The Congressional Medal Of Current-Year

How much does the O’Biden Administration want war with China? Enough to award the Medal Of Honor to the most recent (living) American grunt to kill Chinese soldiers… a century ago.

Biden awards first Medal of Honor to Korean War hero

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By Morgan Phillips, 21 May 2021

President Biden awarded the Medal of Honor to Col. Ralph Puckett on Friday, more than 70 years after Puckett’s act of service during the Korean War.

Bullshit detector TRIGGERED!

Puckett was the recipient of Biden’s first medal of honor for his leadership during the war where he risked his own life to draw enemy fire away from his platoon.

The president said he was “incredibly proud” to give the nation’s most prestigious military honor to the colonel and called the award “long overdue.”

“Today, after more than a decade of effort, including support from my good friend, John McCain, God rest his soul… I’m incredibly proud to give Colonel Ralph Puckett’s acts of valor the full recognition they have always deserved,” Biden said.

They were never friends. Hmm.

Biden said that in preparations for the ceremony, 94-year-old Puckett asked: “Why all the fuss.. Can’t they just mail it to me?”

“I was gonna make a joke about the Post Office but I decided not to do that,” Biden said. “I think you deserve a little bit of fuss.”

Yes, Mr. Puckett, why the fuss? You should have seriously considered that question. Ah, well. Perhaps a geriatric case should be forgiven for not realizing when he’s being used as a prop for dark powers. Which could go for Biden, too.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in attended the ceremony along with Biden, as he was in Washington for a summit between the two world leaders. Moon addressed the event and spoke in Korean, saying he found it “incredibly meaningful” to attend the ceremony. He said he was the first foreign leader to attend a medal of honor ceremony and hugged Puckett after giving his address.

President Moon’s visit does NOT explain this award.

Puckett, at the time a first lieutenant and commander of the 8th U.S. Army Ranger Company, held a strategic position near Unsan, known as Hill 205, for two days in November 1950 while fighting off numerous enemy attacks and suffering multiple wounds.

That does not explain this award, either.

Puckett’s Medal of Honor was made possible under the 2020 defense policy bill, which lifted a requirement that such awards be made within five years of the commission of the act of valor for which the individual is being recognized. The five-year limit was waived for Puckett and three other U.S. service members. Puckett’s nomination still had to be approved by the defense secretary and president.

That was done to enable the rewriting of American history to suit present needs… as we are seeing here. A classic and stereotypically Marxist agenda item.

More info!

94-year-old Korean War veteran and former Army Ranger Ralph Puckett to receive Medal of Honor

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By Nikki Wentling, 19 May 2021

During the first of several Chinese attacks on the American-controlled hill, Puckett was wounded by a hand grenade but refused evacuation. He directed artillery support, moved between foxholes to check the company’s perimeter and distributed ammunition to the other Rangers.

As the Chinese continued to attack, Puckett was told over his radio that supporting artillery fire was unavailable. His company continued to fight, and Puckett was wounded two more times by enemy mortar rounds.

“The pressure increased, so I ran back to the foxhole,” Puckett said in an interview for an oral history project. “I got on the radio, called force artillery and said, ‘We’re under great pressure. We’re crumbling. We’re being overrun. I just gave my unit the word to withdraw.’ ”

As the Chinese overran them, Puckett ordered his company to evacuate the area and told the soldiers to leave him behind. Two of his Rangers disregarded the order and carried Puckett off the hill to safety.

That… could explain a lot. “We award you our nation’s highest honor for being the last American serviceman alive to kill Chinese solders. We hope they’ll take the hint today.”

Puckett earned two Distinguished Service Crosses for his actions on Hill 205. He had a 22-year career in the Army, during which he also served in combat during the Vietnam War.

He’d already been honored for the action, too? And people have been born and died of old age since then? This award DEFINITELY is a Current-Year political tactic.

First Biden cozies up to China then he does a stunt like this. I keep wondering who is pulling his puppet strings… and keep reaching the conclusion that it’s not just one faction. This misuse of the Medal of Honor was most likely purchased by the neoconservatives, to judge from Biden citing his “good friend” Songbird McCain.

But that leaves unanswered what connections Puckett has with the Neocons.

He mentored decades of Army Rangers. At 94, he’ll receive the Medal of Honor.

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Shivering in freezing temperatures, about 50 U.S. soldiers braced for the worst. Hundreds of Chinese soldiers were about to launch a series of bloody attacks on the hill the Americans had just taken under fire, and no reinforcements were within a mile.

The clash that then-1st Lt. Ralph Puckett and his soldiers experienced that night on “Hill 205” came at the outset of the Battle of the Chongchon River, a pivotal moment in which senior U.S. commanders were surprised by China’s full-scale entry into the Korean War.

Thousands of U.S. soldiers died in following days as they withdrew hundreds of miles back into South Korea in what the Army now describes as the longest retreat in U.S. military history.

LOTS of politics in the bestowing of this award, at this moment in history.

“I had been wounded three times by then, and I was lying there in my foxhole unable to do anything,” Puckett would later recall for an oral history project. “I could see three Chinese about 15 yards away from me, and they were bayoneting or shooting some of my wounded Rangers who were in the foxholes.”

More than 70 years later, Puckett, 94, will receive the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for valor in combat, for his actions. President Biden called Puckett at home in Columbus, Ga., on Friday to inform him of his decision to approve the award, said John Lock, a retired Army officer who began petitioning the Army for reconsideration of Puckett’s actions in 2003. …

Puckett would go on to earn the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second-highest award for valor in combat, for his actions in the battle. The recognition came near the outset of a 22-year career that also included a second Distinguished Service Cross and two Silver Stars for valor in Vietnam. Puckett was awarded five Purple Hearts for injuries suffered in combat and two Bronze Star Medals with the V device for valor.

Puckett comes highly decorated and was in much demand as a public speaker after military retirement.

Among those who assisted in Puckett’s case were the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who contacted the Army on Puckett’s behalf a few months before dying of cancer in 2018, and retired Gens. Joseph Votel and Stanley McChrystal, who know Puckett through their mutual service as Rangers, according to documents that Lock provided to The Washington Post.

Puckett’s wife, Jean, said in a phone interview that the family hopes to visit the White House for a ceremony. Considering her husband’s advancing age and some health problems, she expressed concern about how long it was taking.

“He is not the one who has been pushing it. It has been John and our immediate family, who want him to be able to receive it personally if he is going to be awarded that medal,” she said, referring to Lock. “He felt the Distinguished Service Cross was honor enough.”

For years, Puckett has been a spiritual and cultural leader of sorts for the 75th Ranger Regiment, the elite fighting force that specializes in raids, airfield seizures and other difficult missions in combat. As an “honorary colonel” for the regiment, he traveled overseas in his 80s with U.S. commanders, including to Iraq and Afghanistan, and regularly met with soldiers at Fort Benning, Ga., the home of both the Ranger Regiment and much of Ranger School.

Maybe instead of being an insult directed at the Chinese, this is a tone-deaf peace offering to the Neoconservatives… coming as it is, with a openly hateful purge of white male Christians from military ranks.

Votel, who retired as chief of U.S. Central Command in 2019, was commander of the 1st Ranger Battalion when he got to know Puckett during an exercise in South Korea.

The picture takes shape. Puckett was the good-boy soldier that was unwittingly used as a prop by frauds such as McCain and McChrystal. Giving him the MOH was the next best thing to giving themselves the MOH. Obama/Biden finally went along with it, either to pressure China on something, as part of a deal with the neocons or simply to take the sting out of twisting the US military into a jobs program for transsexual freaks.

Or simply to tarnish the US military’s highest honor. Destroying all that is good and beautiful about America is their top priority, after all.

2 thoughts on “The Congressional Medal Of Current-Year

  1. About 5 years ago I was at a ceremony where awards were finally given to those who fought in Korea. The record keeping was abysmal back then. Sad for many Purple Heart recipients who wouldn’t have been given proper VA care as a result


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