Taking Stock

Heads up, this one is darkly humorous and black-pilled. But there’s nowhere else to talk about such things.

I’ve been trying to enjoy this summer. It may be the last one that somewhat resembles Ye Olde Americae. Between one thing and another, I have impressive stockpiles of everything from food to hard hats. I am incredibly ready for a crisis of almost any kind.

I’m not going to survive.

The turning point was when California “relaxed” its lockdown on June 15. There were two parts to it. One was Newsom declaring himself the Dictator of California by refusing to ever relinquish his emergency authority to micromanage the lives of every single inhabitant of his state in perpetuity. Nobody cared. This is in line with a total and inexplicable refusal from all established authorities to ever say No. They’ll maybe complain, drag their feet or resign, but they never refuse the New World Order.

The other is the June 15 declaration that all un-vaxxed are second class citizens. Again, zero institutional defiance. Businesses don’t just put notices in their windows, they put up billboards customized with their logos. Maybe they don’t believe the rules that they themselves post. It doesn’t matter what they believe so long as they are willing to obey. I have to believe they really mean it. I’ve met enough to be certain that many of my neighbors sincerely believe that I am a walking plague upon mankind just because the government said so. They whimper in terror as I tell them… slowly and deliberately…

…that I feel perfectly fine.

I’ve amused myself by mocking their “mask up if you’re an un-baptised Juden” rules. Oh yes, I’m a lawbreaker now. My first crime was Christ and the second was being born a white man who belonged in this country. That makes me outlaw, not criminal; I never chose to cross the line; the Deep State merely drew a new line and declared me on the wrong side, because this country they stole is my birthright inheritance.

I’m going to be rational about that. Mine is a simple philosophy: Non Serviam Tyrannis.

Be that as it may, the Normies love tyranny, especially their being on the pointy receiving end of it. Even the fire department noticed I hadn’t taken the now-statewide mandatory sexual harassment training–they actually checked–and have now dispensed with my services as an emergency volunteer. That’s right: in Commiefornia, you aren’t allowed to extract injured people from burning houses until you’ve been taught to hate your twig & berries, because priorities, man. Nobody has a problem with this, not even the people who needed my help badly enough to offer free training in the first place.

Although, I was not the only recipient on those e-mail notifications. Hmm.

I always said that atheism was the worship of government as God, but I never thought it would be so, so TOTAL. Part of me is impressed. Devoted as I am to Christ, I am not so devoted as to literally forget what Christ said yesterday in order to believe whatever Christ says today.

That’s why I follow Christ, of course. He is correct. He’s the embodiment of truth and like me, the rightful inheritor of a stolen world that hated Him first and us next. Now I find myself surrounded by worshipers of the false god Atheism, sometimes called Evo, and they have a fanatical devotion to not noticing they’re being lied to constantly. They might actually see not noticing the lies as a test of loyalty. When I point out the lies, they lie to me in hopes that I’ll get back on the plantation of not noticing the lies. Are they trying to help me with my unfortunate lack of devotion?

I take stock of my situation, realize that I’m surrounded by depraved banksters programming Godless zombies with psychic malware and, well, they don’t sell anything in the military surplus store for this. Camping gear and firepower will have to do.

I need to leave. There’s nowhere to go. My out-of-state allies would help me but are facing similar hardships.

Conclusion? There is no solution. I can stock up enough to manage a transitionary period, after which I will be a criminal outcast or a concentration camp inmate. There is simply no substitute for people helping out. God grant me either allies to stand against the tide or a swift exit from the frustrating futility, because there’s no material safety to be had. As it should be, our hope is in Christ alone.

But it’s a nice summer. Gettin’ stuff done. Busy at work. Being happy like they don’t want… the greatest revenge!

14 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Central Casting is the main employer of background actors (i.e., extras) in Los Angeles. They’re a temp agency for extras. They supply all the major productions.

    Their website is also full of Covid warnings for background actors: https://www.centralcasting.com/covid19/

    In March 2020, it was supposed to be a two-week lockdown. But the Deep State will never let go of Covid. It’s just too empowering for them.

    Also, to work as a background actor in California, you must first take anti-Harassment Training: https://www.centralcasting.com/la/anti-harassment-training/


  2. As your state becomes more Third World, you should start thinking in a more Third World way.
    Volunteer? Are these your people, who appreciate and reciprocate your efforts?
    In the Third World people volunteer less and focus more on looking out for their own family and friends, who they trust. The fire brigade did you a favour.
    Need a vaccine? No, you need a certificate of vaccination. Different thing.
    Stop being so honest and earnest. Those were adaptive traits in 1950. In a low-trust society where your interlocutors don’t care about you, learn to fib.
    Don’t worry about breaking rules. In the Third World everyone is made a criminal by unfair laws and it’s connections that keep you safe.
    Also, there are plenty of places you can go. Remember that you’re in one of the world’s epicentres of this madness. Just about anywhere else would be better.

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  3. *>they have a fanatical devotion to not noticing they’re being lied to constantly. They might actually see not noticing the lies as a test of loyalty.*

    Yes. I’ve seen this especially in some engineering friends who are very good at what they do. My guess is that they’re afraid the world is more evil than they know and so they repeat the lies in order to avoid facing this fear and to try to remain functional in their sphere of expertise.

    *>When I point out the lies, they lie to me in hopes that I’ll get back on the plantation of not noticing the lies.*

    A freshly discovered concept for me: sincere lying!

    However, although Christians have to be cunning, I don’t think we should lie. Telling the truth because it’s true is one of our super powers.

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  4. Well-done on the volunteer fireman gig. You’re a giver, and there are few of those remaining. Therefore when they burn, and they will, let them remember the good men they discarded in favor of their beloved tyranny. Let their 110 lb. princesses carry them out of the flames.

    If you really want to leave, there are always solutions. You can contact me if you wish. Your dues are paid up.

    On lighter note, I had the tv on in background yesterday, happened to look up to see some fool edging far out in front of a Tour De France bicycle pack, holding a big sign.

    Predictably, the sign-carrier struck the first bicycle rider square, he fell, and then the Cavalcade of Concrete began in earnest, as bicyclist after bicyclist careened into the scrum. I thought, they oughta drag that sign-wielding moron behind their bikes, the entire remainder of the route.

    Guess who the Lookit Me! idiot turned out to be? LOL. Truly, an encapsulation of what’s happened to the West the past half-century:


    I mean, it’s just so . . . LOOOOOL


  5. Gunner – This comment from Nickolai is the new reality in the USA. The sooner you come to grips with this and act accordingly the better.

    “As your state becomes more Third World, you should start thinking in a more Third World way. Volunteer? Are these your people, who appreciate and reciprocate your efforts? In the Third World people volunteer less and focus more on looking out for their own family and friends, who they trust. ”

    Your experience in the People’s Republic of California is predictable. If you look at Cornerstone’s “Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development” June 12,2021 that Jack linked to today, you’ll recognize that we have regressed from systems thinking/morality, stage 4+, to stage 3 or less. Systems thinking allows civilization to exist and when that stops we get 3rd world country attributes. Women tend to struggle with the creation of systems (you don’t see 1st world countries with a matriarchal order), although they can maintain them, so as feminism has moved society to more women being in control, whether directly or indirectly by getting me to enact their wishes, we get the breakdown of the systems thinking. Considering this helps me better understand what Isaiah 3:12 means. When children and women rule over a people you lose the relative peace and prosperity that comes with the civilization men build.

    I used to be of the mindset that you did what was right for society at large. My father drilled into me to look out for the other guy because the covert contract was that he was looking out for you too. COVID was the last straw for me. There are too many reasons to site, but if you are trying to live under the guise of systems based thinking and everyone else is operating under a personal cause and effect based method of thinking, where they do what is in their own immediate best interest, you are going to lose. We are now in the phase of the west where we get what we can for ourselves and our families. It is the only logical strategy for operating in the system the west has degraded to.

    I still keep the ideal of helping my fellow man, it is now that the people I help are family and close friends. I’m not putting myself in harms way or expending resources outside of them.


  6. I visited Northern Idaho last winter. I saw several Trump banners and signs in Coeur d’Alene, but also a couple of rainbow flags. And several signs in store windows (and the library) that said Love lives here, which I learned was a pro-LGBT group: https://lovelivesherecda.com/

    And apparently, Critical Race Theory has come to Coeur d’Alene schools: https://idahofreedom.org/critical-race-theory-comes-to-coeur-dalene-k-12-schools/

    The Left won’t leave anyplace alone. It wants hegemony. Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand … all are more anti-free speech and anti-Christian than is the U.S. There is nowhere to run.


  7. Funny story here. Last year the fire brigade called me up in order to patrol the local parks for mask/lockdown violators. I was the violator. I had been hanging new swingsets that I purchased off the Internet on the playground equipment so kids could play. Cheap ones so I could replace them as quickly as they went down. Alas, we never found the perp. Somebody must have tipped him off.

    I can function Third World. I grew up in barrios. I worked the streets of L.A. early in my careers.

    But I cannot function in Fascist World with no meatspace allies. I’m not so upset over losing my fire brigade stuff, half of it was listening in on Uncle Sam and the other half was going cheap on disaster prep… wouldn’t mind playing a hero occasionally, it’s good for the ego… but sabotaging emergency services for no reason than I won’t play computer games while watching a four-hour video, that perfectly captures the situation here.

    They will destroy themselves in order to destroy me. Life in California, I don’t know about elsewhere, feels like a Jew going to the theater with a busful of jihadists wearing bomb vests. Everybody is looking forward to the show and having a good time but as soon as they realize who he is, fireworks.

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  8. Man…the more I read about California the more I am thankful for not being there. It’s weird how some states have opted to reopen and continue with (relative) normality while others choose to become honorary circles of hell. Ironic that liberal states are the most heavily restricted ones.

    If you’re interested in a backup plan, the sunshine state is always open. I prayed for you, and will continue to do so.

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  9. ‘Considering this helps me better understand what Isaiah 3:12 means. When children and women rule over a people you lose the relative peace and prosperity that comes with the civilization men build.’

    Yes that passage applies generally, but specifically to the modern West that has been run covertly by females for many decades already. Women gladly will destroy themselves, and all civilization, as long as their objective of destroying freedom-loving men is met. Why? Because both women and men remain under the Curse of Eden, and once females collectivized politically, they had free rein to exercise that Curse, seeking always the subjugation of men. This describes the tsah-rah spirit.

    Last week I was traveling in this third-world country with a local. We got talking about women in various countries, and he said that the people in his country considered the U.S. to have four distinct castes — children at the top, then women, then animals . . . and then guess who? lol

    Twenty years ago I was writing about American men as fourth-class citizens, with exactly the same hierarchy. So, not everybody is deceived.


  10. A parting gift from the fire brigade: volunteers have just been ordered to report their vaccination status to the local government. You can still ‘decline to state’ but still must register with the private organization issuing vaccination passports, so they know what color of ID to give you.

    Vaxxports are going to happen. They are already happening.


  11. I assume that because you are no longer in the fire brigade, you don’t have to report your vax status?


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