11 thoughts on “Repost: Juneteenth Pride Day

  1. Where’s that video feed coming from? Not YouTube. Bitchute? Odysse?

    Meanwhile, a new twist on the Nigerian marriage scam: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9721931/Pentagon-linguist-jailed-23-years-giving-Lebanese-lover-list-spies-names.html

    ‘I just wanted someone to love me in my old age’: Pentagon linguist, 62, is jailed for 23 years for giving her Hezbollah-linked Lebanese man a list of US spies’ names that she kept under her mattress after he promised to marry her when she retired


  2. @RPL:

    I worked with many, MANY such women in my previous life as a spook. In few other corners of this earth exist more pathetic specimens of the human female. They are the original generation of wine-bibbing, Prozac-popping, cat-hoarding spinster basket cases. I’m just sorry that this one was arrested so soon. The feds should have let her go off to Southern Lebanon to be united with her Shi’ite paramour. I can’t think of more painfully appropriate punishment for each of them than the other’s company.

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  3. feeriker, I recently read Red Sparrow, written by a former CIA officer. It’s been made into a movie, which I’ve not seen.

    The female lead in the novel (a Russian spy for the US) was so amazingly kick-ass. She could take out whole teams of Russian assassins who came after her.

    The novel’s inside look at the world of espionage was interesting. But the female lead was so annoying, I decided against reading the two sequels which continue her adventures.

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  4. I hear Bitchute is based on Britain, which puts it under increased government pressure. And it’s begun deplatforming some videos. Odyssey is said to be better at free speech (though they’re both still good).


  5. I hear Bitchute is based on Britain, which puts it under increased government pressure

    Yes, BitChute has recently shown its true colors. It’s going to soon get to the point where any platform based in the U.S. or an EU country is going to be unusable.


  6. National Review comments on the new Pride Flag: https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/06/the-pride-flags-growing-absurdity/

    The article seems to hint that the old Pride Flag was fine, but this new one is going too far:

    The symbol of “Pride” is the Pride Flag itself, multi-colored with horizontal stripes; or at least it was. Over the last few years, the Pride Flag has seen multiple revisions, each time adding more colors and symbols — and it’s gotten ridiculous.

    The flag wasn’t already ridiculous?

    It is now the true product of a flag-by-committee, the modern intersectional movement in a single frame: It is ugly and scatterbrained and opens the door for any and all oppressed groups to demand inclusion and prioritization.

    So while the flag was a “gay only” flag, it was fine?


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