True Crime: Kashe Quest, A Toddler with 146 IQ!

You’ve already heard about how science has a problem reproducing their findings. Well, that reproducibility crisis just produced… a baby?

Toddler admitted into American Mensa has an IQ of 146, makes history as youngest member

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By Cortney Moore, 26 May 2021

A 2-year-old girl has just made history as the youngest member of American Mensa.

California native Kashe Quest has an IQ of 146 and was accepted into the high-IQ society, according to Fox 11 Los Angeles.

That’s the name a ghetto queen would give her daughter. Not many supergeniuses come out of the projects.

Consistent with my suspicion. This is the only picture of her that doesn’t overexpose the color of her skin, like this:

There are several serious problems here, not least being the image problem that as of yesterday, not all Mensa members are potty-trained. Let’s dig deeper.

Kashe, who is nearing the age of 3, has made several academic strides that many toddlers her age have yet to reach.

According to Fox 11, Kashe can count to 100, identify all 50 U.S. states by shape and select elements on the periodic table.

Her communication abilities are also advanced with 50 sign language signs memorized so far in addition to learning English and Spanish and how to read.

While one report published by Harvard Medical School states that “babies are primed to learn language—any language—while still in the womb, and are born ready to continue the task,” most people begin to learn to read in early elementary school grades.

I don’t care about Harvard. I care about what testing authority thinks a toddler’s “146 IQ” means anything at all. Hmm… Fox11 and Mommy are the only certifiers mentioned in any of several articles I’ve checked.

However, Athwal noted that Kashe shares many behavioral similarities with other toddlers her age – including negotiations and tantrums. The main difference is that Kashe can understand what is being told to her more so than her young peers, Athwal explained to Fox 11.

I got questions:

  1. Why does daughter’s name not match Mommy’s name? Where’s daddy?
  2. How might Mensa virtue-signal equity with black people OTHER than a stunt like this?
  3. Why are children not allowed to be children anymore?

Sukhjit Athwal… Hindu not half-black, so I’m wrong to the extent of this being a massive virtue-signal… unless Kashe is adopted, which I can neither confirm nor deny… ooh, she’s a published author! Her bio from Amazon:

As a mother and published author to a 2 year old & with 10+ years in the childcare field, Sue Athwal holds a valid Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, with a degree in Liberal Arts and Psychology, and a Childcare Program Director’s Permit.

A woman specializing in babies… okay. No red flags.

As the Founder of The Modern Schoolhouse, and Co-founder of The Modern Mom & Baby, she had the opportunity to work with organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation and Big Brothers & Sisters Club, while playing in the NCAA.

Volleyball in college, in California.

With innovative teaching practices and self-created curriculum, Sukhjit is well-known for promoting early education, and helps children reach their full learning potential. She has also privately worked with students in their toddler years, who have then qualified for John Hopkins Center of Talented Youth & Mensa by the age of 5. With the wealth of knowledge and demand of high-quality childcare in need, Sue became inspired to create the same content she has used with other gifted children and make it accessible for all other children to learn.

Uh-oh. A woman who specializes in recognizing and tutoring child prodigies, who boasts of being connected with famous organizations, when her turn came to have a baby, had the youngest child prodigy ever recognized by the famous organization Mensa?

Either she figured out how to train literally any child into a genius before they’re out of diapers… or she used her means, motives and opportunities to falsify her child’s intellectual achievements, and Mensa went along with it because they’re dangerously short on vibrant membership.

How long until she’s investigated? Will Mensa feel stupid when the truth comes out? I cracked this mystery with the original post and a page off Amazon… and I’m just a midwit.

A midwit who knows that babies aren’t rocket scientists.

8 thoughts on “True Crime: Kashe Quest, A Toddler with 146 IQ!

  1. The kid is Female and Of Color. That checks the two most important boxes of life under the Pussy Politburo. Those two attributes get the Medea green-light. The kid is white and male, nobody cares, except to tell him he is Privileged and an Oppressor.

    The rest is, as you say, Mad Mommy attention-whoring. Promoting herself and her kid as celebrities. Because in the Pussy Politburo, what status is higher and more revered than Celebrity?

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  2. I joined Mensa in 2016. They send me their magazine every month. It is so steeped in the feminist world view that I cannot stand to read anything in it. So when it shows up in my mailbox it goes straight into the recycling.

    I thought my membership expired in 2020, but unfortunately I am still a member in good standing.

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  3. Hello, I am Sukhjit’s aunt thru marriage. Your article is full of speculation. Sukhjit’s ethnicity is East Indian, her Nationality is American, she was born and raised in California. Her fiancé is African American. She is as bright and as great a mom as what you’ve read. She has been blessed with this beautiful child who, sadly, has been rejected by her grandfather because her father is black. Rather than seek fault with her, why not celebrate the fact that she is raising a beautiful bright baby girl?
    The comments and speculation are extremely unkind. To get your facts straight, Why not reach out to Sukhjit and talk to her yourself? You’ll find she is a bright engaging young woman who happens to be really good with kids.


  4. Greetings, Melanie, and thank you for reaching out to me. I agree, my speculation is very unkind. It is also very likely to be correct. I find fault with everybody who lies and cheats because I worship Christ Jesus, the God of Truth.

    Also and speaking as a white man, don’t try the “you should be nice” routine on me. Most of my people are headsick like that; not me.

    Her grandfather is a wise man. Race-mixing is a very bad idea, as your niece-in-law will probably find out. It’s too late now, however. After having a child outside of marriage, which is another strong mark against Sukhjit’s moral character, Sukhjit owes Kashe her father.

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  5. Melanie is America now. Making mediocrity a virtue because of emotions. Be nice, that is the reason to excuse the upholding of standards.
    To piss on chasity because a kid is smart is probably worse than mediocrity but I start there because the nose of the camel is the high achieving kid, which is a mimcry of excellence and therefore an easy tool to confuse simple minds.
    The only evil in this for Melanie is you voicing an opinion she doesn’t like and the grandfather.
    She would have been far better off to say they are taking advantage of the BLM mania sweeping the nation to help out family. Not great, but at least more honest than saying shut up because the feelz.

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  6. I, as a fellow midwit, am also very skeptical of this kid. She looks like a cute child, to be sure, but I have children and I am sure you can’t teach a child to read by two. One of the things I learned as a parent is that children face many limitations beyond “lack of intelligence”. Their arms are too short to wipe their own asses. They literally cannot follow instructions (which is a huge part of learning to read) until they are TAUGHT to follow instructions. As a father of two (with one child who is very, very bright), I do not believe this Kashe kid has these accomplishments at all. Nope. Not one bit.

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  7. I have immediate family with a bright child, so I can believe the facts about Kashe are true. Good for the kid, I am glad to see Americans with potential.
    That family kid is mixed race too, but not an anointed race.
    That’s what bugs me, let’s celebrate God’s gifts by indirectly profiting from and promoting BLM. Doesn’t work that way, and in the long run, the cancer of Marxism and a promotion of black racism undermines the gift Kashe has. Kashe will be wasted under some fool 20 years from now because we will have mob rule and a broken country. A Kashe in Venezuela is never noticed because of corruption, and the same here. I said I wouldn’t get an IQ test done for the child in my family, because it’s spiritually distracting and damaging for the low level of Christian maturity in that house, but yes, grab that brass ring to be above others in a godless society does make Machiavellian sense.

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