Brand Loyalty Is Now A Verb

I’m only surprised that it wasn’t Costco to try this first.

California restaurant chain promises year of free burgers if fans get tattoos

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By Janine Puhak, 19 April 2021

How far would you go for a year of free food?

Hmm. I’ve done punch cards and coupon books. A tee shirt, hat or a bumper sticker, maybe.

A California-based burger chain has pledged to serve a select number of superfans its signature sandwich for a year, if they get a permanent tattoo for the restaurant’s milestone anniversary.

Farmer Boys operates nearly 100 locations in California, Arizona and Nevada, serving farm-fresh food in a fast-casual setting, per an about page. In celebration of its 40th anniversary this year, the chain has partnered with two tattoo shops to ink the most dedicated customers with some branded body art, in exchange for a year of free burgers.

Through May 21, Famer Boys fans over age 18 can sign up for a free tat, choosing from one of three color designs measuring 2-by-2 inches. From there, an undisclosed number of entrants will be chosen for ink at The Honorable Society in West Hollywood and Rockin Ink Tattoo in Las Vegas. After that, the superfans can score a free burger a week for 52 weeks, according to promotion rules.

It’s come to this, then. First it was loyalty cards, then it was “download the app”, now the executives strap you down and brand yo’ ass.

For those more wary of going under the needle, the chain has offered another option. For a limited time at participating restaurants, Farmer Boys will offer temporary tattoos which can be used to unlock a special offer in the burger chain’s app.

Is that what psychologists call “breaking down resistance”? Does it really work like a barcode on the human body would?

“As we reflect on the last 40 years, we are overjoyed with the memories we have created with our loyal guests, franchisees, and team members” Larry Rusinko, vice president and chief marketing officer for Farmer Boys, said in a statement issued last week. 

“We are celebrating this milestone by offering our Superfans the opportunity to pay homage to Farmer Boys and get free burgers for a year! Everyone can join the celebration, even those looking for a less permanent – but equally delicious – way to display their loyalty.”

The first Farmer Boys opened its doors in 1981 in Perris, Calif., and business has boomed ever since, according to company history.

This is not an offer that would be made by people who think human life is something sacred. The consequences of post-Christianity are coming fast and hard in Current-Year headlines.

“Due to the sheer volume of request, not all who send a query will receive an appointment,” the chain clarified on Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Brand Loyalty Is Now A Verb

  1. I suppose the restaurant chain sees wisdom in this, as they get free press now. They also get free advertising for at least a year — although only when the person has the appropriate body part exposed.

    But I can’t see any intelligence in a person accepting the “offer”. Assume the burger cost is $10. Assume you want a burger 40 times a year, which is pretty high. The savings is $400.
    Now, consider the cost of tattoo removal. I’m thinking $400 would not cover it.
    Or, consider the cost of having people think you are an idiot, for the next 40 years, when they see you advertising a restaurant on your body. Especially after that restaurant goes out of business.

    Instead of teaching racism / CRT, pedophilia, homosexuality and denial of God in schools, perhaps we should be teaching people to be mindful, on a daily basis, that the world is filled with stupid people. That mindset will help to explain much of what we see.

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  2. I felt pretty dumb back in the day doing Turtle’s stamps or Subway’s sandwich cards, which I never completed. But this is beyond bizarre.
    Hail Lobster!
    Clean Your Room!
    Tell The Truth!

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  3. The Crooked Path sure loves the incremental method. Because we are creatures of habit, and because satan can wait. At proper time, the people will demand their marks.

    Hm, I want to slap Larry Rusinko pretty bad. All the Larry Rusinkos actually. I wonder how far his glasses would fly? Farther than he will towards heaven, I’ll bet.

    Tangential recommendation —


  4. How real is this:

    More than 50 new female Marines became the first women to take on a notorious three day boot camp called the Crucible at a Marines base which has only just opened its doors to women.

    For the first time in its 100-year history, a total of 53 women joined their male colleagues in the first-ever coed company at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, according to …

    I’d like to see an all-female Marine combat unit charge an enemy in combat. No men to help them.

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