government or quoting the Godfather trilogy.

…the claim that all patrons must prove they have not been vaccinated against the illness that has killed more than 600,000 Americans.

No, it was six MILLION dead. Oops, wrong lockdown.

So, how do we vaxx-dissidents prove a negative to each other? Aside from acting healthy & nonmagnetic.

The restaurant, Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, has demonstrated a repeated opposition to public health during the pandemic. It declared itself a “mask-free zone” in 2020, wrapping the policy in patriotic imagery. But the restaurant is now expanding this trolling campaign with signs declaring that simply being vaccinated is “treasonous, anti-American stupidity.”

That’s not trolling, doofus. That’s a policy statement. Also, the truth.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the restaurant isn’t actually checking vaccination status…

“They aren’t letting us in! I guess they actually are but they’re still thought criminals!”

…but the owner, Tony Roman, is opposed to the idea of vaccine mandates or the possibility of more lockdowns to stop the spread of COVID-19. In a statement to the times, he insisted that resistance to life-saving vaccines is a “missile of defiance” in the name of “liberty.”

No misapplied scare quotes either, please. These lockdowns and social-distancing, Fascist “guidelines”… note the correct use of scare quotes… are putting restauranteurs out of business left and right. I am pleased to see at least one restaurant owner seeing the obvious and responding rationally.

Meanwhile, states with lower numbers of vaccinated citizens are seeing three times as many COVID-19 cases as states with higher vaccination numbers. And as of today, 611,000 people in the U.S. have died from the illness.

Because the CDC mandated falsifying PCR tests to make vaccines look healthy. The sensitivity is REQUIRED TO BE CRANKED UP if they know they’re testing a Morlock. Excuse me, an un-fully-not-a-vaccine-ated person. It doesn’t roll off the tongue.

The restaurant is also selling t-shirts that say “Leave the vax, take the cannoli,” a reference to a line from “The Godfather” in which the thing left behind — in that case, a gun — was a murder weapon. The metaphor makes little sense of course, since vaccines prevent death, rather than cause it.

Mr. Lincoln, you need the vaxx like you need a hole in your head… eh, never mind.

4 thoughts on “Leave the Jab, Take the Cannoli

  1. The mandate chorus is growing louder. If they make them work-mandatory, I might just show myself to the door and move to New Hampshire, where Sununu just outlawed mandates.

    Scary times.

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  2. I think the Powers That Be have a winter 2021 deadline that they’re trying to meet. If half of what I hear about antibody-dependent & adverse reactions is true, the coming flu season will be epic.

    California just mandated them for the state government and medical sector. I think they’ll get away with that because Cali imposed Obamacare at the state level after Trump ended it at the national level. Follow the money…

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  3. Think about the horrible legal precedent that mandating medical procedures sets and where it might take us. What about mandated abortion for genetic defects like trisomy 21? It is a condition that costs the public money and things that cost the public money add risk, making it a public health issue, so why not? What about forced sterilizations for people who don’t meet a certain standard? We have women in roles of governance, to our detriment in the vast majority of cases, and we all know what happens when the hamsters get free reign, so almost anything could be rationalized. Medial procedures for the clinically obese? Sure! If we can kill all the taste neurons in the tongue we inexpensively eliminate the enjoyment impulse to consume food. Consume too much alcohol and we’ll mandate a drug that interacts with ethanol to make you violently ill. Like to read your bible and actually believe what is written? That’s simple. Firing squad.

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  4. “Think about the horrible legal president that mandating medical procedures sets and where it might take us.”

    It’s a curious trait of the Social Justice Warrior. They have absolutely no capacity for causation or introspection. I’m waiting for some boardroom full of SJWs to fire half their factory’s workers for not getting vaxxed then losing their jobs when the factory shuts down because not enough people are left to run it. “How could this happen to us? There was nothing we could do!”

    We can only hope that somebody gives them cupcakes for their food holes. And some days, I ask God to make me a baker.

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