NPC Witch Hunt!

This may be the first time ever, that computer avatars have been targeted by self-described victims of sexual harassment.

California sued gaming giant Activision Blizzard, alleging widespread harassment of female staff. A male supervisor delegated his work to a female employee so he could play Call of Duty, the suit said.

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By, Anna Cooban, 22 July 2021

Heehee. Is there any other reason to be the boss at a computer game company?

California’s fair employment agency filed a lawsuit against gaming giant Activision Blizzard on Tuesday, accusing the Call of Duty publisher of a “pervasive frat boy” in which female employees were routinely harassed.

“He plays games while I have to do housework! I mean, officework.”

In one alleged incident, a “newly promoted male supervisor delegated his responsibilities to his now female subordinates in favor of playing Call of Duty,” the filing said.

I love you, man. Hermanos al fin!

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) sued Activision Blizzard and two subsidiaries – Activision Publishing and World of Warcraft creator Blizzard Entertainment – after a two-year investigation into working conditions for female staff, Bloomberg Law first reported.

“Oh noes! I cut myself while breaking through the glass ceiling! This male space is full of men acting male! My coworkers resent me because the government forced them to hire me! Life is so unfair!”

DFEH said in Tuesday’s filing to the Los Angeles Supreme Court that MEN at the company were discriminated against, subjected to “constant sexual harassment,” groped, paid less for “substantially similar work,” and retaliated against by company HR when they complained.

The original said “women” but this would surely be more correct. Also, in a related court case a California judge ruled that it is legal to intentionally misgender people!


California court says it’s OK to intentionally misgender and deadname trans people

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A California court struck down a 2017 anti-discrimination law protecting LGBTQ elders, making it legal for employees to intentionally misgender and deadname patients at long-term care facilities.

The Third District Court of Appeals ruled that forcing employees to refer to patients by their preferred pronouns and names would be a violation of their freedom of speech and ideology.

“We recognize that misgendering may be disrespectful, discourteous and insulting, and used as an inartful way to express an ideological disagreement with another person’s expressed gender identity,” Associate Justice Elena J. Duarte wrote for the court.

“But the First Amendment does not protect only speech that inoffensively and artfully articulates a person’s point of view.”

Hail to the King Of Internet Trolls, baby. We can now LITERALLY flip the script! (Although I will refrain from here on.)

End Segue

“Unsurprisingly, [the] Defendants’ ‘frat boy’ culture is a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women,” the lawsuit said.

A spokesperson for Activision Blizzard said in a statement that “the picture the DFEH paints is not the Blizzard workplace of today.”

“The DFEH includes distorted, and in many cases false, descriptions of Blizzard’s past. We have been extremely cooperative with the DFEH throughout their investigation, including providing them with extensive data and ample documentation, but they refused to inform us what issues they perceived,” the statement said.

Epic moronic fail, spokes-dude. How did your in-house legal team miss that assault?

“We want all your employment documentation since the beginning of time and we won’t say why.”

“Okay, here you go. This should prove that we’re innocent. Please don’t hurt us!”

*megabucks lawsuit*

“We value diversity and strive to foster a workplace that offers inclusivity for everyone. There is no place in our company or industry, or any industry, for sexual misconduct or harassment of any kind,” the spokesperson said.

“We take every allegation seriously and investigate all claims. In cases related to misconduct, action was taken to address the issue.”

I meant it as a rhetorical question but thanks for pointing out how taking all female accusations seriously, documenting them fully and then handing all that manufactured evidence over to government investigators did jack squat to protect you from a harassment lawsuit.

Hey, did xe just MANSPLAIN right in front of us?!

The lawsuit detailed claims that some male workers engaged in “cube crawls” where they would “drink copious amounts of alcohol” and move between cubicles in the office, often behaving inappropriately towards their female coworkers.

And male coworkers, if I know drunks. Thanks for noticing us. Not.

The agency said in the filing that one female Activision Blizzard worker died by suicide during a business trip. A male coworker she had previously had a sexual relationship with was also on the trip, the suit said. Police found that the male supervisor had brought a butt plug and lubricant on the trip, DFEH said.

The butt plug strongly suggests that she drove him gay.

Some male workers made sexual advances to female employees on the World of Warcraft team, and also made derogatory comments about rape, the lawsuit claimed.

On that note… the WoW connection!

Blizzard Harasser From Lawsuit Is Still All Over World of Warcraft, Fans Dismay

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By Ash Parrish, 22 July 2021

Yesterday, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard over the company’s allegedly pervasive culture of sexual harasment and discrimination.

As the horrific allegations against Activision Blizzard came to light, one portion of the lawsuit stood out as particularly egregious: Alex Afrasiabi.

One day later and he STILL hasn’t been unpersoned? REEEE!!!

Remember, it takes two days to unperson a life.

Alex Afrasiabi, a creative director on World of Warcraft, was allegedly so notorious with his behavior that his office was nicknamed the “Crosby Suite” —ostensibly a misspelling of “Cosby” in reference to alleged rapist Bill Cosby.

Not the Bing Crosby suite, perhaps? His office was allegedly named after an alleged rapist? Allegedly, Alex’s accusers have spelling problems. Also allegedly, they are lying weasels.

After all the accusations, criminal trials and even conviction & time served, it’s STILL ‘alleged rapist’. If Cosby isn’t innocent then at this point, he’s earned the right to be.

Afrasiabi worked for Blizzard as recently as June 2020…

And though Afrasiabi is gone, his presence still lingers in World of Warcraft. Kotaku was able to confirm the existence of at least two NPCs that continue to bear his name, in addition to a number of items that directly reference him.

Ahh, good! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Parade the sacrificial victims!

Wait, what? They… the Woke are going after Alex’s NPCs? Because the NPCs are still employed at Activision?

This one is spreading SARS-Cov-2-Delta because he isn’t wearing a face mask. Or maybe it’s the lambda variant but either way, a suspiciously healthy man like that has got to be diseased! And locked down!

And punished for sexual harassment…

Since the news broke, fans on the World of Warcraft forums are advocating that Afrasiabi’s references be removed or renamed.

The NPCs in question, Field Marshal Afrasiabi and Lord Afrasastrasz, can be found in the capital city of Stormwind and in Wrymrest Temple, respectively. In addition to the NPCs, there are a number of items named for Afrasiabi, including Fras Siabi’s Cigar Cutter, a rare axe, and common quest items like Siabi’s Premium Tobacco. The degree to which a player might encounter these things varies: The Stormwind inclusion is out of the way, and while the Temple reference belongs to a quest-giver, it’s for older Wrath of the Lich King content.

Back in the day, liberals would have freaked about tobacco products appearing in a kid’s game. Now they complain about a man appearing in a kid’s game.

6 thoughts on “NPC Witch Hunt!

  1. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing — otherwise known as the Feminist State — spent TWO YEARS ‘investigating’ the horror of men acting like men in the Queenship of Kalifornia.

    I am stunned to find that after wasting all of that public money, on themselves to be sure, the Feminist State found Kalifornia workplaces teeming with toxic masculinity, a scourge that must be annihilated male-by-male, cubicle-by-cubicle, no matter how long the cleansing process takes.

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  2. How women crane operators die:

    Xiao Qiumei, 23, was a crane operator who shared videos of her career to a reported social media audience of 100,000 followers.

    In her final video, she is speaking into a camera in what appears to be a crane cabin when the camera suddenly switches to images of blurry equipment whizzing past the lens. Qiumei fell about 160 feet, according to reports. …

    At least her (now former) employer wasn’t sexist.

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  3. Republican lawmakers white knight for women:

    Republicans are blasting a provision in the federal defense budget that would require women to register for the military draft. ​

    The ​Senate National Defense Authorization Act, approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee last week, contains an amendment that would compel women between the ages of 18 to 25 to sign up for the Selected Service, just as men that age are required to do.

    Republican Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, an Iraq War veteran known as a hawk on defense issues, and Josh Hawley of Missouri voted against the proposal.

    ‘”Our military has welcomed women for decades and are stronger for it. But America’s daughters shouldn’t be drafted against their will. I opposed this amendment in committee, and I’ll work to remove it before the defense bill passes​,” Cotton wrote on Twitter on Friday.​ …

    If our military is “stronger” because of women, why not draft them?


  4. Military decay continues:

    “President Biden nominated two historic #LGBTQ+ nominees for key roles” at the Department of Defense,” White House Senior Adviser on LGBTQ+ Engagement Reggie Greer wrote on Twitter. …

    Gina Ortiz Jones was confirmed to be the next undersecretary of the Air Force — the first out lesbian to serve in the position. …

    Shawn Skelly, a retired Navy commander, was confirmed as assistant secretary of defense for readiness. She became the second openly transgender person to be confirmed as a federal official …

    So, a lesbian of color, and a man in a dress. Guess that meets the mission requirements for today’s military.

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