Mission Accomplished: Feminist Indoctrination

Here’s another horror story, excuse me, success story of how education EMPOWERS women.

AITA for telling my sister not to bring her kids over so much?

h ttps://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/oawwkw/aita_for_telling_my_sister_not_to_bring_her_kids/

By Anonymous Bay Area feminist, 30 June 2021

I (25F) recently graduated. The city I live in has a shortage of apartments–I could technically afford an available one, but that would mean I would have no extra money for anything but the bare basics.

That rules out New York City. They have a surplus of apartments, albeit sill unaffordable. Thus, the Gay Area of Commiefornia. Nowhere else breeds feminists of this purity.

While waiting for a more reasonable place to open up, I have moved in with my parents, who own a house within reasonable commuting distance.

I know why she’s not eager to live with her parents: she’s in her prime skanking years.

My older sister (32F) has three children: 6M, 3F, 1F.

Probably got both a BA and MRS in college.

We aren’t very close, as her entire identity since her oldest was born is “SAHM.” She usually brings her kids over several times a week to visit and/or have my parents babysit while she goes grocery shopping or other errands. I’m not really a kid person–don’t plan on having any myself, and I can tolerate hers in small doses. Before, when I lived on campus, this wasn’t really an issue. Now, however, I feel like I never get a break from kids. My parents don’t allow them in my room, but when they’re here I can’t go out and relax in the living room since they’re in there. My room is fairly small, and I don’t like being cooped up in it all day when they visit. Yesterday, when my sister picked up the kids, they decided to stay for dinner, which meant I had even less time without them. I asked my sister if she would limit their visits to a max of twice a week while I’m here, in order to respect my needs. She got extremely angry at me and accused me of selfishly preventing her kids from seeing their grandparents. AITA?

You’re worse than an asshole, Skankie. You’re a success story.

That’s probably an advanced degree you got there, to judge from your age. For six years you attended Feminist U and here you are: strong, independent, wearing pants, ready for your man-career, emancipated like women rarely have been in human history…

And you’re completely unable to tolerate the existence of your nephew and nieces because they remind your biology of what you’re sacrificed for a life in the rat race.

I noticed that you never referred to them as family. They were always “the children of your older sister”.

I noticed that despite it being your parents’ home, you are giving them orders and venting angrily when said orders are not followed. Prepare to pay rent in the near future, ingrate!

I noticed you spitting through your teeth at your older sister being happy as a mother while you twerk your way through the local Tinder offerings. No chance you’re a virgin.

I noticed… that you are a SUCCESS STORY of everything degenerate about our society. Congratulations. You paid attention in school. It shows. It really does.

Now get a cat and die alone, unless it really would kill you to eat dinner with your extended family. Leave your parents to dote on their grandchildren in peace.

I bet that word stings.

9 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: Feminist Indoctrination

  1. Imagine how miserable this self-centered slore’s existence will become once TSHTF, she discovers just HOW “dependent and un-empowered” she is, and starts trying to depend on Mom and Dad, Sis, or, God forbid, some man. All bridges she will have long since burned by then.

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  2. Imagine when her parents get old or die, and if they leave most of their estate to the grandkids. Or maybe split it five ways, a share for each sister and grandkid.

    This women will shriek that she’s entitled to at least half. Why should she get less just because her sister had kids?

    She might even feel entitled to the entire inheritance. After all, her sister has a husband to provide, while she was relying on an inheritance.

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  3. “I refuse to support myself or to be accountable for any decisions that I have made. I will feel entitled to make demands on people who are already giving me 10x more than any reasonable person would feel obligated to do.”

    Yes, that makes you an asshole.


  4. Red Pill Latecomer: I thought en-volve.com was a satire news sigh like The Onion (because the story about Biden kneeling is so absurd) so I checked with Reuters… but Reuters is claiming that Biden knelt “as a joke”… so it’s not satire at all (facepalm).


  5. So the chic who wrote the Reddit post is definitely the asshole. But also, I wonder: does she even have a job? How is she always home when her sister comes over with the niece and nephew? It sounds like Barbie needs to get a job, if she really feels empowered, and start paying some rent.


  6. But also, I wonder: does she even have a job? How is she always home when her sister comes over with the niece and nephew? It sounds like Barbie needs to get a job, if she really feels empowered, and start paying some rent.

    Barbie The Bitch probably majored in something useless like “Women’s Studies,” “Communications Science,” or “Political Science” and is of course unemployable in her “field.” She’s probably just now realizing this and isn’t in any hurry to get one of the shitty minimum-wage jobs that she knows she’ll be trapped in for the rest of her adult life. Of course she’s almost certainly saddled with the usual student debt burden as well.

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  7. Maybe she has a pretend job — like Instagram influencer, or traveler blogger, or life coach, or she self-publishes Kindle romance novels? She might sit at home all day, “working” odd hours, earning under 100 dollars a week.

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