I’ve been busy at work. I got about ten minutes to rant. GO!

Roads are not racist. Dude, they’re black!

If Evil had any brains at all, they would worry about how their every fight is a victory before they even show up. Something something about enough rope to hang stuff with.

Skip the gun range. Learn to make art instead. They aren’t tearing down statues because they’re harmless so hurt them where it HURTS.

You know why few people miss America 2019? Because few people enjoyed America 2019. The men were working ever harder for ever less and the wimminz were spraying feelings like cat urine: without direction! Then the lockdowns came and the wimminz finally had a cause to bitch about, the Boomers felt better that the world was acting like it cared about them getting old and families finally had time for each other.

Nobody was happy about the rate of progress, either. You couldn’t sit down or take a vacation without either your brain or your tools going obsolete. People have had to try so hard for so long just to keep up that it’s no wonder grifting is as easy as saying “this is the new way we do it”.

If science ever proves the existence of God then humanity will return to witchcraft. This may have happened already.

Our leaders are trapped in their own webs of lies. The Yankees are still fighting the Civil War against the South, the Jews barricaded D.C. against any Nazis that might show up, feminists are freaked that Orange Man might grab her by the p*ssy and the pedophiles keep trying to make the cops go away forever.

Bill Gates made a serious effort to hold all life on Earth hostage with a sun shield just a few months ago. How long until he succeeds? This is a trillionaire who openly claims that we need 90% fewer humans on the planet and he’s obviously not doing nothing about that. Is there a single government that cares?

I have one question about the immigration threat. One question only: WHO IS SENDING THEM? They ain’t walking from Paraguay (or Syria!) on foot. They didn’t wake up one morning and decide USA would let them in if they showed up penniless and passport-less. Somebody promised them freebies if they came, somebody with enough reputation that they were believed, somebody with the resources to get them there. If I know South America, that means the Catholic Church, and by extension, I suspect the Jesuits. But no proof is showing up and no journalist is asking the One Question.

Time to work another weekend.


3 thoughts on “Mini-Rant

  1. GunnerQ,
    In light of your blog comments the past couple of years, it’s no wonder your church didn’t want you in leadership.
    They don’t think about those things nor talk about them. I’ve spent years among them, and know your conversations are to them like the sun to vampires.
    If you want your church to embrace you, talk about sports, movies, tech, what’s on CNN, church administration, church celebrities,
    a desire to volunteer, how you pray for the pastor, and respond emotively.

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  2. More shorter synopsis: just shut-up, help out, fit-in, and don’t cause waves. Check your masculinity at the door and sign up for long meetings and confess your love for coed small groups.

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  3. Fiting in?Thats how I have always been!Here,there&everywhere,right gunner?My shortest every comment on here,right?Churchians especialy praise my ways of teamwork as I give them very little trouble,just like I did to those star wars sjws in pasadena that time!As their hair&skin got singed by my yt-series spaceship taking off to a galaxy far far away!Gunner be like me&you will be at the top of church leadership,yet!


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