Innocent Chauvin Found Guilty

It’s not enough but all I can do, to go on record that Derek Chauvin is innocent and deserves none of the hysteria directed at him over the past year. God grant that he goes free on appeal–there’s an excellent chance because the mob typically loses interest beyond this point and the case against him is outrageously weak. Emphasis on outrage.

Of all the crooked cops in America, they had to go after a good one.

Now we’ll see if this act of human sacrifice appeases Burn Loot Maim enough to discourage their looting their own city, I doubt it but we’ll see tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Innocent Chauvin Found Guilty

  1. Was Chauvin a “good cop”? I don’t know.

    Was Chauvin guilty of any of the crimes he was charged with? Hell no. Not based on any of the evidence presented at trial that I saw. But it was never about the evidence or police procedure or any of that, was it?


  2. Assuming no mistrial is declared: Manslaughter will be upheld.

    felony murder will be tossed.

    Flip a coin on the remaining 3D murder charge. There’s a lot of room for interpretation there.

    The judge put on the record that politicians were making inappropriate comments on the trial, which was weird. It will help Chauvin on his appeal.

    Chauvin reacted like he expected the verdict.

    We’ll see if post trial motions are made or if they go straight to appeal (if he can afford it).

    Then he has to contend with his tax issues


  3. Many businesses in the California town I live in had their windows boarded up before the November election, and for over a month afterward, lest the result be overturned. Many of the boards had pro-BLM and pro-Floyd slogans and images. It’s as if the stores were begging, please don’t loot our store, we love BLM looters.

    Election fraud was allowed to stand because so many people — including the Supreme Court — feared mob violence.

    Same thing with Chauvin’s trial. Every juror felt the target on their backs. If they had ruled “not guilty,” their names and home addresses would have been leaked via a “clerical error,” and the mob would have appeared outside their houses. And police and politicians would have looked the other way.

    This verdict is a second victory for BLM/Antifa mob violence.

    The clear lesson is that mob violence works. So now it’s the new normal. Why would the Left stop using mob violence in future controversies, when it’s a tool that works so well.

    This verdict will also motivate good cops to leave the force, and encourage Leftists to join the force. A further politicizing of our military and police.

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  4. That mob rules because there is no counter to it. As much as the right bitches, they never actually do anything

    That’s partially because the leftist mob has the establishment on its side.

    Whenever the right fights the leftist mob, or engages in actual overwhelmingly peaceful protest, the right gets arrested and prosecuted, the leftist mob walks away with a slap on the wrist.

    * We fight back in self-defense — we get arrested.

    * We engage in peaceful protest — we get arrested.

    * We seek justice in the courts — we get none.

    * We seek change at the ballot box — we lose to election fraud.

    We’re living in Spain 1935. We need a Franco.

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  5. ‘Now we’ll see if this act of human sacrifice appeases Burn Loot Maim enough to discourage their looting their own city, I doubt it but we’ll see tomorrow.’

    Without doubt, the ancient pagan blood-sacrificial cults have re-surfaced in America, under the cover of Progressivism, Humanism, and Civil Rights. Or, more exactly, the seeds of the tsah-rah planted in America, primarily in the Fifteenth and early Sixteenth centuries, are coming to full fruition of evil.

    Mass abortion is only part of the sacrificial rites that underlie all such pagan systems, particularly those under masonic control.

    The Mob will demand more sacrifices, and the Mob will receive more sacrifices.


  6. No, the mob is not appeased:

    ‘Get the f*** out of New York’: Brooklyn BLM protestors heckle diners at ‘white men-owned’ taqueria following Chauvin verdict

    I especially like this part:

    The leader, who appeared to be white, also said: ‘We don’t want your f***ing money. We don’t want your f***ing taqueria … owned by f***ing white men’

    What would “the community” do without white money? Without a civilization conceived and built by whites?

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  8. It’s humorous to see some of you guys eulogizing a pig cop. I can easily envision an alternate reality — not too distantly removed from our own — in which Attorney General Garland picks up the phone to Officer Chauvin…

    “Kentucky Headhunter owns an unregistered 9mm pistol. I need you to go kick his door and take it. Feel free to shoot his dog on the way in.”

    We all know that said pig would be all “yassuh boss” about such stuff. So pardon me as I laugh at those of you who are crying tears for this asshole.

    This verdict will also motivate good cops to leave the force, and encourage Leftists to join the force. A further politicizing of our military and police.

    There are no “good cops.” Every cop you see has already betrayed his community, and has already been paid for doing so. Accepting the reality of this will free you to see things as they actually are.



  9. Hey, Boxer! Long time no see.

    I blame cops for what they do, not what they didn’t or haven’t yet. The jury convicted Chauvin of unintentionally killing Floyd AND intentionally killing Floyd AND killing Floyd a third time just to be sure? That’s bullshit, it is. Not only are we being ruled by clowns, they’re incompetent clowns whose jokes aren’t funny.

    Additionally, Floyd was not a sympathetic character. Cops whack an innocent, I will and have called them out on it, but Floyd was a gay porn druggie counterfeiter repeat-felon. I don’t care how his kind wind up dead, only that they do:

    Floyd’s Other Shoe

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