A Brief Glimpse Of California’s Red-Pilled People

How did I miss the existence of entire organizations' worth of hard-right fellow Californians? Because they're still organizing their anti-Left protests on Facebook... oh. Get a clue, Twitter Trumpists! That is not a safe space! Online activism is spilling into the streets of Southern California, sparking a post-Trump movement h ttps://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Online-activism-is-spilling-into-the-streets-of-16281500.php By Elizabeth Dwoskin for … Continue reading A Brief Glimpse Of California’s Red-Pilled People

Twilight Zone: Aussie Child Care

It's getting hard to find good headlines. Coof, recounts and Miami condos are all anybody wants to talk about. But here's a previously unseen episode of Australian Twilight Zone! Australia Talks finds six out of 10 regional families can't easily access child care h ttps://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-12/regional-child-care-shortage-australia-talks-survey/100195218 By April McLennan,  11 June 2021 Mother-of-three Alanna Wardle has … Continue reading Twilight Zone: Aussie Child Care

Taking Stock

Heads up, this one is darkly humorous and black-pilled. But there's nowhere else to talk about such things. I've been trying to enjoy this summer. It may be the last one that somewhat resembles Ye Olde Americae. Between one thing and another, I have impressive stockpiles of everything from food to hard hats. I am … Continue reading Taking Stock

The IRS Is More Right Than It Realizes

Oh noes! The IRS just persecuted an activist Republican organization masquerading as a Christian empowerment organization! IRS rejects Christian nonprofit's tax-exempt request because 'Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican Party' h ttps://www.theblaze.com/news/irs-denies-tax-exempt-status-to-christian-nonprofit By Phil Shiver, 21 June 2021 The Internal Revenue Service last month denied a Christian nonprofit organization tax-exempt status by arguing … Continue reading The IRS Is More Right Than It Realizes

All Fifty Riot Cops In Portland Just Quit

Although they haven't quit their day jobs... yet. Portland's police riot squad resigns after officer indicted over alleged assault on photographer h ttps://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-police-riot-team-resigns-officer-indicted-assault By Danielle Wallace, 18 June 2021 [On August 18, 2020], according to the police union, about 200 demonstrators – many equipped with tactical helmets, faces covered, and armed with a variety of … Continue reading All Fifty Riot Cops In Portland Just Quit

Bug Tacos For Kids!

A sentence that one should never hear from his high school biology teacher: "That wasn't beef I just fed you." Want to eat a cicada? These N.J. high school students are going to do just that. h ttps://www.nj.com/mercer/2021/05/want-to-eat-a-cicada-the-nj-high-school-students-are-going-to-do-just-that.html By Brianna Kudisch, 18 May 2021 The Brood X cicadas have slowly started to emerge in Princeton, … Continue reading Bug Tacos For Kids!